NEW SITE: Antifa Arrests

I’m feeling psyched for #AllOutSeptember.

I’ve decided to become a Far Left violent extremism watchdog. I have even started a brand new blog called Antifa Arrests. My goal is to document every Antifa that is arrested in the United States. We will be tracking the violent extremist groups ignored by the ADL and SPLC.

Note: If you want to support this side project, you can donate through the P.O. Box or through one of the services in the sidebar. I think I will be setting up a Patreon.

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  1. Unless Freedom loving conservatives comeup with answers to NAZI, FAcist etc. then they will be forever doomed. NAZI means national socialism. that is what we have in the US with Obama Care,social Security, compelled auto mobile insurance, compelled property taxes to rent our homes etc. Lets just tell the truth

    • the answer lies in study of their tactics and our own. Their tactic is to observe what we do and become the gatekeeper to the organs of our system. They have succeeded by many metrics. They studied the money system, now they gate keep it, also defining it as a usurious debt instrument, they studied our anthropology, delivering over the last few centuries a well worn strategy of fomenting class-conflict, while controlling the information distribution system, they have entrenched the systems of belief, cradle to grave for generations now, they have advanced into STEM and if not stopped there we are done for. All the rest is fluff. Hence they are now heavily invested in subatomic particle definition and harness.

      A basic motif if the dialectic – thesis, anthesis, synthesis. This is a very old way of looking at things and currently they haver the upper hand in using it, but it was used in Roman times.

      The modern was of saying it is problem, reaction, solution. Foment the problem, orchestrate the reaction, deliver the solution.

        • One of the last bastions we had in the West was science, technology and mathematics. This is now corrupted, deliberately. It discouraged people from thinking and acting coherently in science. Climate is an obvious foray.

          Subatomic particle science is an earnest effort, expected to facilitate quantum computing. In turn, that means a level of computational power that gives the successful pioneer pole position in signals intelligence. In the least, it would mean the discoverer would be able to access more or less anything encrypted in today’s signals and if you already own the signals intelligence manual of the USA (J Pollard printed it off and handed it to Israel in the 1980s), then you now have a major market and military situation to exploit.

  2. Great idea. But the nefarious activities of the ADL and SPLC must also be monitored, perhaps even so than Pantifa.

    • @Spahn

      Yes I agree mate. ADLSPLC=BS. These are Jewish anti white hate groups pretending to oppose racism when what they really oppose is white wellbeing and free speech. I can’t reiterate enough that they themselves must be kept in check as they are a hate group who harras people who aren’t actually breaking the law, but simply speaking out against everything going wrong in society. They ought to be sued for defamation, harassment and violating our right to free speech.
      The ADL is led by a five times married man who is a violent, sexual deviant. Nobody should be taking lectures from this lot on decency and morality.

      • “They ought to be sued for defamation, harassment and violating our right to free speech.” – the jewish dominated court system will always protect them. Any law suit against will be crushed by their friends in the courts. Justice in (((America))) is a joke.

        A more realistic tactic is to agitate the MAGA crowd to have these organs’ 501(3)c tax exempt organizational status revoked by the IRS due to their blatant anti GOP, pro democrat party postings on their websites. Both of the organs need to be exposed as profit making corporations, operating at the behest of and for the benefit of the Democratic Party USA and its political donors/patrons, and should have their income and assets taxed as such. … Maybe even Tucker will pick up the fight.

        On related note, if you do wish to pursue this as a new venture, go through the legal and IRS processes to set this up as a 501(3)c separate from this blog, and ensure that you avoid any political endorsements or anything the jew lawfare experts at Georgetown could latch on to. The byline of the new 501(3)c blog could be, “Keeping an eye on the radical left in America”, in mockery of $PLC’s Hatewatch site. This 501(3)c, and the bureaucratic roadblocks and delays that will definitively by thrown up by the government to prevent/delay its establishment, can be used to red pill mainstream GOP white people to the deep state’s, fake news’ and big tech’s anti-tradition, anti-pro-white identity, and the pro anarcho-tryannry agendas that they are using to advance the national security surveillance state and to rob our grand children and great grand children of their inheritance in order to give it to third world invaders who can’t even learn to speak English.

  3. Great idea. It shows you’re not just “narrating,” but actually thinking and doing. Here’s a billion dollars worth of advice for free. ( You’re welcome in advance. )

    1. BECOME the anti SPLC. There are a few very wealthy RIGHT wing folks / ngo’s who will fund you like those dirt bags got funded.

