Glenn Greenwald: Jair Bolsonaro Is The Most Misogynistic, Hateful Elected Official In The Democratic World

March on Brasília when?

The political establishment continues to crumble in Brazil as Fernando Haddad the PT’s candidate has been hit with new corruption charges:

“Fernando Haddad, running in place of Lula for the Workers’ Party (PT), has little popular support and faces corruption accusations himself. Polling suggests that if Lula isn’t on the ballot, 30 percent of his supporters will defect to other candidates while 40 percent will cast a blank ballot. Brazilians consistently cite corruption as the most important problem in the country, and parties across the board have changed their names to escape public exasperation with the existing party system.

4. A nontraditional candidate could step into the vacuum

As a result, many voters perceive outsiders as untainted. On the left, environmentalist Marina Silva is running for her recently created Sustainability Network party (REDE); some polls show her with double-digit support.

More significantly, voters are turning toward far-right candidates. Why? Many Brazilians are ambivalent about democracy: Half are open to some form of authoritarian rule. Brazil’s military regime (1964-1985) was comparatively less repressive than those of its neighbors. During that time, GDP averaged an annual growth rate of 6.2 percent. Many voters are now nostalgic for days when the streets were safer. Public confidence in the military is strong, generals have been talking openly about military intervention, and at least 90 candidates linked to the armed forces are running for public office in the upcoming elections.

Among those is presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party, a former army captain who has openly promised a return to military rule if elected. Likened to President Trump, Bolsonaro has been criticized for disparaging comments against women, the LGBT community, ethnic minorities and foreigners. As a leader of a political coalition that joins the security forces, agribusiness and evangelicals — the so-called bullet, beef and Bible caucus — Bolsonaro may benefit from the traditional parties’ collapse and Lula’s loss at the tribunal. …”

6. Expect chaos in October

Weak parties, a shaky economy, and rising crime and violence in Brazil mean that it’s hardly surprising that nontraditional politicians on the left and right are doing well so far. In head-to-head matchups with other candidates, for example, Bolsonaro outpolls each of his potential rivals. With Lula off the ballot, expect more turmoil from Brazil’s already chaotic political environment.

Bolsonaro is leading his rivals in both the first round and head-to-head match ups in the run off. This is someone who literally punches his enemies.

“Every major democracy has its share of hateful bigots and cretins among its elected officials – the U.S. has had more than its fair share – but Bolsonaro is a unique national disgrace. He has a long history of revolting racism, homophobia and other assorted forms of bigotry to be expected of an admirer of military dictatorship.

In 2011, he said in an interview that he’d prefer that his son die in a car accident than be gay. In this 90-second excerpt from an interview by the BBC’s Stephen Fry, he responds to Fry’s referencing of the murder of gay Brazilian teens and frequent anti-gay attacks by stating that “there is no homophobia in Brazil,” claiming that 90% of the gay victims die in “places of drug use and prostitution or are killed by their own partner.” He added that the LGBT movement is really about converting Brazilian children into homosexuality for future sexual recruiting.

The same year, during an appearance on a television program, he was asked by a famous Afro-Brazilian actress, Preta Gil, what he would do if his son fell in love with a black woman, and he bizarrely replied: “I am not going to discuss promiscuity.” He then added that he doesn’t run that risk because his sons “are very well raised,” telling the actress that they “don’t live in the type of environment that you unfortunately do.”

After a female senator from the left-wing PSOL party (which includes prominent gay Congressman Jean Wyllys) requested that he be investigated, Bolsonaro said PSOL was a “party of dicks and faggots.” He added that he would respond to her “with toilet paper,” asked with mock sensitivity if he “injured her femininity,” and said she’s not like most Brazilian women. When a female television reporter earlier this year asked him about the investigation of the dictatorship, he screamed that she was an “uneducated idiot” and told her that she was not permitted to speak further. When President Rousseff advocated a program to teach school children to respect gays, he strongly suggested it was because she is a lesbian (“stop lying,” he said on the floor of Congress, and “admit your love with homosexuals”). Last year, he called the Minister for Women’s Policy, Eleonora Menicucci, a “big dyke.”

