Saying It With Farstar Cartoon Humor

I am honored to be working with the great cartoonist Farstar to present our populist, Southern Nationalist, identitarian positions with…


This is our latest – my original idea, brought to canvas in living color by Farstar!

We have so many great writers, let’s work to find more great artists like Farstar and promote his/our cartoons, comics, music and who knows, maybe even television and movies. Our enemies understand the importance of controlling “art” – they want to get the hearts and minds of young people. Young people are best reached through visual and audio art, instead of long words, words, words.

Talk is cheap.

Plus, humor is one of our best weapons. Our enemies have no sense of humor.

And I need to hear from you our readers/supporters – you can reach me at:


  1. Geert Wilders is holding a cartoon contest in the Netherlands for cartoons of The Prophet. Islamofury erupts around the world. The US has been sending up Islam for awhile and has soon classics – best archive them now before jewtube takes them down.

    Ali Baba Bound – Porky’s Revenge – Looney Tunes

    • “A. Wyatt Mann”‘ cartoons were drawn in the 80s and 90s but are every bit as funny and relevant now as they originally were. Even the enemy can’t deny how good they are.

  2. It’s an impressive work of art, it’s cerebral, thoughtful, and very funny at the same time
    You’re very talented Mr. Ryan.

  3. Australia now has closed borders. If a Muslim radical wants to go and fight for ISIS, or a Somalian Muslim immigrant wants to return to Africa and go and fight for Al Shabab, they’re stopped at the border and prevented from leaving. This helps keep Australians safe… keeping terrorists……in. Again-Australia now has closed borders…..and we all sleep far better at night as a result.
    How’s that for a bit of humor?!?

  4. I love good cartoons. atm I’m reading martianmagazine. Some pretty good funnies in there, eg:

  5. “Nemo
    AUGUST 30, 2018 AT 9:09 PM
    It’s an impressive work of art, it’s cerebral, thoughtful, and very funny at the same time
    You’re very talented Mr. Ryan.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Thanks. I like to think I am “cerebral” but also not some upper class snob – I prefer to hang with our working class folks – the “Common man”.

    So how about promoting this/my comics, music, blogs etc?

  6. Is that Michael Moore talking to the prophet Mohammad? It sums up perfectly how much the left and third world culture really have in common-currently united ONLY by a hatred of Western civilization, once we’re gone, they’ll be left only with eachother. Without whites to demonize or cry ‘racist’ to, these groups would be totally up the river without a paddle, not knowing what to do with themselves. They will then devour eachother as they have but not a thing in common, well, other than a hatred of normal white people.
    Blacks in Africa don’t have whites around to blame for anything, so just turn on, and kill each other. Its amazing how much the victim industry relies on our presence.

  7. I think OD decision to start cartooning is a great idea. All White nations have long traditions of satire and comedy. It is time all this talent was directed at the enemies of Whites.

  8. Yeah. evil Muslims and horrible SJW media figures. blah blah blah

    I am not familiar with Farstar’s work, so the real question from me is he jew wise?

  9. I like the cartoon Jack. It was thoughtful, perhaps a bit to thoughtful for meme status. In the true Alt-Right “infowar” (did I just use an AJ term?) it could fill a void above single panel memes and below written articles. I think your cartoon ideas are a direction worth pursuing.

  10. “Nemo
    AUGUST 30, 2018 AT 9:09 PM
    It’s an impressive work of art, it’s cerebral, thoughtful, and very funny at the same time
    You’re very talented Mr. Ryan.”

    I respond:

    Thanks for the kind words Nemo. People think I’m very clever and very funny or they think I’m not funny at all. There is no middle ground.

    Lots and lots of people, lots of groups have no sense of humor – the worst feminists, cult marxists, Antifa, Islamists but also all kinds of boring, cowardly Conservatives/Cuckservatives – I wasted so many years hanging around these types – I could have died from boredom.

    Nemo – please follow us/me at Occidental Dissent and also the Political Cesspool and follow me/us (Hunter) on gab.

    My Gab handle is


    Farstar the cartoonist is brilliant. Check out some of the comics he and I have done together here on Occidental Dissent:

  11. John writes:

    AUGUST 30, 2018 AT 11:04 PM
    “Is that Michael Moore talking to the prophet Mohammad?”

    I respond:

    Yes that is Michael Moor – but not the actual prophet Mohammad, just a current day dark, hairy, hateful Islamists in our Western countries.

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