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Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer are having a Liberty or Death Rally Against Leftwing Violence in Seattle this afternoon with Threepers and the Oathkeepers. There will also be Marches Against Far Left Political Violence in San Jose, CA, Tuscon, AZ, Austin, TX and Boston, MA.

I’m not necessarily opposed to this. I think it is a good thing these Patriot rallies are heating back up. While I have no desire to attend any of these events myself, I still enjoy seeing Antifa show up and get doxed, arrested and the crap beat out of them by the police like we saw in Portland and Berkeley. I’m sure these criminals will also be on the scene to destroy property and engage in violence.

In hindsight, I think we were going about this the wrong way last year. Instead of these volatile big tent publicly announced rallies, we need separate tracks. The Civnats can stay in their lane and continue to hold these publicly announced events. Antifa will take the bait and come and engage in violence which can be shared on social media, FOX News and Republican attack ads in the midterm elections. If something goes wrong at one of these events, it can be blamed on conservatism.

These attacks are most effective when we stay out of the picture. Meanwhile, ethnonationalists can focus on regrouping outside of the spotlight. Instead of publicly announced rallies, we can organize unannounced public events where we just show up and engage with the public WITHOUT having Antifa or Journofa tagging along to dox people, create a siege mentality and engage in violence which can be blamed on us and seized upon as an excuse for lawfare and deplatforming.

The torch march in Charlottesville was spectacular and captured the public imagination. It was supposed to be an unannounced, privately organized event, but it was compromised by poor OpSec. I don’t know if we should return to doing tiki torch marches, but large scale privately organized events where Antifa are cut out of the picture are doable and the way to go. We don’t need plants and unvetted people showing up at our events which are swarming with hostile media anyway.

Note: I know it is a cliché at this point, but the “first they came for” meme has been shown to be very true over the two weeks with Alex Jones and the Proud Boys being deplatformed. Take a look at what Twitter is doing with Joey Gibson’s timeline:

That’s what “potentially sensitive content” looks like to Twitter … a Hapa taking a selfie with his multiracial kids while wearing a Christian hat.

This is a verified account of an “extremism researcher” who works for Media Matters who spends her time denouncing America, the Founding Fathers and White people.

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  1. “The torch march in Charlottesville was spectacular and captured the public imagination.”

    If they’d have left that night, and not held the event that next day, they’d have gone home with a resounding victory under their belts.

    “Instead of publicly announced rallies, we can organize unannounced public events where we just show up and engage with the public WITHOUT having Antifa or Journofa tagging along-”

    The Confederate summer of 2015 is still the best model and example. It electrified the whole South, from east to west.

    • Yes, it’s sort of surreal to realize that if everyone had packed up and left at the end of the Tiki Torch March, they would have come away looking “cool” and powerful, and all the chaos, recrimination, and backstabbing of the past 12 months would have been avoided, too.

      It may be too late to bring together large numbers of people again, but it shows that the best “optics” may be to go in, do something unexpected that demonstrates unity and determination, and then get the hell out of Dodge before the opposition can muster to squash you.

      • @Ironsides

        I bet Antifa© would have still shown up and made themselves look bad. Heather Heyer was still going to have a heart attack, given her serious health problems, it just wouldn’t have been grist for the propaganda mills.

    • I happened they only way it could have happened. Many of us didn’t realize the USA was a rogue state. I still personally believed the Constitution was largely the law if the land. In the past year I have realized that rule of law ended in 1865 and was even hit or miss before that. The social engineering began in the 1890’s or before, not the 1960’s. We are ruled by (((Bankers))) and this has been a struggle whites have been losing since Constantinople had the gates thrown open to the muslim hoards by the very same Talmudicists. Really scary to think everything rests on our very (((damaged))) generation but I suppose that is just the way of nature. On the positive side, we have the largest, most educated and skilled generation of whites that has ever existed, despite the damage, and the Northwest has enough agricultural resources to feed everyone if utilized properly. This was not the case for Germany or even the UK in the last century.

  2. The events in Austin and Tucson will be the interesting ones, simply because they’re taking place in states that aren’t Leftist strongholds by tradition and nature.

    Charlottesville is full of Yankees. Which is why it turned out the way it did.

    It’s one thing for Antifa to attack in the Deep North or Pacific Rim, where they have the overwhelming sympathy, or at least quiet, apathetic acquiescence, of the population, and quite another in the South and Interior West, where they’re far from home and cut off from local support.

    Antifa© in Arkansas, for example, have been completely, or nearly so, run to ground and knocked out of the fight.
    There’s simply not sympathy or support for them there.

    Austin, despite it’s reputation, is still in Texas, after all. Tucson is in Arizona, where the majority of the population hold views similar to, if not identical with, Texans and other Southrons.

  3. The vile rants of Levin and Sarah Jeong are revealing. They showcase to the world what non-whites really think of us. They’re the reason people like us have to exist. No other groups ever speak out FOR whites-we have to do it ourselves. Keep spewing them out ladies-you’re helping our cause.

    • Those vile rants and hopefully many more of them will come back to haunt them. That’s a good thing.

      • M.O.T.S.

        When BLM or some leftard outfit come out and babble on with their usual nonsense, accompanied by their appalling optics, they’re doing our job for us. By comparison, look at the top photo-how good do they look?-normal people with normal, healthy beliefs. All we have to do is speak the truth and look attractive and the other side does the rest.
        How many working class whites from North Dakota can relate to a hideously ugly queen termite on tv holding up an anti-white banner? Not many I’m guessing. Sometimes a groups biggest advantage is their opposing side.

