Silent Sam Monument Torn Down By Violent Antifa Mob At UNC

Let me get this straight.

– Violent Antifa groups are allowed to have social media platforms, but everyone who opposes them is being systematically purged from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube/Google.

– Violent Antifa groups are getting away with routinely attacking journalists and police officers at protests, but we are the ones who are demonized by The Free Press (™).

– Violent Antifa groups are smashing the faces of Proud Boys with bricks, but CNN is defending these scumbags by saying they are somehow morally better than us.

– Violent Antifa groups are so out of control that they are beating up progressives with American flags in Portland who come out to protest the “fascism” of Patriot Prayer.

And now …

Even though voters in North Carolina passed a heritage protection law in 2015, mobs of violent Antifa are tearing down monuments in Durham and Chapel Hill. How do these people get away with flagrantly breaking the law over and over and over again? Where the hell is Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

What the hell is going on here? Didn’t we vote against all this?

Update: The VA Flaggers are saying the police stood down and allowed this to happen. BTW, the City Manager of Chapel Hill is Maurice Jones who you might remember from Charlottesville.

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  1. Hunter, North Carolina is ground zero for the College Industrial Complex. The Tarheel State probably brings in half a billion every year because of it’s colleges. North Carolina has four major schools Duke, UNC, NC State and Wake Forest all in the ACC by itself. This doesnt even take into account the countless other schools. According to the list I have from Wikipedia, North Carolina has TWENTY Division I schools. This is the same state where Mike Nifong almost sent an entire lacrosse team at Duke to prison for raping a Nigra whore, which of course it was proven they never laid a fingernail on her or anyone else.

    The College Industrial Complex has declared war on Southern symbols. Of course no one in North Carolina has the balls to oppose the College Industrial Complex. There is too much $$$$$$$$$$$$ at stake.

    • Agreed. Monument destruction is downstream from the demographic changes initiated by the Chamber of Commerce types. Virginia is controlled by the votes of Federal employees and Federal hangers on in Loudon County, etc. N. Carolina is nearly controlled by the Research Triangle. You can drive 100 miles out from Austin, Texas and it is rare to hear a North Texas-Oklahoma accent. Every military base is a node of colonization. And the list goes on. Restore the demographics, and the restoration of the monuments will be a trivial issue. Otherwise…..

      • The State of Texas has done more for Leftist Growth and White Genocide than any state in the USA, including California and all of New England. How has it done this? The Texas Chamber of Commerce Business Class has long demanded open borders. In 1920, Texas sent an entire delegation to Washington headed by Texan and later FDR’s Vice President John Nance Garner demanding that the USA do NOTHING to stop Mexican migration into the nation. As Garner said, South Texas soil is very hard, lots of roots and stuff and only a Mexican will work at that, no White or Colored man will do that work. Thus without Mexicans, Texas would starve. Well Garner’s pitch worked. The 1924 Immigration Act excluded ALL OF THE AMERICAS from any Immigration Restriction. Thus Blacks from Jamaica could immigrate to the US, Greeks or Bulgarians could not.

        Texas is a state where you have BIG OIL, BIG VEGETABLE, BIG COTTON, BIG RANCH, BIG MILITARY, BIG TECH. BIG MEDICAL BIG COLLEGE. You get the picture. All of these multi trillion dollar industries have pushed the US for Open Borders. Look at Houston, now one of the largest West African cities in the world, more West Africans in Houston than in some African cities. As many of these Nigerians are connected to the Medical or Oil establishment, Big Med and Big Oil strikes again. The thing is this contagion spread from Texas to all of America.

        The only saving grace for Texas was the common native whites of Texas remained Conservative and still largely are. However just as with anything, constant immigration and Multi trillion dollar ugly BIG EVERYTHING has finally poisoned Texas, to where ANTIFA is literally running Austin. Don’t believe me? Watch an Alex Jones video

        • One thing shocking is how Texas Business and Chamber of Commerce has managed to largely mute Southern identity replacing it with this artificial Hollywood created John Wayne Texas identity and no one seems to notice? They have been so successful in doing this in the past I don’t know 40 years they ask kids now is Texas part of the South and many of them are clueless that yes Texas was is and will always be Dixie. The removal of Confederate monuments and plaques in Texas strangely enough was responded to by a whimper.

          Now imagine kids in Oxford Miss or Tuscaloosa or Auburn Ala. taking sledgehammers to Confederate markers and gravestones. Do you THINK that it’d be just forgotten? No I think someone would end up shot.

          I remember going to a surf shop in Corpus Christi IN 1997 mind you I was looking for a Confederate Beach Towel, Guy sold me a small Texas flag and told me, WE DONT SELL THOSE ANYMORE PEOPLE COMPLAINED. This is 21 yrs ago. My brother finally bought me one in Daytona Beach Fla. In Texas, one of the original 7 CSA states a store tells me they wont sell Confederate stuff because people complain? #SMH


      Though Mr. Jenkins is part right, in that he understands how overrun by The Yankee Dollar Culture we, Tarheels, have become, BUT – he left out something else that, having known my state for a very long time, I will now say …

      Modern North Carolinians have become accustomed to justifying indifference and cowardice as ‘civility’ & ‘equanamity’.

      Though some of this this ties into what Mr. Jenkins has said, it goes far deeper –

      North Carolinians seem unwilling to fight for anything anymore, anytime, unless they get orders to do so from the aliens up top.

      This is a result of our capitulation to The Jewish Culture which has totally reduced us to individuals making money.

      WHO WE ARE…

      The Southern Northern Carolina that I knew when I was a child, has been nearly completely broken.

      We, Tarheels, as a whole, are now experts at being well-coiffed and dapper, but, but, have permanently misplacet our balls.

      Sad to say, but, it is true.

      North Carolina is in a ball-lless crisis – made worse by the fact that most of us do not even know that are balls have been misplacet, so long it has been since we lookt for them.

      We are broken into many pieces and no longer manly.

