Naive Iowa White Girl Mollie Tibbetts Murdered By Illegal Alien

I’ve seen countless cases like Mollie Tibbetts over the years.

In the past, I have called this class of clueless young White women who live in a bubble and who are oblivious to the threats around them “Daddy’s Little Angels.” The TL;DR on Mollie Tibbetts is that she was a typical female liberal college student who was murdered by an illegal alien:

“The suspect in the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts is a 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico who had been living in the area for up to seven years, officials revealed Tuesday.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera was apprehended more than a month after the 20-year-old University of Iowa student disappeared, Rick Rahn, special agent in charge with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, said during a news conference. Tibbetts was last seen jogging on July 18 near Brooklyn, Iowa — in Poweshiek County, where Rivera lives.

A body believed to be Mollie Tibbetts was discovered earlier Tuesday and Rivera led authorities to the location, Rahn said, adding that her body was found hidden in a corn field beneath several corn stalk …”

White girls used to be able to run through corn fields in Iowa:

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, an illegal alien from Mexico, is the perp:

This one tweet has been getting a lot of attention in our circles:

I browsed through her timeline and she doesn’t strike me as being driven by anti-White racial animus. It looks more like she was venting about the Doug Jones/Roy Moore Senate race. I’m not going to go so far as to say she deserved to be murdered because of one dumb tweet.

Mollie had some good advice here:

If this piece of garbage had been deported from Iowa, she would be alive today. Of course, she would have virtue signaled and objected to deporting him at the time.

This tweetstorm is more typical of her timeline. She comes across as just a normie, not an ideologue. This also explains why she was out running:

Young White women like Mollie Tibbetts shouldn’t be going to college to get brainwashed by cultural Marxism. They shouldn’t be able to vote or participate in public affairs.

I hate seeing this happen. I really do. Didn’t we vote for Kate’s Law and a border wall? Didn’t we vote against sanctuary cities? Didn’t we vote to deport these people?

Note: Guess who was deported today by the Trump administration?

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  1. “Young White women like Mollie Tibbetts shouldn’t be going to college to get brainwashed by cultural Marxism. They shouldn’t be able to vote or participate in public affairs.

    “I hate seeing this happen. I really do.”

    I agree, Mr. Wallace. Young White girls should of course have access to a fine education, but one that orients them towards being prepared for womanhood (motherhood, wife-hood, etc.) in a genteel society rather than a green-haired, anti-White, man-hating (or White-man-hating), loud-mouthed stupid c*nt.

    I hate seeing things like this happen also. May she rest in peace. She was pretty, and every loss of a young, pretty White woman is tragic …for they have within their reproductive-systems the potential to give birth to armies of our folk.

    • JimB you need to exert some self control. Calling young women ‘stupid c*nt’ is self indulgent and weak.

      Me occasionally screaming f*ck may be offensive according to some on here who turn around and scream it themselves the next day (male privilege aka australian mental problems) but it’s not divisive or castigating towards any of my own people.

      This lecture goes out to most men on here who do just the same in some form or fashion on a chronic basis.

      Whites cannot survive by alienating all of our young women. This girl did nothing to deserve such a moniker. Instead of indulging reflexive anger, try using that energy to discern between rotten eggs and the merely misguided and manipulated.

      All my rage goes towards this monster and his jewish sponsors. Granted, I was a naive young woman too at one point so I can empathize with her but somewhere, somehow some way men in this movement have to challenge themselves to rise above the trap being set all around them.

      • Genie, dearest… I wasn’t calling the victim of this murder, Mollie Tibbetts a cunt. I was talking about a certain type of female. And I don’t need you or anyone else preaching to me about “self control” or the language I use occasionally. If you’re offended by what I said, so what. Maybe you’d have a more balanced opinion of me if you had seen any number of posts I’ve made in the past where I call certain types of males mean names. But, tbh, I don’t care what your opinion of me is, hon. I call em like I see em… and some women (again, I’m not talking about Mollie!) are indeed green-haired, anti-White, man-hating (or White-man-hating), loud-mouthed stupid c*nts.

        “Whites cannot survive by alienating all of our young women.

        This is true. But talking about certain types of people, be they young women or young men, or old women and old men, doesn’t qualify as “alienating all of our young women”, Genie. It’s called shaming certain people for their behaviors. And it’s another one of those things we need to do to survive.

