Journofa: Daily Beast “Journalist” Kelly Weill Follows Multiple Antifa Accounts On Twitter

Kelly Weill has a new hit piece up on The Daily Beast about Corey Stewart and the League of the South. She is key member of a clique of “journalists” whose job it is to attack the Right:

“GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart is following the apparent Twitter account for the leader of the neo-Confederate hate group.

Stewart is one of just 257 people following a seven-year-old Twitter account that appears to belong to Michael Hill, who leads the League of the South. The league is a racist neo-Confederate secessionist group that marched during the first Unite the Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, and calls for a Christian theocracy. Hill and other members have defended slavery, with Hill calling it “God-ordained. …”

In this case, Kelly Weill is complaining that Corey Stewart follows an account on Twitter which claims to be Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South. We’ve been observing Kelly Weill for a while now and this is a good time to bring to light her own associations.

Who does “journalist” Kelly Weill follow on Twitter? Who is Kelly Weill associated with? A veritable who’s who gallery of Antifa groups and leaders.

She spends her time on Twitter justifying Antifa violence against police officers and “the free press” even when there are no “Nazis” or “white supremacists” around:

Whose tweets does Kelly Weill “like” on Twitter? Antifa leaders. They all believe she engages with them in “good faith” and helps them shape their “narrative.”

Kelly Weill agrees with Huff Post “journalist” Andy Campbell that Antifa violence against “the free press” and the police is justified and complaining about it is “pearl clutching”:

These people ARE NOT “journalists.”

They are political activists who have picked a side. We saw in Portland at the Patriot Prayer rally how they don’t report the news. They have openly sided with Antifa and deliberately ignore, cover up and make excuses for Antifa violence at real world events. We’ve known for a long time that these “journalists” are effectively Antifa themselves and work closely with them.

I’ve coined the term “Journfa” to refer to these people. It is starting to catch on. The public needs to become aware that Antifa are now working for the mainstream media.

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  1. Great work Hunter! Let us know what things we can do to help. Although I’m banned from Twitter, I’ll share on Gab, bitchute, YouTube, and as many of our newer social media sites we have. We also had one of our supporters wrote Congress, and received a reply from Tammy Baldwin, with mentions of Congress looking into the corporate political biases against conservatives! She also used the word regulation in one sentence. We’ll have to follow that side too.

  2. “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” ~ Barack Obama

    Who said they’d all be in the same uniform or in one at all?

  3. I’m sure many of you have seen it but I still get a laugh from this clip and Trump’s dig at Hillary, the media, and all the freaking discomfort he causes with the “elitists” that surround him at the dinner. The Catholic Church, secret societies, politicians, bankers, etc. The real good stuff starts around the 10:00 mark but pay special close attention to the eyes of all at around the 10:32 mark. Oh, and Kissinger, he looks so, so sad!

  4. “I’ve coined the term “Journfa” to refer to these people.”

    I prefer the older term. Jews.

    (((Kelly Weill©)))

  5. Wow, I dont recall a single case of NS or right wing people “throwing sewage”. The reds have been doing it for years however. Typical case of the reds blaming us for the things that THEY do.

    • @Faenris

      Communists and their Jewish masters always lie, without exception. Even the most ignominious defeat is trumpeted as a resounding and overwhelming victory. They’re righteous heroes who never hurt anybody who didn’t deserve it. While their enemies are craven cowards who commit the most heinous atrocities and inhuman crimes imagined by the feverish brains of mad Jews.

      During the Russian Civil War, the Red Army won all kinds of spectacular battles that never took place. The mere notion that the Red Army is advancing caused people to tremble in fear and surrender.

      Judeo-Communism seeks to scare people into surrender through lies and bluff. Resistance is futile, etc..
      Which is classic Asiatic warfare.

    • Exactly. Aryans do not throw sewage. Jews have a perverted fascination with “sewage”. They would be the ones handling and throwing it, and they have a known history of projecting their crimes onto their enemies.

  6. There was some Daily Beast journalist who had a weird convo with me on VK after Shelbyville. She then posted an even weirder article talking about how evil I was and more or less accusing me of being a Russian spy.

    (Both of which are true, of course.)

    I owe her a debt of gratitude, really. She was the push I needed in finally deciding to join the League of the South.

    • I would LOVE to be a spy for Russia. Their recruiting office is in a small used book store near the Georgetown campus in DC. And think of all that Russian tail! (Pardon me, ladies.)

  7. Even with women, it’s in the “face.” LOOK at her face closely. I see a VERY dumb brainwashed INSECURE DOPE. Look at me … I’m a useful idiot for the far left that wants to make a slave of all of us. I do their dirty work because I graduated from : Group Think University where extreme left possessed professors crammed communism down my air headed throat. Now I’m a “journalist.” He he he.

    Her and her fellow useful idiots need to be deported.

    • @The Gray Ghost

      “Even with women, it’s in the “face.” LOOK at her face closely. I see a VERY dumb brainwashed INSECURE DOPE.”

      I see a Jewess.

      • @James Owen That’s exactly what I see too, no insecure, brainwashed dope there, she knows exactly what she’s doing and why.

  8. ‘Journalist’ endorses violence against (the wrong type of) journalists.

    I know she hasn’t thought that one through.

    She’ll undoubtedly get another chance to think it through in the coming months/years.

    …and, if she’s still breathing, she can do some, what’s that…’hand-wringing.’

    • They are the enemies of all humanity, because they believe they are separate from it and above it. If they succeed in erasing Whites from the planet, they will find some new victims to demonize and destroy.

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