      As a Tarheel who still has his set, I look to Dr. Hill and the League, instead of my own state’s ‘leadership’… if I dare use such a term.

      • @Junius

        North Carolina’s hard push toward modernization in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s set the trend for what you see now. I remember being a kid in the 1980’s hearing about all the sudden NC is just booming with jobs, knew quite a few people whose families had moves down there for work. Economic prosperity has lulled everyone to sleep, it has a way of doing that. The only ones still awake are in the rural dirt poor areas, and many of them would rather be self-destructive (OPIODS) then stand up for what they know is right

        Which brings you to 2018

        • @ Billy Ray…

          I totally agree with you that opiods are making a contribution. That said, I remind you that, when I was a kid, many a Tarheel soakt his days, after work, in booze. You could see them taking their brown bags into restaurants, and, as well, the hardware stores sold white lightning out the back, and quickly it went.

          I also agree that these are seeds long ago sown – not just in the 1950s, though you are right to point that out, but back to Appomattox and even further back.

          You know, I live in an 18th century house, in a town where such is not uncommon. Around the corner from me is another such house where a British Reverend of our then fledgling Baptist Church lived.

          As the question of whether to join the new union occupied NC, this reverend emphatically told Tarheels that if we joined those who were not us, New England Yankees, we would regret it.

          He warned we would get suckt into the same things that had eaten up England.

          Others echoed his calls, but, alas, the call was not heeded.

          Today, North Carolina, outside of economick policies, no longer knows who it is, and that being so, it has absolutely nothing to non-economick to defend.

          We have been destroyed by our desire to join some other man’s party, and for that we will never stop paying.

          Insecurity is a deadly thing.

          Be well, Billy Ray, even if we are not…

          • Worth noting that the New England of 1775 was actually Conservative and relatively Proslavery but that all changed with the Declaration and as the Congregationalist Church collapsed among the educated elite and was replaced by Unitarianism, the influence of French Revolutionaries settling in the United States after Napoleon some of whom influenced the Ivy League no doubt. Once traditional religion DIED in New England it was replaced by a New Religion, one that sought to build HEAVEN UPON THE EARTH. PERFECTIONISM is what it is called.Well Unitarianism spun off the rails in the 1840’s going into loony transcendentalism and outright atheism. The common Yankee remained largely Congregationalist but by then the ideas pushed by the Elites had permeated their society. By 1850, a large number of Old New England Families under the influence of men like Philander Chase began becoming Episcopalian and today that Church predominates among the old money in the East.

            The New England Yankees did not become the Complete Evil we know until the 1820’s by that time Jacobin Ideas, Unitarianism and Perversion had covered the Old Elite like a wave of the sea drowns a child. The commoners, it took until the 1840s or so for them to come on board. It started with simple objection to slavery in the 1780’s by certain politicans in Massachusetts and grew into a total Negrified perversion by 1820. Worth noting both John Adams and John Quincy Adams although antislavery never accepted the lunacy because they were old enough to have been grounded in the old ways. Just like Judges 1 once a Generation came up that Knew Not Moses and Joshua, they destroyed themselves. Same in Old New England

            The same with all of us

  2. Down down down The Confederate ship sinks, and what are the SWM, ( Southern White Media, ) doing about it ?


    5 years from now there won’t be anymore southern ANYTHING. What will you do THEN ? Pick something else to narrate ? Oh yeah … there won’t be anymore 1st amendment. You’ll all have to get jobs. Your bosses ? They’ll be all these snow flake libtard self hating whites, AND spic’s towel heads porch monkeys and your favorites : Jews.

    Got any better ideas ? Got any SOLUTIONS ? Well, as a matter of fact yes :


    It’ll require changing your habits … and habits are hard to change. Do you have it in you ? ARE you superior to what you saw tearing down that great statue ? Well … are ya punk ?

    • The new CSA must include Oklahoma, Missouri and Kentucky. Maryland and West Virginia might also be part of it.

        • Thank you ,Billy Ray, for having shared with me your learnedness and for the substantial and earnest nature with which you imbue always your exchanges.

          It’s a fine thing!

      • Based on ethnicity and culture, in CSA 2.0 you could include Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and a big chunk of Ohio as well.

        • YES … it would include all those. You restructure America into 4 new “Republics.” Ours = CSA 2.0 – a line straight up the just left of center of Texas to Colorado. Cut straight across taking 1/2 of Illinois even a bit of a great lake … through Pennsylvania. No blacks browns muslims gays ( BAD Jews, ) or men in womens bodies, ( eg., women doing mens jobs like representative judge prosecuting attorney police or in charge of men in military or prisons – as these are clearly mens jobs. ) In CSA 2.0 men will be men and women women. Also, do away with UFC and ALL hip hop, and PC TV and movies … just to name a few.

          The trouble with most southern white nationalists is they’re not “visualizing” this. An almost super Switzerland like, modern version of, Mayberry / 1950’s America. Not TOO Swiss like, cause part of the charm of the south is it’s laid back and enchanting. We don’t want to make it rigid and sterile, ( Like southern California. ) Yes fellow white CHRISTIAN southerners … spread the word non stop :


          AMEN !!!

  3. I will bet that no one will even be charged this time. When the Durham Confederate statue was destroyed, felony charges were brought. They were reduced to misdemeanors and then dropped altogether because there was ‘no evidence,’ even with law enforcement AND the left filming the whole thing. A lot of bullshit hot air will be expelled by pols and kwaps but nothing will happen. IMO, it’s time for the left’s statues, monuments and memorials to come down. Of course any actions against their precious totems would be a hate crime, so they would have to be brought down discreetly. The MLK statue in Raleigh to me would be a great start.

  4. Only days after the statue of Jefferson Davis was taken down at U.T. Austin, a Negroid raped and murdered one of the female students, leaving her body in a creek that runs through the campus. Before they had identified the culprit, I noted that the Davis statue had an iron-clad alibi, as it was nowhere near the school when the murder occurred.