        It’s clear that you didn’t understand the context in which my post was made, and you’ve confused me for one of these women-hating MGTOW guys. I can tell you flat-out that you’re wrong about this old boy. I love women, I respect them, too. But I don’t love or respect green-haired, anti-White, man-hating (or White-man-hating), loud-mouthed stupid c*nts… or limp-wristed, weasel-faced, soy-guzzling, skinny-pants-wearing, man-bun wearing, “feminist”, nu-male f*ck-boys either.

        • C*nt is an extremely derogatory word for *all* women. As such, using it denigrates all women whether you want to accept that or not. Calling some woman you disapprove of a skank wouldn’t seem so offensive and misogynistic.

          I’m just pointing out how you sound to women. You sound like a man who just wants to hate on women in general to me and I’m quite certain many other women.

          • Amnesty of the 20 million illegals under Clinton would have been followed by chain migration, perhaps 100 million. This would be followed by the end of the USA.

            As for Mollie, it seems she knew this man. Looking at her tweets, she strikes as insecure and suggestible. He looks like a predator.

            And imo you are wrong Genie. The C word does not denigrate all women, not even most c*nts. Men can be c*nty. Even a sardine can be a c*nt. It can even be a compliment in the right context.

            A blue haired shrike covered in Tatts dripping with misandry is to me likely to be a c*nt. That in no way suggests c*ntiness applies more broadly. My mother for example is not a c*nt, nor my other half. A c*nt is a c*nt.

            You seem to have residual leftism, taking on this offence when it doesn’t concern you or the language police. You should reflect on where that tendency to offence has come from. Personally, I’ve found the programming runs deep.

  2. So horrible that this joyous young light was snufft out – and, even worse, so needlessly so.

    She was murdered not by The Mexican, but, the Democrat Multiculturalists and GOP oligarchs, who care not a wit for anyone, so long as their power is padded.

    • Agree. And, her family needs to sue every single person or entity that allowed this vermin to enter and stay in this country. Sue the pants off of all of them but start with the white ones first.

  3. Thank you Hunter, for bringing her story back around to her humanity. I’ve been conflicted about her, but you’ve helped to clarify my thoughts on the matter. The long & short of it, is it’s our duty as men, to save our people from this indoctrination and invasion. It’s an evil plot that is very complex. Their system took decades to build, while our culture was put to sleep by decades of peacetime more or less. God help us, I know we’ll pull it off, just liliklilike we went to the moon on hand written trajectories and pure guts!

  4. The thing that stood out to me was the Sling Blade looking Pig Farmer that the media was focusing on. I mean, could you have found a more stereotypical looking suspect than him? He was straight out of central casting. I wonder how much hate correspondence he may have received as he was being scrutinized by the police, the media and the public?

    I prayed they would find this young lady alive, but I realized that, after so much time, the odds were not good.

    What bothered me about this occurrence was the amount of news time it received.
    I’m not sure what the criteria is for a disappearance to warrant nearly unceasing coverage. Not to downplay this tragedy, but in the name of fairness, I have to ask, “how many other people turned up missing during the same time frame, but did not receive the benefit of national media attention?

    I hate the tendency of news agencies to turn human pain and suffering into tabloid sensationalism; transforming some people’s misfortunes into mini soap operas, while completely ignoring the horrific fates of others. It is a public disservice.

    • @Cowtown Rebel

      “What bothered me about this occurrence was the amount of news time it received.”

      It probably had to do with fact that the original suspect fit the stereotype that urban Judeo-Yankees have about White working class, especially those in rural areas and small towns. If they had known it was a Mexican, or Nigger, they’d have downplayed it to the point of it being local or state news, at best.

    • I kept seeing headlines under my yahoo page about her. Has the significant coverage stopped suddenly, to the point that it can be? I don’t have talmudvision.

      Because I assumed when I saw these headlines that we were going to hear that a non-white man abducted and killed her. So I wonder if Big Jew who controls the media really expected differently…

      One theory I have is that (((they))) want to bring all the racial conflicts to a head so that no middle class unity against the jewish oligarchy, in any capacity, arises. Then everyone off to the gulags, for population control, etc.

      Jerry Brown just signed a bill last month officially negating due process in California.

  5. For cultural and historical reasons, being suspicious of Messicans and Niggers is mostly foreign to these folks. Which is why unfortunate incidents like this happen.

    Iowa never had an Alamo or a Nueces Strip to teach them about Mestizos. Nor African slavery to teach them to value Whiteness and Liberty. Or teach them to be suspicious of racial aliens.

