Shaun King Is Posting Anti-White Hate Speech On Twitter

He also openly uses the platform to dox people.

This is how the Left operates: violence is excusable when Antifa does it, social media censorship is justified when they do it, violent mobs destroying public property is okay when they do it, hate speech is just how “woke” social justice activists talk on the internet, “racism” is fine so long as it is directed toward White people. “Morality” to them is just a club to beat down White people.

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    • Both of his parents are White? He looks like the post White man of the future that anti-Whites have wet dreams about.

    • There have been for generations in the South groups of Negroes who passed for White, the heritage of slavery. Even if Shaun Kings Mother and Father were legally white, that doesn’t mean they are white. The One Drop Rule was a Yankee Eugenicist idea. The South historically qualified anyone below Octoroon as White, some states allowed Octoroons to be White. That changed after the Eugenics movement between 1900 and 1940


  1. There’s a silver lining in all this wigger, wigga, wiggess, and anti-white white leftist phenomena. The minorities are getting all of the white race’s defectives. What’s not to like?

  2. That uppity bleached nigger needs to learn some manners. I’d be glad to instruct him, using a whip, some rope and a branding iron.

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