    Several of the U.T.A. students had expressed their fear of the statue (they must have watched “Night At The Museum” too many times). Yet, in its absence, the real threat emerged: the African in America.

  5. Destroying these Confederate Monuments Is a Violation of the 1865 Armistice / Cease-Fire Accords:

    I don’t know about you, but if they want Round Two then it should be fine with whatever Southern — or Northern or Western — White Man seeking a Rematch.

    These statutes were put up by the sacrifices of Confederate widows and orphans back in the 1890s and early 1900s and served as sinews for peace between the Northern Conquerers and Southern Conquered.

    The monuments being torn down should be viewed as a repudiation of the 1865 Armistice(s) and cease-fire agreements signed by Confederate generals as opposed to the legitimately elected Southern government. Thus if ZOGling swine want to destroy the symbols of the peace then let there be no more peace but rather a return to the civil war which was interrupted by these 1865 Armistices.

    I don’t think ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final will be able to exist much longer if a sizable portion of the White population merely goes on strike. much less decides to kill as opposed to coddle their African-Amurrikwan free-range former property.

    What ZOG should do is to delay the breakup of ZOG for as long as possible. Rather, they are encouraging the inevitable cancerous growth of White warlordism in the only portion of the population which will tolerate non-whites and actually feed and clothe and house them at their own expense.

    Letting mobs of negroes, whiggers, homos, and sundry vermin telling the average whigger that yes, we hate you and want you dead will eventually have an effect — and that effect shall be every man for himself at first, then warlordism amongst the survivors.

    Once these animals are all dead and gone we can have nice things again if we want. Until then, let them run riot and burn down they’se own nests. Far better a greenish bronze old monument be destroyed than a White infant be killed or White woman raped as a token of non-white hatred and an inability to live together in peace.

    The solution to Charlottesville 2017 is University of Missouri 2015 where the backlash took away ten percent of the state funding, new students, and prestige to where Missouri is now putting money into the community college system and nothing more than the bare minimum into the University of Missouri — Columbia..

    The Final Solution is to let Nature take its course.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. @Swamp Fox,

    I started protesting Michael King Day a few years ago. I’ve carried signs saying , “Life Doesn’t Matter to N.W.A.” along with pamphlets containing select lyrics from their raps, and “Remembering White Victims OF Desegregation.” combined with newspaper reports of elderly White Women being raped and murdered by Negroes. This year, I’m considering making a sign that celebrates Marcus Garvey and offering “Free (one – way) Tickets to Wakanda!”

    I recommend protesting Juneteenth, Michael King Day and Black History Month for not only being divisive, but for being a method of laying guilt trips on White children who were born long after Slavery and Segregation had ended. If you have children in school, refuse to allow them to attend during Black History Month. Inform the principal, the teachers, and the school district, that you aren’t willing to permit your child to be indoctrinated with insidious propaganda that is designed to make them feel as though they have committed some sort of heinous offense by simply being White. Get other parents to join you and file a class action law suit for the mental anguish your children are made to suffer every year, as they alone are identified as the sole cause for all of the injustices perpetrated against humanity since the dawn of time. Find a rallying cry, “Field Trips, Not Guilt Trips,” and form an organization, “Leave Our Kids Alone!,” for examples.

  7. but CNN is defending these scumbags by saying they are somehow morally better than us.

    Since the Abolitionists and Bolsheviks, they’ve been injecting morality into legal and political questions and arguments.

    Morality doesn’t apply to legal and political questions. Nor is it a legitimate argument or defense in a competent court of law.

    They’ve done this in order to do an end run around the fact that they can’t win the legal and political arguments. They create a new playing field and redefine the contest in order to win, extralegally and extrapolitically.

    When it was pointed out that the Abolitionists were in violation of the Constitution and Law, and that they and the Free Soilers were committing Treason by levying war against Missouri and Kansas, they claimed they were acting in obedience to a “higher law.”
    A law of course, defined by themselves.

    • There was a certain level of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the historic Southern Establishment, namely with a FOOL named Thomas Jefferson and his ridiculous followers. Thomas Jefferson was so drunk on liberty, he got this idea into his head where he was simultaneously an Abolitionist and a Slaveholder and never seemed to notice the contradiction. When the war finally ended in 1783, the Articles of Confederation establishes a Nation in which the 13 independent states are nations unto themselves. Some of these nations set about phasing out slavery, the first one to pass a phase-out law was Pennsylvania which declared slaves born AFTER 1780 free but to finance this, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania came up with a scheme called Indentures in which a slave could be bought and sold into various indentures until they were 28-30 years old.In 1783, the Massachusetts Supreme Court outlaws slavery in Massachusetts and soon all of New England passes phase-out laws which free no one, it is incremental freedom on the cheap, giving Yankee slaveholders plenty of time to sell their chattel to South Carolinian traders and double their money.

      At this same time the Articles of Confederation is faced with a difficulty. The states of Rhode Island, Pennsylvania Maryland and Delaware protest that Virginia, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts own all of the frontier and that it’s unfair. So Thomas Jefferson walks in with a scheme. He convinces Virginia to cede all her Western lands and her claim on Western Pennsylvania. The boundary of Western Pennsylvania is set running from Lake Erie and bisecting the Mason-Dixon, which leaves a sliver of Virginia above the Mason-Dixon crammed between Penna and the Ohio Country which we know today as the West Virginia Northern Panhandle. Virginia ceded all her land east of the Mississippi and above the Ohio River to the Articles Congress excluding the Virginia Military District which runs between the Little Miami and Scioto Rivers in what is today OHIO, and he encourages Georgia to cede her claims on the Mississippi Territory. Kentucky was not affected, as legally it was a county of Virginia and Tennessee a colony of North Carolina. Thomas Jefferson’s plan then takes another odd turn. He decides that slavery must be made 100% illegal by Federal Decree. Now Jefferson in light of Somerset v Sanford 1772 in which Lord Mansfield declared slaves to be human beings entitled to equal rights if they entered England, Jefferson has a conundrum. He cannot figure out whether slaves are human beings or slaves. So in violation of the Common Law, Jefferson attempts a schitzophrenic solution in which they are simultaneously human and slave.For the sake of the lands in the Northwest Territory slaves are human beings entitled to basic human rights and not to be exploited, for Virginia they are chattel. Thus in the first Northwest Ordinance of 1784, slavery is eternally banned above the Ohio River after 1800 and freed slaves would be allowed to own land there the same as White men. Jefferson’s allies in Virginia the Carolinas and Georgia agreed to go along with it.