    • In 2010 I discovered what a bunch of assholes Iowa is. I was returning from Minnesota to North Carolina and saw a sign for Otonomowok, Iowa home ? of Radar O’Riley. So, I took a detour. I wound up surrounded by Corn ?.
      I ran in to a similar situation in Nebraska in 1976. I was low on gas ?? We hit a small town about 4 P. M. Both gas ?? gas stations were closed until the next day. They were having a soft ball game. We had to spend the night at the camp ground in our sleeping bags ?. So the first gas station we came to I filled up. They told me oboma was a half hour behind me. I changed course and headed For the border .
      About a month later I got a picture of my license plate and a $75.00 speeding ticket. So Iowa can suck my shorts.
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

      • Iowa is a “bunch of assholes” because it grows massive amounts of feed for all the meat you probably eat and it’s also their fault you’re a speeder who can’t spell or write well?

  6. @James Owen,

    Yeah, you’re right. I’m certain that the jews media was literally salivating at the prospect of parading that rather unkempt, seemingly unsophisticated, perhaps socially awkward, White man in front of the cameras for weeks and months to come after he was convicted of Mollie’s abduction, torture, rape and murder. That’s the stuff that tabloid covers and popumentaries are made of.

    What a horrible disappointment it must have been for them to find that it was a Dreamer that committed the crime. They almost certainly would have relegated the story to File 13 if they had known. Remember the reports about the 90 year old Mexican man who was beaten with a brick and told to “go back to Mexico?” The moment it became clear that his assailant was a Negress, the story disappeared.

    • @Cowtown Rebel

      “Remember the reports about the 90 year old Mexican man who was beaten with a brick and told to “go back to Mexico?” The moment it became clear that his assailant was a Negress, the story disappeared.”

      In spite of what the Left© say, most if us aren’t out defacing synagogues, or assaulting Messicans. Mainly because it doesn’t do any good, or make any difference. And because we’re not overgrown juvenile delinquents.

  7. Well, one communist down. Tomorrow 23rd august is international memorial day for victims of communism.

    I go also to memorial event and remind everybody around that they were our own beloved college students who did all those horrific things. And professors and journalists and artists.

    They were just naive and brainwashed so they did not knew that torturing and killing tens of millions white people may be wrong.

    We thought also that those people were naive and paid terrible price for that. No we call them genetic white liberal communists, searching and harassing them every possible moment and …..well, our borders are closed, countries are white and all world Jewry is powerless.

    Chinese by the way learned also their lesson. After Mao cultural revolution, when those naive people came out again, Chinese drove them over with tanks back in 1991. And has anybody heard something about yellow guilt or China need immigrants or refugees or foreign labor ? Or do they have Jews ?

  8. The crime was bad enough, but the liberal jewsmedia and jew-controlled politicians will make sure that no lesson is learned from what happened. It was just an unfortunate and isolated event, there’s no place for bigotry and prejudice, not all wetbacks are rapists and killers, etc…..Therefore we can look forward to thousands more such crimes being committed against our young White women every year until we’re all dead or there’s a race war. No Southern heritage rally or petitioning the government for a redress of grievances is going to save us now.

    • Yep. Just heard a dumbass “conservative” former Green Beret on Omaha radio today saying that diversity is great and it didn’t matter where he was from, just the fact that he was illegal.

  9. The university I attended had a good safety awareness policy where young co-eds were always escorted by trusted male friends or several other co-eds if they went jogging during the evening or pre-dawn hours. Therefore no Mollie Tibbetts type assaults ever took place. But there was a lot of off-campus underaged drinking which was difficult to for the school to deal with.

  10. Mollie’s WHITE boyfriend’s brother supposedly asked her to house sit or dog sit which became the scene of her abduction.

    Where was his common sense? He or his brother didn’t think to question, knowing Mollie liked to run all over the place, whether that neighborhood was safe?

    Andrew Anglin is literally pleasuring his insane self to this poor girl’s murder. It’s beyond sick and demented.

    • Most of those mestizo spic monsters are only around 5 1/2′ tall and weigh 150 lbs, so Mollie must have been pretty small and defenseless to be attacked by such a disgusting creature. The White girls I know would have been able to kick that thing in the balls.

    • Something I noted on the Stormer forums: if their consensus on the irredeemable state of white women is true, and if their consensus on the futility of a KD Rebel-style insurrection is true, then… well… we’ve already lost. Women are 51% of the population and 56% of the electorate.

    • “Andrew Anglin is literally pleasuring his insane self to this poor girl’s murder.”

      Because Anglin is a sick little demented creep who some of us have long-known is an agent-provocateur.

    • “Mollie’s WHITE boyfriend’s brother supposedly asked her to house sit or dog sit which became the scene of her abduction.

