Steve Bannon Disinvited From The New Yorker Festival

I noticed this was happening earlier this morning.

The Jews were losing their minds over Steve Bannon speaking at The New Yorker Festival:

Mark Pitcavage hasn’t slowed down since he falsely accused David Carothers of being a murderer on Twitter and had Christopher Mathias of Huff Post write a story about him.

The Jewish foot stomping and censorship campaign had gone into full gear by this afternoon:

Did they really think Steve Bannon was going to win anyone over at The New Yorker Festival?

No, they have provided us with an excellent example though of how Jewish gatekeeping and censorship works in the mainstream media and via social media outrage mobs.

Note: Steve Bannon lost his job in the Trump administration by naming the Jew with Jared Kushner. The Jews are still trying to destroy Steve. Not that we care.

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    • No, Captain – not at all.

      Bannon is quite important, Sir, this because Normies need someone to speak to them in the way that will not blow their mind.

      Bannon has been a big help.

      If he were not, The ADL would not waste their time.

  1. I could care less about so called mainstream society, or its supposed politics.

    All real politics in America® ceased to exist in 1865. The only thing we have is the dictatorship of Boston, New York, Chicago, and their Jewish masters.
    National policy is made by Judeo-Communist college professors and NGOs located in the “fashionable” places of what used to be America.

    The so-called Federal Government is just a storefront operation for the real rulers, giving a stamp of pseudo legality to what is already a done deal decided upon elsewhere, outside of Washington D.C.

  2. Respectables like Bannon must be surprised as hell to find out they’re Nazis too. I’m glad anti-Whites are ganging up on the respectable, alt-lite types. Maybe they’ll start to get the message: There’s no way a White person can get on the good side of an anti-White, even by bashing other Whites as “racists” and “white supremacists”.

    Anti-Whites don’t hate us because of our beliefs and ideologies.
    Anti-Whites hate us because we’re White.

  3. Looks like bowing and scraping to the Zionist Organization of America and calling himself a “Christian Zionist” didn’t make the Jews treat Bannon civilly. Cucks never win.

    Bannon is a nobody egomaniac who road our coattails. The sooner boomer opportunists like Bannon are out of the picture, the better. Real nationalists are the only solution.

    • No, ATBOTL –

      You totally miss the point.

      Those who are politically correct do not get their reward from Jewry, because their intended audience is never those folks.

      No, their audience are heavily conditioned Normies, on whom they send off on their process of waking up.

      To do that, you need people who will address them, without stepping all over the indoctrination trip-wire that Jewry gave them, in school, and through The Media.

      No, ATBOTL, everybody ain’t in 12th grade.

      5th graders and 1st graders need teachers to get them there, too, and Mr. Bannon does an excellent job at that.

      The ADL knows that. Time you do, too.

      • Is there any actual proof that these “lite” people actually do anything, though? What is “Mr. Bannon” doing an “excellent job” of?

        All they seem to do is maintain a low-level churn which slightly reframes the “rayciss” and “nahzee” and “anti-semite omgz” narrative of the left, BUT DOES NOTHING TO CONTEST ITS LEGITIMACY.

        In your analogy of 1st graders, the Left says 2+2 = 5, and people like Bannon say 1 + 3 = 5. Saying “Dems are the real raaaaacists!” just continues the propaganda that nationalism and tribalism are the Ultimate Evil, and just tries to refocus who the normies hate for this supposed “crime.”

        I can’t see that they’re doing a speck of good at all. They may be helping the other side, though, by keeping the normies confused and accepting the mainstream propaganda as the be-all and end-all.

        • Sir, in a recent poll 57% of Republicans actually admitted to the fact that their White Identity meant something to them!

          That number is a huge increase of what it was before Bannon and Trump.

          Sir, in order to change the country, you have to change the culture, and in order to change the culture, you have to change heads – and the Trump Era is definitely doing that.

          And speaking about ‘heads’, Just look at The Left – they are losing theirs’

          Bannon HAD a key role in this, and now, just look at Europe, since Bannon went over there and has been working!

          He is helpful.

  4. Jew Ashley Feinberg (above): a white ethnostate is “racist.”

    How about the parasitical jew ethnostate of Israel? I’m sure that’s “not racist.”

  5. I always thought New York would look good in a mushroom cloud. As would DC and Los Angles. These unholy three constitute a trinity of upon which blue states are predicated.Remember when Barry Goldwater once said sometimes he thought the United States would be better off if the entire eastern seaboard fell into the ocean? Now its not just New England but also the pacific coastal states.

  6. So the Jew ADL gets to define “extremist” and advocates censoring and de-platforming everything and everyone they label as such. They would love to control a leftist police state here, wouldn’t they?

  7. @john

    Jews are concerned about racism and extremism…….except in Israel.

    Jews are only concerned about Jews.

    From the Poison Mushroom;

    The Jew cries: “We don’t care about Germany… The main thing is that things go well for us…”

    The Jew cries: “We don’t care about( insert name of White nation) … The main thing is that things go well for us…”

    What was true in 1938, is true in 2018.

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