      In 1789 right as Washington becomes President, the new Congress under the Constitution passes another law stating that the Northwest Ordinances are permanently part of the United States Code. Curiously in the Constitution, inspired by Jefferson, James Madison calls slaves PERSONS and says that Congress will outlaw the African trade completely in 1808 and anyone after this point doing it would be imprisoned by the new US Government. Madison doesn’t seem to understand how can a Negro be simultaneously a PERSON on a slave ship and a PERSON in the Northwest Territory but Chattel in Virginia, He takes it for granted.

      At this time the United States Government is firmly in the Federalist Party’s hands. At the same time the French Revolution breaks out, Thomas Jefferson loves it, he demands that George Washington immediately declare recognition for the Girdonists then the Jacobins and Washington refuses. By the time the Jacobins seize power, Slaves in Haiti are in the process of murdering every white person on the island because the Revolution declared them Free and Equal. Jefferson somehow thinks the French, who have Black Legislators in their Government are WONDERFUL while simultaneously thinking Slavery is okay in the South. He never sees the philosophical conundrum. After Adams becomes President, the Jacobins are out of power and we have an alliance with England, but the outrages continue under the new French Directory Government. Adams decides to close the immigration off to a trickle in 1798 to keep French Jacobins out of Washington. He does this and Jefferson raises holy hell. Jefferson had made a deal with New York financiers represented by the Clinton family to keep Open Borders to keep labor costs in New York City cheap. Open borders it is promised will make his Democrats supreme. Jefferson wins in 1800, and then passes the Naturalization ie Open Borders Act of 1802. He sells it to the South as more immigrants=more Democrats=more support for slavery. No one objects but the Federalists.

      In 1820 finally out of power, the decision of what to do with the Louisiana Purchase is made. The state of Louisiana was admitted in 1812 and the Adam Onis Treaty expanded her western border to the Sabine in 1819 but the rest is unorganized. Missouri Territory wants to be a state so a new Compromise sets the 36 30 line as the limit for slavery all the way to the borders of New Spain. Only Missouri would be allowed to keep their slaves. As a counter balance, Maine is split from Massachusetts and is admitted as its own state. By 1820 only Ohio Indiana, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine are outright free of slavery. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire are slowly phasing it out. Illinois allowed slavery only in the tiny French colonies in Southern Illinois, calling them indentured servants. Jefferson’s Precedent, that the Federal Government can regulate slavery holds in place and does so for 34 years.

      The fault for what happened to the South rests with Thomas Jefferson for his REFUSAL to admit reality and stand for slavery. Unfortunately in 1800 when we needed a man with John C Calhoun’s strong principles we elected a weak kneed intellectual, in the vein of Woodrow Wilson, and followed him up with another weak kneed intellectual James Madison, We paid dearly for it too

      • Hail Victory !!!
        The very best definition of Massa Thom was done forty years ago in Gore Vidal’s “Burr”.

        Aaron Burr describes Massa Thom as a canting hypocrite with numerous niglet spawn from Sally Hemmings always out to screw both his friends more than his overt enemies for partisan advantage. In fact Burr shows that he could have been President instead of Massa Thom if only Burr had used the party advantage he had as a past Federalist to swing the Federalist votes to himself, making Massa Thom the Vice-President. Burr says that is why Massa Thom had it out for him, because Burr had principles whereas Massa Thom was a cumplete hypocrite.

        LibberToons are the very same today. Canting hypocrites who you never can buy off and keep bought off because they are hi-functioning whigger or jew sociopaths who are always out for their own advantage.

        Dr. Lothrup Stoddard had a word for such critters: mattoids. Half-fools without character or integrity who will sell you out in an instant.

        So niggers were “persons” in places like New England or Ohio where no white man could own one and chattel slaves in Virginia where Massa Thom could own and screw them. Such are the flexible principles of LibberToons and/or matrtoids.

        The problem with these sociopaths — originally dubbed “moral imbeciles” — is that fools who have excellent reason to suspect that they are fools listen to sociopaths yapping their stupid shit, which is nothing more than a rational for self-serving. Very rare is the honest rascal who admits to being such. Every LibberToon I’ve ever cum in coontact with has a rational for its amoral selfishness in which they prey upon others. More fool you if you listen to their lying self-serving crap.

        The great problem of today is that while if Amish farming methods were used there would only be sustainability for 150 million whigger herd animals & there isn’t over one million Amish. (By the way I met an young Amish farmer at the Mentor Ohio Walmart on Aug. 6th when I went up there to deal with the Bryan Reo / Kyle Bristow lawfare aginst me and my Church in Lake County korts. The Amisher was buying bread and lunch meat and cumplaining about the high price of food.) So upon the inevitable collapse there won’t probably be sustainable more than 50 million ex-whiggers, if that, and getting down to sustainability means no more than 20 million left, with hardly any negroes, mamzers or jews left alive. Collapse into Warlordism is the only logical plan. Thus the renunciation of the 1865 Armistice(s) / cease-fires by the ZOGlings openly saying that they want White People dead is to our political benefit.

        Let a hundred Confederate monuments be destroyed by niggers, jews and addlepated ZOGling whiggers if this is to be the first shot in ending the 1865 Armistices / Cease-Fires. Upon the inevitable victory after the collapse of ZOG/Babylon, the Ten Thousand Warlords can grind up the skulls and bones of the flesh not eaten by the dogs of the non-whites, jews and race-traitors as quick-lime to mix into the concrete and mortar for pediments for the monuments for the Heroes of Civil War Two — and of Civil War One.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • I have said this before. If it takes the collapse of every single monument to make the White Man wake up, then let them fall. I’d be SICK to see it happen, but Id be sicker if we dont stand up.