      Where was his common sense? He or his brother didn’t think to question, knowing Mollie liked to run all over the place, whether that neighborhood was safe?”

      So, what, are you blaming them for her death??? Or just men in general??? You think something like that couldn’t happen anywhere in America? It can. Was the boyfriend (or his brother) supposed to forbid her from going out and running??? Were they supposed to have magical powers, to be able to predict the future???

      Your point?

      • I’m saying white men have responsibility in allowing these environments to become so dangerous for white women. I’m saying that since her boyfriend’s brother asked her to do him a favor in *his* neighborhood, that he should have thought about the safety issues impacting a white woman, especially one who was known to run around (her boyfriend might have been the one to think about this) and who was very young.

    • Harley QUIT LYING. The Mudshark deserved it, I dont care if she had a White BF now, she obviously got her a flavor of some Alabama Black Snake didnt like it then found some Cuck to carry her skank ass.

      Paco dindunuffin

    • Anglin is severely twisted. I bet he’s not putting any blame on the bigwig Republican who kept this piece of trash on the payroll? Yes, it’s true. A big time Iowa Republican owns the farm that hired this guy. Repubs care about absolutely nothing except for money.

  11. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.

    They’re sending people that have a lot of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    – Anonymous

  12. The No White Boys tweet is a must see. It is on the Stormer thread if anyone wants to repost. She seems like a tail end Millennial to me. Gen Z is is becoming more of a backlash to this insanity. Well some of them anyway.

  13. And why was this mystery meat in Iowa? I can assure you that it wasn’t for tourism. We all know he was there to be some farmer’s cheap labor. Find out who that farmer is, and make his life a living hell, turn him into a social pariah.

    Speaking of which, and this is probably my last such success here before I move away after Labor Day, but I was able to talk another store out of not carrying Chobani yogurt ever again.

    • What I noticed about (((weev’s))) article is that he used to say he hated rich people back in 2011 when he was at Occupy, and now he’s repeating the typical republican neocon whining about “entitlements” – by which he means “entitlements” for the poor, entitlements for the rich are just fine and dandy. It seems like “alt-right” ideology always comes with a right-intersectionalist class perspective, which says that you must support laissez-faire social Darwinism or else you are anti-White. I’d have a large part of these people put in Gulags.

      In the case of (((weev))) though, he seemed pretty cool back in 2006 when he was just doing it for the lulz. (Does the name Bantown ring a bell? I remember those days.) The more he came under Anglin’s influence the more he pushed Anglin’s garbage ideology.

  14. The Black/Brown Plague strikes in Iowa.

    50 years ago this is what was happening in Los Angeles.

    No one will learn anything, no one will do anything meaningful.

    Look to your own defenses.

    • That’s right. It’s all going to burn down because nothing will be done. The masses will not learn until it is already too late, if they even figure it out then.

  15. Pol discovered her Tweets. She was born in California, evidently embraced race mixing had a SAY NO TO WHITE BOYS 2017 THING AND SHIRT on her page and had a I HATE WHITE PEOPLE post about Judge Roy Moore. This whore deserved what she got in my mind. Race traitors all do.

    For the Normies, I will act like I am concerned, though I am inside cheering Paco on.

    • The thing about Moore in Alabama could be forgiven as Moore had proven to be a liability, Add the T-shirt n sign to it and she’s advanced Plague. She got exactly what she wished for.

      Even if she’s been brainwashed.

  16. There are posts on GAB regarding her family insulting Whites for pointing out the FACT that their darling White (?) daughter was murdered by an Orc.

    I’m only sorry that Paco didn’t diversify the rest of ’em.

  17. Yeah the Mexican guy seemed pretty based here but he should have gotten the whole family and then some. I’d commend him on the act of guerrilla warfare but he should have knocked down multiple traitors.

    I have more important places to use my sympathy.

  18. Mollie’s aunt, Billie Jo Calderwood, put her grief aside (if she indeed actually felt any) to remind us all that “Evil comes in EVERY color.” The fact that her “beloved” niece would still be among the land of the living had a Dreamer not been entitled to abide here, is apparently irrelevant and a non-issue. So, according to Ms. Calderwood, we don’t have enough colors of Evil here already. Apparently we should unquestionably and without hesitation accept more from every God forsaken corner of the Globe. Perhaps, EVERY color of Evil will come to visit her.

    If her aunt’s attitude gives any indication of Mollie’s feelings about immigration (and other subjects), and if Mollie went around carrying signs that said “No White Men,” then I would have to agree that we are better off without her. #NoMollie2K18

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