Identity Dixie: Allen Armentrout, Southern Son

Identity Dixie has been churning out some great memes and content lately:

“Terrorist go home!” the rabid crowd of about 30 shrieked with hysterical flair synonymous with today’s intolerant left. “Racist!” screamed one. “Get the fuck out of here!” screeched another. Obscenities, expletives, juvenile chants, and verbal snares filled the totalitarian-tainted air.

“She actually whispered in my ear,” Armentrout told me in my recent two-hour phone interview with him (click here for full audio). The “she” he’s referring to is the black woman seen in this video and the link above.

“It was kinda eerie. I can still hear it. She was like ‘We’re going to find you, chop your body up into tiny pieces, and people aren’t even going to know.’” That’d be peak social justice, I suppose.

The most well-known image from that Tuesday in Charlottesville, Virginia, is at top, a picture in which Lara Rogers, a middle-aged mother of three shoves double-birds in Armentrout’s face. To Cultural Marxists, Rogers is considered a “middle-fingered hero,” who’s just resisting “white supremacy.” …

“I stood there two hours being mocked and brushed up against,” Armentrout explained in his warm Piedmont drawl. “I don’t think you could’ve gotten more verbally assaulted than those people did to me.” …

Armentrout told me that he felt “spirit-led” to Charlottesville. “If the Lord has told you to do something – it doesn’t matter how hard it is or how much you’re going to suffer in doing or what you might have to sacrifice – in the end, the Lord is going to bless you.”

His maturity in faith and unwavering courage in his beliefs are the blessings of God, Armentrout said. How else could one remain so undaunted in the face of such vile chastisement?

This self-control he exhibited is what astounded people. “How could you be so calm? I would’ve knocked her upside the head,” Armentrout said were some of the most common comments regarding Rogers’ infantile aggression.

“Yeah, well, I wanted to, but that’s not the Christian thing to do…you can turn the other cheek when people are cussing you. Through just that one character trait alone, I showed Christ in me…(but) it does take some restraint from the Holy Spirit.” …”

China survived its Cultural Revolution.

We’re going through the same thing in the United States. We have allowed our public universities to be infested with cultural Marxists and what we saw last night is the result.

Stop writing those checks to your alma mater. Stop watching college sports and buying their merchandise. Quit watching Hollywood movies. If you haven’t already done so, cancel your cable subscription for you won’t have to subsidize CNN as part of some package deal. Above all else, reconsider sending your kids to these communist infiltrated universities to burden them with student loans.

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  1. Mr. Armentrout is a very brave young man. Glad that he stood up for his people, and restrained himself from anything that would have given Antifa a course for legal action against him.

    • Pantyfa doesn’t need any actual crime taking place to file a lawsuit. Just look at Cantwell if you need proof of that.

      The reality is that every single one of us is committing a crime in their eyes, by being White.

  2. Doctors have recently identified and named the illness that is affecting the majority of Hollywood actors, it is called: StupidCaliFagNarcissisticExcrementHalitosis.

    The main sympton being: the only thing that ever comes out of their mouth is sh*t.

  3. I agree. If we are serious about our beliefs we must engage in mental secession-what Jefferson called consent withdrawal- as the United States and its dominant institutions (politics, popular culture, academia, media) has been co-opted by the enemy. It is no longer a question of big government verses smaller government- it is now existential as it is one of “our” government verses “their” government. If the absolute hell Trump is going through does not prove to you that reform is no longer possible via electoral politics then I do not know what to tell you. This is NOT a call to violence but to embrace our God-given, Jeffersonian right or secession. Expand beyond your Southern viewpoint. We need all of majority white and conservative red state America as a prerequisite for the formation of a White American Heartland Republic as a free and independent nation. That way we can quarantine liberalism into its New England and Pacific coastal regions along with any other contiguous blue state regions. Make no mistake about it- I am advocating that blue states form their own nations and secede from red state America. Then we will see which ideology produces stable and sustainable nations. Mental secession must always precede actual politico secession. It is time to acknowledge reality and divorce red states from blue states based on irreconcilable differences.

  4. It is the “ puppet – master “ ( jews ) , who directs the “ cultural marxists provocateurs “ – as their footmen , to destroy and replace , The Grounded Christian White Men – with all Their Fags and Markers and Statues and Heritage Monuments .

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  5. Very good, but I think we need to get away from this “Turning the other cheek” stuff. Jesus Christ said and did some other things that denoted physically fighting.

  6. Very good article. ( And I didn’t know we subsidize CNN on cable ! You should spread that info. ) Notice he felt God moved him to do what he did. WE have the moral high ground. GOD doesn’t want us caving these Antfagita ma ma’s boy nerd bitches. He also doesn’t want us to become distracted with mere continuous “narration” of the enemies activity. Were NOT “imbedded press,” in this war 🙂 We need to become FOUNDERS.



  7. That pic was good optics. No assault charges, nobody in prison, nothing that could possibly be used against us. It will be an iconic photo that goes down in the history books…but only if we win.

  8. Did anybody ever get name or contact info on the woman in the pic? Would be a shame if it got circulated as a meme.

  9. I wrote to my alma mater a couple of years ago and asked them to remove my name from their mailing list. Check

    I last went to a movie theater in 2009. Check

    A few years ago I cut the cable. Check

    Three years ago I dropped my season tickets to football. Check

  10. That image would be a good recruitment tool for our side. We are the calm, controlled side with our heads together……and they are the rude, juvenile thugs unworthy of your support. They can’t beat us verbally, and in most cases, physically so resort to giving us the middle finger like the losers they are.
    The Left have peaked. As we further awake, their world is falling apart around them, and they’re crapping their pants.

  11. God bless you, Mr. Armentrout!
    It gives me a glimmer of hope to see that there are still real men left in the South. He is a true Southron Gentleman!

  12. The article indicates that miserable excuse for a woman, Lara Rogers, has three children. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a child that is being raised by that neurotic, vulgar, irrational creature? No mention of a husband or father. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she is found guilty of murdering her children in a few years.

    Remember the two Lesbos that plunged their minivan, themselves and their adopted Negro menagarie into the Ocean? They had been actively engaged in fighting “hate” too.

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