    2. Internet marketing. Very important.

    3. It STILL doesn’t GET what you and we want which is what ? 🙂 You guessed it :


    One step at a time … but the fact remains, if ALL you did was “watchdog,” we, ( this includes you, ) lose even the excuse of a country we now have … about 2 years after Trump leaves office.

  4. There’s no place like

    There’s no place like

    There’s no place like

    There! I clicked my heels together and repeated the magic words three times!

    Damn! It didn’t work! I’m still stuck in the United Socialist States of America.

    • You and each of us are : A NATION OF ONE Cowpoke. There’s another slogan / motto / brand for ya. We get the government we deserve. The 3rd Reich was built by 3 beer buddies who couldn’t even afford a typewriter. They didn’t click their heels together or attack others with brilliant ideas on how to get their target audience VERY excited about building their new nation. Here’s something for ALL Cowtown rebels :


      What can YOU do to help bring about A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITES ONLY there cowpoke ?

  5. 1 )
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  6. @Gray Ghoul,

    Hell! I just did everything you asked of me! What more do you want? I’ve said and typed the magic words… nothing happened. Get back to me when it does.

    Until then, I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve been doing… To wit: Demonstrating at public events, including during Michael King Day, with and without accomplices. – Distributing self produced fact sheets pertaining to various social issues and historical topics. – Talking loudly and proudly about what I think, feel and know without fear of offending or antagonizing those around me, yet using just enough tact and operating with sufficient decorum to avoid being ejected from the premises. – Posting information on the internet and learning from the articles and comments that I read on it. – And, above all else, being unhesitatingly and unapologetically, recognizably Confederate in appearance, speech and sentiments everywhere, everytime, everyday.

    But, I’m done playing Simon Says with you, Your Redundancy.

  7. Antifa are a bunch of Jews, Mongolians, Mestizos and semi-Asiatics with a random, token Nigger thrown in here and there, for “seasoning.”

    It’s only by stretching the imagination to the breaking point, that these people could be even remotely called White.

    • Good job. People need to wake up and realize Jews are quite a bit more than 2% of the US Population. In South Florida, Whites are way in the minority because in Palm Beach and some areas, Jews are about 75% of the White population. No lie. I would say they are at the highest 7% of the US population

      • @billyrayjenkins

        “I would say they are at the highest 7% of the US population.”

        Does that include all of the half and crypto-Jews, too?

        There are also the millions of Shabbat Goys created by Jewish subversion, out of ostensible Whites.

        • 2% would be the known practicing Jews. Simple mathematics would say that it is much higher. The South has a real problem, they have been intermarrying with the wider population since Antebellum times, so you really have no idea how many there are and sure we can make allowances for them, claim they have been tamed or whatnot, but I think this is almost biological. Don’t forget one of the most fanatic Mischling is Tim Wise, born and raised in Nashville Tenn and a graduate of Tulane. He is not alone!

          The Intermarriage of Jews with the wider population in the North is a relatively recent phenomenon as they didn’t spread out of their Jewish ghettoes in large numbers till the late 1950’s or so.

          Any Southron who thinks they can simply get rid of the problem by expelling outsiders is foolish. These people have been establishing a breeding population for years there. Miami, Florida was originally an old Yankee Colony as was Palm Beach. In fact it was founded by a woman from an old Connecticut Family. The Southrons in South Florida lived in the swamps and worked as hunters and fishermen. By the 1920’s thousands of Jews were in Miami. They have had a breeding population established in Miami for 90 years. Same with Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach. That’s not the only area either..

          • Miami Florida was so heavily settled by old Yankee money, it was the only city in the South that had a Republican Government until WWII when the Jewish population shifted the city Democratic.

  8. Good job, Hunter.

    Now I’m just trying to figure out how best to help you. Donations are great, but that isn’t going to be your biggest obstacle.

  9. We have to be more than voices against the enemy of our people and culture. We have to offer a Southern life that honors the past as we mold our future prosperity fully in the context of the times. Trump and MAGA clearly triggered our civic nationalist brethren. He and MAGA will be gone in a few years.Southern Nationalists must be working right now for that fast approaching inevitability by offering a real blood and soil contract to protect their faith and heritage.

    I think the points taken by Joe Wasp in his Identity Dixie article “A Postmortem Report: The Alt-Right” are being timed well. The following sums it up nicely.

    “A great political movement must improve the lives of its people and give them hope, not give them a stockpile of reasons to hate the world. The best thing we can do is learn from its mistakes. We’ll retake Dixie someday, but we can only do that by improving ourselves and being something that the people we wish to bring into the fold are happy to be part of.”

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