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  1. Yes ending slavery and Jim Crow really calmed the naygars down didn’t it. They just get worse every year.
    How are race relations in America ever going to normalize if all it takes for a black to attack a white is when the white says America was always great except when it was ruled by a certain president? Diversity never works as you must always watch what you say and do around other races. If a nation was all white, you just don’t have the problem. We don’t belong together.

  2. If the video of the sheboon beating on the White boy didn’t piss you off wanting RaHoWa now just watch the next one ‘Gorilla Mind’
    Great compilation, one of extreme terror to complete lunacy.
    I don’t know whether to sream aloud or roll over dying of laughter.

  3. A lot of those female boons are grossly overweight and hyperaggressive, like a subspecies of bonobos. Were they bred to be like that?

    • Have you ever been behind a sheboon at the checkout in the grocery store? That might explain their grotesque stature and violent behavior.

  4. There never was a stable multiracial democracy and never will be. Anti-Whites are so concerned about “hate” unless it’s hating White people.

  5. I hope there will be lawsuits against the nigger’s fambly as well as the school department for allowing this ape-on-human violence in the classroom?

  6. Oops, upside Yo’ head, said, Oops upside Yo’ head! Aaaahhh. that brings back fond memories of my education. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t trade my first hand experiences for a sheltered upbringing in the suburbs. Otherwise, I might actually be shocked or surprised by this kind of response from an enraged wildebeest.

    Spahn, you’re absolutely right when you speculate that these Sheboons are hyperagressive. Hell, even Negro men have a very hard time with them. “Soul On Ice,” by Eldridge Cleaver, has some very revealing quotes from male Negroes talking about their intense dislike of their own females. One man is quoted as saying that he had to keep his eyes closed while having sex with them and avoid touching their hair or he would literally go limp. Another said that if money was Black, he wouldn’t want it, and one claimed that the only thing Black that he desired was a Cadillac.

    • @Cowtown: If anyone wants to know how the black “mind” really works “Soul on Ice” is a great reference book!

  7. One other thing that I learned in school was being known as a “Crazy Ass Whiteboy” meant that I began to be accorded a certain amount of respect.

  8. The south needs to replace the gay accepting Boy Scouts with : The Confederate Scouts ! One of the many things they’ll learn in The Confederate Scouts is how to beat the you know what out of multiple jigaboos – male or female.

  9. This place is going to be a hellscape as soon as the wogs have a majority and gain permanent control of the government.

    There’s your second civil war. The intolerable rule of hate-filled brown people who will literally physically attack whites at every opportunity, hound them, harass them, burn them out, attack, attack, attack, until they catch something in the teeth going the other way.

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