          Your wise explanation of Thomas Jefferson is just what the Liberty Cucks and those setimentalists who call themselves White Nationalists need to hear!

    • The South was entirely to blame with what happened in Kansas, because of Southern State government’s refusal to support Missouri. In 1854, the South had enough military men, enough hardware and enough white trash undesirables to dispose of to settle in Kansas to weigh the political balance. What did it do? The states told Missouri, KANSAS IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS and went about their business. The North was organized, it organized settlement societies, platted settlements and by 1856 Yankees outnumbered Southrons in Kansas and this never changed. Missouri didn’t have infinite resources. Northern settlement societies were funded by their friends in Great Britain and Europe as well, most people don’t know that without European money Abolitionism would NOT have existed but again cowardly Southern leaders REFUSED to do anything about it, citing Jefferson’s standard of non-intervention and extreme individualism.

      The South while in control of the US Government missed every single opportunity it had because of Jeffersonian stupidity. It allowed Open Borders, not realizing that numerically it would give the North in the Electoral College a 100 to 1 advantage. Open borders allowed the migration of European and (((European))) intellectuals notedly Ex-Jacobins and later Communist Revolutionaries and other (((leaders))) from Germany and President Polk, never raised one finger or a single objection about it, Open Borders to the Democrats was heroin, they needed it to survive. The South while in control of the US government never attempted to stop the in flow of foreign money nor round up aboltiionists. They couldn’t because at the time 1840’s Posse Comatitus forbade the US Government’s military interference in a sovereign state. The Federal Courts and the US Supreme Court thus had no enforcement power at all. States could either choose to respect the decision of the court or reject them. The worthless Dred Scott decision was a waste of time because the court had no power to enforce it.

      The South of course at this time held all the cards. At any time the US Government could have been overthrown and a Southern Dictator placed in charge. The Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina militias were ready willing and able. Yet these Southern Cuckold politicans refused to act, citing some stupid devotion to the Constitution and the principles of Jefferson. What did principles ever win for the South? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

  8. “CNN is defending these scumbags by saying they are somehow morally better than us.”

    By claiming moral superiority, that places them, in their minds, above the law.

  9. “The monuments being torn down should be viewed as a repudiation of the 1865 Armistice(s) and cease-fire agreements signed by Confederate generals as opposed to the legitimately elected Southern government. ”

    When Lee surrendered, he surrendered an army, not a Nation, or a government.

    It was suggested a long time ago that Southrons shouldn’t take Appomattox seriously. Many Missourians didn’t.

    • The South could have continued the guerilla warfare true, but I don’t think that most people really cared deeply about the Confederacy or Southern ideas. They just went to war because they were drafted. The true believers in the Southern cause were few and far between, you can see that by how quickly people got back to living their lives following the war. Even during Reconstruction it was always a small group of men who fought back, never the majority white populace, most of them were about as apathetic as whites are today. The Klan operated very simply, the populace either could support them willingly or support them or else. Most times it was support us or else.

      People have to be led to do the right thing unfortunately. The difference between 1865 and now is that in 1865 there were still enough POSITIVE white leaders to stand for what was right. Men who could stir the emotions of the people. By 1954 it was a joke, the South had almost no real leaders, it had mostly trucklers and hucksters. The only states to ever have a real leadership that fought back were Alabama and Mississippi that was it, everyone else folded like a deck of cards. The 1968 Election is a good example. Of the 7 original Confederate States, Texas went for Humphrey because LBJ said so, Florida and South Carolina went for Nixon. Only Alabama, Georgia Louisiana and Mississippi remained strong. After 1954 all 13 states should have been behind Wallace but he only managed to win five. Again poor leadership.

      What leadership do we have in 2018? Answer NONE. From September to January Southern White Men will spend their time working hunting and watching NASCAR and SEC/ACC Football and THAT IS IT. They don’t even care if the SEC or ACC are as black as Ghana as long as Muh Team wins. By 1973 every team at every school in the South was integrated. How long did anyone protest that? Answer not at all

      • Having open White leadership is extremely dangerous . . . both for the respective “leader” and for our Cause.

        It is ZOG/Babylon which presently appoints via the $PLC and ADL our supposed “leadership” like the 1/8 jew Dickie Spencer or the lustfool mongrel Mattoid Chaimbach or failed con-men like David Duck. Not to mention jews like Alex Linder who was absolutely horrified back in 2012 when Brad asked Linder if it could envision shooting a six-year-old kikeling in the face. The thought of shooting its six-year old niece Sarah Rebecca Esther Linder in the face made Linder just try to squeeze out a turd from itz Crohn’s/ jew ass-GAIDS ravaged bunghole. These week reeds or strawmen inevitably collapse thus bringing down that false-flag section of our bowel Movement, leaving nothing other than a few dazed tards wandering like zombies in the rubble.

        What strikes me is back just after Waco I tried to join a militia in Southwest Missouri and couldn’t because you had to be related or long-time friends of the little survivalist militias of less than a dozen or so locals usually run by a military vet with a political background in the Klan or Christian Identity. So I had to form my own militias, one in Springfield with two other veterans and Christian Identity types, one in Jasper, Newton and McDonald Counties.

        Two days after the OKC Bombing, five or six survivalist types met with the old guy and me forming the Newton/Jasper/MCdonald County militias and said that they “wasn’t going to take their survival groups above-ground to join your militia.” I told them that they were wrong, that ZOG would find them and destroy them individually. But it was me who was wrong. By 1997 I myself pulled the plug on what was left. The time I was running my militias, it was me and this other Marine vet showing scared whiggers how to zero-sight in their “tourist” SKS’s which they had bought for $25 more than the Chink Army surplus SKS’s which were better guns than the “tourist” SKS’s. Eight weeks of basic training rolled up into one seven-hour day. I doubt they retained either the training or the SKS’.