  4. The Hapa picture says everything you need to know about civic nationalism. This is the American future conservatards and patriotards are perfectly content with. This is why they’re on the same page as anti-Whites when it comes to White Genocide.

    I can’t imagine what Twitter would find objectional about this picture. It would have to be the Christian hat.

    • This is why I reject the Overton Window model advanced by pro-Trump WNs like Red Ice and the Daily Stormer that civic nationalism is a gateway to ethnonationalism. It isn’t.

      It’s a closed gate. It ensnares people in false illusions and keeps them from realizing the importance of their blood.

      If civic nationalism succeeds, then we will be gradually mongrelized and lose our connection to Europe. We will lose ourselves and get absorbed into the great “Melting Pot”.

      • Civic nationalism is really thinly disguised White Genocide. It is supposed to MAGA but can anyone name even one great 3rd world country?

  5. How about showing up unannounced at some SEC Football games crowd going in or out. There is always an assured overwhelmingly White Southern audience there – don’t even tell our own people where we are going to be just a meet up – flash mob that takes 15 minutes with good optics.

    Major League and minor league baseball crowds are overwhelmingly White.

  6. Enough is enough. I’m tired by all the people here, who claim to be White Nationalists, who keep trying to divide us by sniping at Yankee, Confederates, Northerners, Southerners, non-Texans, Catholics, Protestants, Pagans, atheists, or whatever. We’re all supposed to be on the same side, to preserve and protect the White race, so how about putting these stupid dividers aside and just work on saving White people. Just sick and tired of this stupid infighting. The jews must be rubbing their hands with glee when they see this crap.

    • That fat, ugly jewess Talia Lavin is the very embodiment of darkness, chaos and disorder. Surely we can put aside all our petty differences long enough to unite in fighting that malevolent creature and the accursed tribe that spawned it?

      • @spahnranch1969 Exactly, and we must push aside these petty differences unless we want to hand victory to these parasites.

    • I’ll second that. We have to realize that race and blood comes first. All else is secondary and transitory.

    • @Mousieish

      All those different sub groups you just mentioned proves we are diverse enough without the inferiors adding to it. Some of us are Catholics. Some are atheists and some of us are farmers. In a white ethnostate none of these differences really matter. We compliment
      and are symmetrical to eachother. Problems only arise when different IQ’s and cultures are added in, which divide communities who would otherwise get along.
      Worrying about who is Texan and who is a Yankee athiest will mean nothing once third worlders just take over the WHOLE country.

      • @john That is precisely my point, it’s time to stop worrying about these incidentals and concentrate on solidifying, preserving, and protecting our White race. I don’t give a fig for someone else’s religious beliefs or the lack of them as long as they are standing up for our race.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see if conservative activists experience the same intensity of lawfare that our Cville veterans are currently enduring.

    It’s true that the Alt-Lite and civnats are experiencing mass no-platforming, but will they be facing years in prison for defending themselves from antifa?

    Will Alt-Lite figures and civnat organizations face a vicious lawsuit that jeopardizes their livelihoods?

    Will the Alt-Lite be proclaimed dead in a year? Will they tear each other apart over “optics” and messaging?

    And if these things happen, will we be able to regain the momentum we had in 2015 and 16?

  8. There were actually two torchlight marches in CharlottesvilleSSR last year-one in May and one the day before UtR. Looking back, those two events were resounding successes for the simple reasons that they were unannounced and vetted. This has to be the way to go from now on. I certainly will not attend any more announced, unvetted demos, nor will I ever attend anything other than an explicitly pro-White event.

    As far as the alt-right, alt-lite, civic nationalists, MAGA type events go-let them have these public events and go through the headaches of engaging the freakshow. There are many variations we could implement when we do unannounced events. However, they have to stay unannounced and we definitely have to know who we have coming.

    Jason Kessler seems to have found a niche with his ‘White civil rights’ mantra. I do not oppose him, but I certainly will not be working with him. Although his message does not directly contradict what I fight for, it is not what want to spend my time on.

    • Funny how antifa dissolve as soon as the AltRight is effectively dismantled and the AltLite takes its place.

      We’ll see if this trend continues.

  9. “people talking shit about “america has always been great” when it was literally founded by slave rapists…show me a moral paragon who nonetheless practices chattel slavery and rape”
    — Talia Lavin

    41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners. And in 1776, hoe moe acts were capital crimes in all 13 colonies. We were closer to God and Christ then but you Communists want to destroy this nation with your false religion of abolition with its cardinal unpardonable sin of slavery and its lesser sin of racism (which are only used to condemn white people).

    I hope to live to see the day when Jesus Christ (the Jews hate Jesus Christ, they are the real haters) returns to this earth and destroys all the armies of the world gathered to fight against him by supernaturally killing them — “Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.”

    Then you abolitionists will have your false religion destroyed before your very eyes!

    Christ then will regather scattered Israel around Jerusalem and ALLOW REGATHERED ISRAEL TO TAKE AND POSSESS SERVANTS ONCE AGAIN!!!

    What are all you whipped Commies going to say or do then? I just hope you fight against Christ so He will destroy you for all the evil you have brought on white people in the name of your false religion of abolition.


    Isaiah 14:1-3
    1 For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
    2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL SHALL POSSESS THEM IN THE LAND OF THE LORD FOR SERVANTS AND HANDMAIDS: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.
    3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve…

    May God wipe all you abolitionists who attack white people because of slavery off the face of the Earth!

    And as always:

    May God Save the South!

    The South was RIGHT!

  10. Looks like Austin and Tucson are turning out about how I expected. It proves to me, anyway, that the various groups can’t really operate effectively outside of their own territories. Furthermore, there’s no real point in doing so, since neither side will convince the other of their cause.

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