Journofa: Newsweek Targets Paul Joseph Watson For Censorship

I’m not a fan of Paul Joseph Watson.

We told him that these “journalists” were going to try to get him purged from social media back when the Alt-Right was being purged after Charlottesville. The purge was already going on for months before the Unite the Right rally. Instead of standing up for free speech, he piled on.

Now, it is his turn:

Let that sink in.

Note: Look who is making big investments in “social media.”

“Soros Fund Management added stakes in major tech and social media companies in the second quarter, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday.

The family office of billionaire investor George Soros added stakes in Apple, Facebook and Twitter, while reducing stakes in Amazon and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. …”

It is Chinese Communist George Soros!

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  1. “It is Chinese Communist George Soros!”

    I read that at John Birch Society meetings, they used to refer to those “Chinese Communists©” as “Eskimos.”

  2. Those Chinese — when will they stop slanting the news, one wonders? This yellow journalism is getting to be too much. There’s definitely a slippery slope involved here somewhere. And it looks like they’ve found the chink in Watson’s armor.

  3. Mr. Watson ignored you, Mr. Griffin, because he thought that censorship was only going to be for Klansmen, Confederates, and Nazis.

    Now he is shockt to find that, somehow, he has become one of us.

    Well, not quite…

  4. Joseph Paul Johnson’s best videos exposing the idiot, pro mass migrant invasion celebrities – they are awesome.

    Unfortunately like Gavin McInnes – these types want to somehow stay somewhat mainstream and earn a $ living, which thy can’t do if they are in anyway “associated” with us evil WAAACISTS.

    I’ve been a call in guests to Gavin McInnes now ended internet NYC comedy show – we were a great team and Gavin really liked my commentary/humor.

    But, I met him in person in a NYC Christmas party – though it wasn’t as bad as my meeting of Ann Coulter, it just wasn’t a good vibe.

    Let’s face it – we’re treating like 1950s homosexual pariahs.


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