        Now, 25 years later these survivalist groups of the 1990s are three to four times as numerous, as “preppers” and “doomers” are awaiting collapse. And they are practically all rural White people who are scared of niggers and hate jews. Should I be trying to find them and “lead” them? And to where? Or rather point out that the CONstipation and Bill of Goods has been a failure and that it is necessary to kill piglice, lawyers, politicians, judges along with the hungry niggers and beaners who are trying to get their lives, their food, ammo and supplies?

        This is why I harp on the Ten Thousand Warlords. These Warlords are present today. They are getting ready for collapse. They already got planned who they cull and who they promote. All they need is to know where their loyalties lie — to our People, YHWH’s Servant Nation. Not to a scrap of toilet paper which lets politicians, lawyers, jews, and muds live off of us than toss us aside when we get uppity.

        Blogs like Occidental Dissent and others are useful for pointing out these facts. Hunter Wallace is becoming radicalized by being semi-deplatformed and oppressed by ZOG. Sooner or later he will accept the inevitable course of History, which is ZOG/Babylon Collapse and the awful necessities for survival and the denial of these necessities to the non-whites in order to bring about a More Perfect Genocide for parasites who need us in order to live.

        The chaos is blowing up to a gale right now. I submit that this is what we should want, is a rise in the hatred to where no saving compromises are possible. Not setting up a multi-level marketing scheme for ZOGtards.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • The Needless Destruction of 100-year-old Confederate Monuments is a repudiation by non-signatories of the 1865 Armistice(s) / Cease-Fire(s) of Spring 1865 signed by Confederate generals surrounded by Union Army invaders and never ratified by a legitimate elected Confederate regime.

      The only thing that was surrendered were the particular military units who by the Rules of War at the time were either Prisoners of War or parolees who had not been exchanged. It was in the interests of the Union generals receiving these surrenders to allow the Confederate prisoners go home and to take home their personal weaponry like revolvers, their horses and mules, because the position of the Union regime was that these sovereign states which revolted had no CONstipational or Bill of Goods right to do so. So upon the surrender byConfederate generals unauthorized to surrender anyuthing other than their commands, it was in the best interests of the Union states to pretend that these local surrenders or cease-fires pertained to the entire Confederacy rather than face another five to ten years or more of guerrilla warfare.

      ZOG would sign a piss-treaty with the Taliban if it wasn’t a fact that the Taliban has long-since won and all they want is for ZOG to leave their country. So why should we be any less intransigent than these brown people like the Vietnamese and Afghans and Iraqis who drove ZOG out? Or the Irish and the Boers from back when they were White Men? Or the Southern White Men of 1865 who lost the open civil war — then won the “Peace” for the next 100 years through a combination of paramilitary violence and political activism? What besides courage and integrity and valor did these men have that we do not and that we better start getting?

      As part of the fiction that the entire South lost, they were allowed to set up paramilitary units which brought about social stability for the freedmen, and drove out the Carpetbaggers and Scalawags. Within a dozen years upon the winning by Democrat Samuel Tilden in the 1876 [s]election another deal was struck by which Union military occupation ended over the South and the South had a free hand to run things as they pleased until the late 1960s.

      Thus when non-signatories to the 1865 Armistices proceed to violate the 150-year old cease-fire, then Southern non-signatories have no legal or moral duty to honor these 1865 Armistices either. In fact, we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to set things right for our survival as a People to remove from our territories, our Presence, our very lives these parasitic invaders and squatters who have told us numerous times that they want us dead as a People.

      They violated the 1865 Armistices / Cease-Fires. Why should we continue to honor something which was never ratified by anything other than good-will based upon fear of continued civil warfare now that our very survival is at stake to co-repudiate the 1865 Armistices? Now that we can win by simply stopping our continued slavery by not working or by simple acts when no one is watching? Sooner or later “le deluge” will happen and ZOG will lose itz head.

      Like nuts trapped in a Nuthouse during a tornado alert all praying that the tornado hits the Nuthouse square and taking their chances with God, I’ve never met a Survivalist / Prepper / Doomer who didn’t pray for the Fall of ZOG/Babylon the Third & Final.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  10. Somebody needs to get shot over this kinda stuff. No more being “Mr. Nice Guy”. This is a declaration of WAR against the White race.

  11. The peaceful, tolerant ones can’t counter anything we say. We have facts and figures on our side and are getting better at putting our positions out into the public arena. Violence and ‘punch a nazi’ is all they have left. The public is now waking up to their nonsense as our arguments become more mainstream.
    Do you want to be the only white family in your neighborhood? Do you want terrorism to be normal in your country? Do you want Chinese buying up all your real estate, sending property values off the charts? If the answer is no, then the left suddenly isn’t that attractive. Really, our positions should be easy to sell and make acceptable, as they are pure common sense.

  12. So…when are we going to start tearing down their monuments? As a Young Man I find it hard to keep sitting on the sidelines watching as these Communists boldly break the Law and the “Movement” leaders keep saying we need to just keep being peaceful and “legal”.

    Enough with these flash mobs where a few people show up early in the morning to take a picture and leave, thats not really getting people fired up. We can pick a monument and mask up just like Antifa does then tear that shit DOWN!! If we have the will…

  13. I have called the North Carolina Republican Office to see what they are gonna do about this. No one has gotten back to me as of yet. The girl that took my complaint had the recognizable timbre of a black person…I strongly suspect that my complaint was trash-canned.
    Where are the men of this nation? The Germans had the Freikorps. Where are our former military men who fought for Iraqi and Afghani “freedom”? Why do they not organize to physically fight back against the American Taliban?
    These statues are being torn down, not because of the past, but because today they serve as a proxy for conservative, White men. If our Tweeter-in-Chief won’t sic his justice department on these assholes, what good are Republican politicians?