We need to get the League of the South page translated into Portuguese. As early as next year, we could be seeing communists getting thrown out of helicopters again.

Note: As in the United States, few Brazilians trust the fake news media.

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  1. Bolsonaro ia compared to Trump but this election is really much more like 1980 in the US. Like Reagan, Bolsonaro seeks to overturn the general consensus among the other parties in favor of state intervention in the economy and implement a Seppo style movement conservative economic agenda. Furthermore, just like Reagan he seeks to put Atlanticism in turbo mode and wage a new cold war against Russia, which his Zionist mentor Olavo de Carvalho says is still a Communist government at the head of an international Marxist-Leninist conspiracy. Olavo also believes that Soros is in bed with Russia and the only true enemies of the Soros-Putin alliance are God’s Chosen People.

    Bolsonaro will never win the runoffs because most of the population are poor blacks and browns who will never vote for him. They will coalesce around his opponent. His core constituency is the educated white upper middle class, big business and the Jewish and Japenese minorities. He tried to expand beyond the core by backing a workers strike and distancing himself from the despised Zionist Temer government, but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

    • Not everyone who “destroys fags” is your friend. Castro, Mao, the Taliban, the Orthodox Jews who beat up Taj Patterson, would just as happily jail WNs. You need to do better than find someone who’s regarded as a monster by the media on the grounds that he must be a good guy.

    • Glenn Greenwald is a sharp critic of Israel and regularly points out that Trump’s immigration policy is no more harsh than Obama’s. He helped Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on Clapper and the NSA spying on everyone. Your picture of the world is too simple. If GG were part of ZOG he wouldn’t have to hide out in Latin America.

    • Hey, Greenwald – “Jew” worried that we White folks are rising up as Woke Saxons? (Cf. Kipling)

      Yeah, take your shekels and GTFO of US. (To use the vernacular)

  2. Very difficult to Bolsonaro to win the second round aka run off. But it’s really astonishing that he already reached 30% of popularity in a largely brown country, so anything is possible.
    Brazil in the 1930s there were serious discussions about sterilization of negroes, Hitler, his clique of morons, and the WW2 f*cked up with everything, everywhere.
    Now there’s a resurgence of right wing ideology all around the planet, more than 7 decades after the WW2.
    I hope that this time no half mustached delusional cretin comes around again to screw up again with this last chance for Europeans to survive.

  3. Prominent politicians in Brazil very often go to the Southern part to find white women to marry.
    The current President Michel Temer is married to a northeastern Italian 40 years younger. The former President Lula remained married to another Italian woman from Lombardy for decades, til her death.
    The candidate that almost won the last presidential election, Aecio Neves, is married with a German.
    Rich foootball players, whose overwhelmingly majority are black or mulattos, always choose white women to date and marry. It’s impossible to find a black or mulatto player with someone with the same skin tone. Sometimes a mulatto player shows up with his kids that are pretty white looking and even blondish. It’s bizarre
    The white women seem quite happy with the lifestyle and the mulatto and negro players seem very happy and grateful with their luck in life.

    European girls from the South with poor background sometimes go to the center of the country to try to work as models, sometimes it works, like with Gisele Bundchen or Alessandra Ambrosio.
    If the model career fail they try to marry a rich guy, if it also fails they return to the South or start working in something else, like clothing stores. A clothing store which has white girls with colorful eyes and hair attract more clients, so it’s an asset to the owner in the center of the country.
    It’s surprising the number of beautiful European girls you could find in the South of Brazil, working in low paid jobs, or studying universities, walking in the streets or in parties.
    But in the medium and little cities the majority are not an easy prey, they have strong family connections. So before any intimacy the gentleman has to visit her family, and talk with her parents, the parents very often have strong German and Italian dialects accent, so the gentleman has to explain to them his real intentions with their daughter. What job he has? How much money he earns? Is he thinking in marriage?
    It’s a freak show to people educated in big cities or foreign countries.

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