    • “This is the same state where Mike Nifong almost sent an entire lacrosse team at Duke to prison for raping a Nigra whore, which of course it was proven they never laid a fingernail on her or anyone else.”–

      There’s real irony in that too, in case you forgot. Nifong’s attempted prosecution of the Duke lacrosse team was so egregious that it was then NC Attorney General Roy Cooper who had to step in and put a stop to it all. Of course this (Roy Cooper’s intervention) would have never happened had the accused been regular North Carolina middle class boys going to UNC-CH just 10 miles down the road from Duke.(well within the stripper/escort outcall service area that the niggra bitch was working with). The families of regular middle class NC boys paying in-state tuition at UNC-CH could have never paid the money for the big Jew law firm legal defense that the elitist New Jersey Dookies could, and that was what forced Cooper to intervene.

      Then within about a year of the whole thing’s ugly collapse, niggra whore Crystal Gayle magnum is in jail for murdering one of her niggra buck pimp shack-ups.

      • The College Industrial Complex Strikes again. I had to go back and correct my numbers but according to Wikipedia here are DIVISION I schools by Southern State. I EXCLUDED MARYLAND ON THE LIST AS THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA SKEWS THEIR NUMBERS!

        Alabama-9 Arkansas-5, Florida-13 Georgia-7 Kentucky-7 Lousiana-13 Mississippi-6 Missouri-5 North Carolina EIGHTEEN Oklahoma-4 South Carolina-12 Tennessee-12 Texas TWENTY-THREE Virginia-14 West Virginia 2. Those are the 13 CSA States plus Indian Territory and Occupied Virginia.

        Now compare this to OHIO there are 13 Division 1 Schools in the Buckeye State. This would make sense as Ohio is the 7th Most Populous State in the United States and in 1950 when it received thousands of Negro Southern White Migrants every month from KY WV, VA, TN and NC It was the 5th largest state in the USA and in 1950 Texas was the 6th and North Carolina the 10th. Now look at today’s numbers. Today Texas is the second state in the Union behind California, Florida is third behind Texas, Georgia is the eighth and North Carolina the ninth. Today Florida and Georgia both have more population than North Carolina, yet Florida and North Carolina still has more Division 1 Schools. This is the College Industrial Complex at work here.

        North Carolina hitched her future some years ago to becoming the most well-educated state in Dixie and look at it, In 1900 North Carolina was one of the least educated states in the USA, today it is 31st and this is considering that 21% of North Carolina is Black and like 9% Hispanic. If North Carolina was 100% White, it would be probably 4th on the list of most educated states in America. The downside of this was that ONE it brought in a lot of outsiders and TWO College Educations=Liberal People.

        Out of the 20 most educated states in the United States, you want to know how many Donald Trump Won? Utah, Montana, North Dakota Wisconsin and Kansas. Out of the Top 10 he won NONE.

  14. Harlan – don’t forget to e-mail and or call Lt. Governor Forest (address below) and Speaker Berger.

    As well, Sir, you can e-mail Imperial Wizard Chris Barker (address below)and ask him why, as a spiritual son of the fearless Imperial Wizard Virgil Griffin, he has allowed the aliens and scalawags in our state to have such little respect for us.

    That has always been the job of The Tarheel Klan – to take care of New England Yankee Government & Carpetbagger Jew-caused problems for which our respectable politicians have no stomach.

    • The Republicucks who “control” the NC General Assembly will barely be able to fake a whimper.

      • Speak for yourself Junid who Ever the hell u are! The South is still alive and well here in N. C,,
        Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!

      • Of course they wouldn’t say a word. Think about it this way. The War For Southern Independence was not as much about the South as it was about REPUBLICAN v DEMOCRAT with the focus on the South. The war was so chaotic it ended up with problems like the following.

        1. There were more Pro-Union citizens in Kentucky and Tennessee then there were in Maryland.
        2. The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Confederates were so horribly organized, it took them an entire year from Lincoln’s Election to finally and LEGALLY separate Kentucky from the Union. Unfortunately by that time Kentucky was already occupied.
        3.,Missouri was in many ways much more Pro-Confederate than Tennessee, but a quick invasion from Illinois and a mass German uprising in Saint Louis and other places damaged the Confederacy’s chances of holding the state leaving the Border Ruffians and Pukes (old nickname for Mo ppl) to fend for themselves.

        The concept of a United Dixie all singing Dixie and wearing the gray was a wishful invention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy after the war. The problem had been in 1861, social and political isolation made it almost impossible to knit the Southern nation together. It took Reconstruction to make Southerners see themselves as one people. FINALLY!

        Remember THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS THE PARTY OF RECONSTRUCTION. Understand Lincoln’s place in the issue. In a war, you need a General a face of the nation if you will, but once said war is over you no longer need a General, you need bureaucrats. The Jews had to wait until the war was over to kill Lincoln. Think about it, the CSA had four long years to do something about the issue and it never did? The worlds best assassins are Jews. John Wilkes Booth was from a Sephardic Jewish family from Spain named Botha who immigrated via Portugal to England in the 1700’s. Judah P Benjamin knew this of course, Jews all know one another.

        Lincoln’s murder put the Republican Party into the mode of One Party Rule and it passed all those horrible amendments and carpetbaggers galore. It is true that Sir Francis Galton’s Eugenics Movement spread from England ca 1870 and resulted by 1876 in the Republicans basically kicking out anyone advocating for the equality of the races. The Republican Negro policy from 1877-1957 was what is called benign neglect. In other words a Republican shopkeeper wouldn’t engage in a lynching, but they’d sell you the ax handles and rope for one

        • The Southern Democrat’s unholy alliance with the Northern Democrats formed in 1876 during the Sam Tilden Election, basically was based on this point. Northern Democrats would worry about the North, Southern Democrats would worry about the South, and they’d only agree at Convention time on a President. This situation worked out alright until FDR, leftists, communists atheists and Jews seized control of the Northern Democratic Party. This put Southern Democrats in a bad spot. You ended up in situations where you had Conservative Democrats like Richard Russell of Georgia voting to put leftist Commie Jews like Feilx Frankfurter on the Supreme Court because that’s what a good Democrat has to do. It wasn’t obvious to Russell or any of his allies that they were sewing their own destruction. That didn’t come till SHELLEY v KRAMER and BROWN v BOARD

          Remember with the Confederate Monuments, it was Conservative Democrats, the Harry Byrds and Richard Russell’s fathers and mothers who put those monuments up. The political establishment was Southern Democrats. Then in the 1970’s Dixie changes to the Party of Lincoln and is now surprised when the Bluecoats will not stand up for monuments to the people their ancestors killed? This isnt rocket science here folks.

          No one speaks for the South, except the League and men like David Duke, No one

      • You may be right, Strumpet, you may not be. I’ll tell you one thing you ain’t thought of : them same officials you call cucks are terrified of a Charlottesville, or another Greensboro 1979, here, and that gives them motivation to act.

  15. Hunter Wallace, The Southern Movement if there is such a thing is in need of money. Until there is money, you have no power. When you have no power your enemy wins. Don’t count on any help from the man on the street. Both political parties laugh at the South. You smart people better figure out where to get the money.

  16. It is the ” puppet – master ” ( jews ) , who directs the ” anti-fascists & anti-journalist & provocateurs ” – as their footmen , to destroy and replace , The Grounded Christian White Men – with all Their Flags and Markers and Statues and Heritage Monuments .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is not “ a jew , and He “ does not “ approve , of the so called judeo – christian zionists . JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD – WHITE HEBREW ISRAELITE . ( HE IS OUR GOD AND NEAR KINSMAN . All Real And True Hebrews – are White-Men . However , “ not “ all white appearing men , are real & true Hebrews . ) JESUS is a direct descendant , from The Patriarch Judah ( The Son of Jacob , The Son of Isaac , The Son of Abraham ) , by His pure blood mother Mary ; JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD – WHITE JUDAHITE . On the other hand , a jew is a mix blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . )

    JESUS CHRIST was born by a virgin , in Bethlehem . His conception was a miracle – by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . He is THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER , singularly born , by and in , such a manner . He grew up , in the village of Nazareth , in the region of Galilee . Thus , His recognized identity , was and is , THE NAZARENE MAN FROM GALILEE – THE GALILEAN . ( On the other hand , the jew is named after , and for , and comes from – Jerusalem / Judea )

    The religion that JESUS CHRIST adhered to , was The Mosaic Law of Moses , as found today , in The Old Testament of THE HOLY BIBLE . He was and is , THE ONLY ONE , that could and did and does , keep The Law perfectly – with purity . After He died for us , and then resurrected , JESUS instituted THE NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL : He offered Conditional Reconciliation ( if an individual will choose it ) , for All Mankind , to find GOD – so receiving Mercy and Future Glory , by Faith in JESUS and Repentance and Reformation .

    On the other hand , the jews were His arch enemies – all throughout His ministry . The pharisees corrupted The Mosaic Law , and made it into “ judaism “ – with their mysticism & magic & traditions of men . JESUS confronted the money changers – trading & selling at their tables , in front of and within , HIS – GOD’S HOUSE AND HOLY TEMPLE . He overthrew and ruined , their evil business . In revenge , they conspired and accomplished , the crucifixion of THE SON OF GOD . The jews used the Romans , as their agents and instruments , for their murder of THE MESSIAH . The jews gladly claimed , their own responsibility – for the bloody killing . ( Matthew 27 : 24 – 25 , THE HOLY BIBLE , kjv . ) The jews ( as a group ) , were then and are today , GOD’S most implacable , hate filled enemies – and JESUS hates them back . GOD Himself say’s : “ Jacob have I loved “ , and then He say’s , “ esau “ ( another name for the jew ) “ have I hated “ . ( Romans 9 : 13 , THB , kjv . )

    THE “ I AM “ – JEHOVAH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT , IS THE GOD/MAN – JESUS CHRIST OF THE NEW TESTAMENT . GOD’S TRUTHS ARE HOLY RIDDLES – that need to be searched out – and found – to be appreciated and cherished and judiciously shared .

    There is much more to tell , on this subject , and the more the telling – the more compelling , the case for the truth , and a corresponding growing gratefulness , by wonderful understanding .

    JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His lineage . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His childhood residence , nor by the primary locality – of His mission activity . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His religion .

    The jew is a mixed blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . ) The jews took over the office’s of : ( The King & The Temple High Priest & The Sanhedrin ) , by spiritual philosophy , and actual infiltration ; in the cosmopolitain – Jerusalem of Judea . Their impure bloodlines , of direct descent , come from “ the serpent seed men “ – that wicked brood of vipers & traitors : cain – ham – canaan – ishmael – esau – and many others . For that “ kosher mafia “ , Salvation is still just possible ( withal not likely ) , for separating individuals , who surrender to , and who live by faith upon , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST . Nevertheless , judaism is the world’s , leading “ secret combination “ – against THE TRUE GOD . It is already cursed , to a black doom , and destined for , an ultimate oblivion , and will be finally given over , to the fires of hell .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is absolutely not “ a jew , and He will ultimately fully reject , all judeo – christian zionists , whom persist , in their shameful & guilty – delusions & sins . Their souls are being stolen , by connivance and by deception and by sophistry . They have the blood iniquity , of shared responsibility , for supporting all the violence and injustice , that the jews perpetrate . Turn away from , “ The False Prosperity Gospels “ – who’s promise is , a fool’s reward . Rather yet – stand on , GOD’S right side , to solely seek , purity and perfection – through only , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – by His merits alone . Pray to GOD to obtain – THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST .

  17. I would be amused to hear of Holocaust memorials, Martin King statues and the like torn down and wrecked in response to any attack on Confederate or pre-1861 US monuments.

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