New Confederate Army Baits Antifa Into Getting Arrested At Silent Sam


> 15 people show up with Confederate Battle Flags

> Call themselves the “New Confederate Army”

> Stand around for about 45 minutes

> ANTIFA go crazy

> They exit

> ANTIFA attack cops, create bad optics, 8 get doxed and arrested

> Molly Conger asks for donations to MUH BAIL FUND

> We explode in laughter

> Repeat next weekend


THANK YOU, New Confederate Army!



New Confederate Army is leaving:

Josh Mascharka threatens to murder police officers at UNC with an AK-47:

Antifa scream at police “your life doesn’t matter”:

Maya Little chimps out:

Police have separated Maya Little from her food … this could get ugly fast.

Little Molly Conger confirmed at tonight’s LARP:

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  1. All anti-COmmunists and pro-capitalists on Stormfront who ban Nazbols and think Margaret Thatcher was “based” should have a chainsaw chop through their testicles, which should them be stomped on with demon-posessed evil hate from hell as a firey dildo of Beelzebub rips open their assholes and causes showers of blood to pour out. Then their mutilated junk should be shoved down their mouths till they choke to death in absolute agony.

    • Communism is the political manifestation of the Talmudic dikat to enslave all Humans, and slaughter those that refuse to comply, (((Jijjcf))).Fenris correct. You are as deranged as those Communist lunatics. Except you should take arsenic instead of valium.

    • I wouldn’t go that far. Besides the censoring $permfart ZOGtards have received their cum-cum-uppance now that Derick Black(((-stein))) has probably gotten a sex change as well as name change paid for by $permfart geezer-gelt and whiggaz-mites.

      Last year Dandy Don Black admitted that hosting $tormdrain cost him all of $92 for hosting and $200 for the Cloudflare, yet he got only $5,000 per month of the $7500 requested. So less than $300 got him $5000 but the $permfart tards were remiss for not keeping the West Palm Beach Blacks living across the street from the God-Emperor Trump in a style theyt have grown accustomed to.

      Bowel Movement Hal-Turner Style Financing financed not by ZOG but by credulous $permfart ZOGtards. Such a deal !!!

      Wish the new Donna Blackstein (itz cisgendered birth name nee Derrick Black) a healthy operation and new life pretending to be a medieval scholar studying an age where they would have made he/she/it a steer way back then for free.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Ten Thousand Warlords Write-In Candidate for US Senate

  2. Also, anyone who calls themselves a “white nationalist” and thinks “socialism” is a problem and capitalism is good should be tied up in a dungeon, stripped naked and have their junk coated in dry ice while they slowly starve to death and are laughed at while they scream in unbearable pain.

    • This is because Muricans are confused regarding the meaning of the words “capitalism” and “socialism”.
      As Murcians, they are infected with wannabee jewishness, the so-called “shabbos goy virus”.

      If you need to explain the difference between the two, I offer the following …

      1. “Capitalism” = shekelism, the worship of shekels and/or the idea that everything (including you) can be reduced to your value in shekels, i.e a person’s self-worth is (should be? must be?) measured in shekels.

      2. “Socialism” = leveling the Goyim, “Tikkum Olam”, preparing the World for the Coming of the (((Anti-Christ) by reducing the goyim masses to mixed race mud army of soulless consumers (cattle) … i.e. Breeding, Bleeding and Belittling the (Aryan) White Man out of existence.

      • Reducing the goyim to soulless mixed-race consumers is what (((CAPITALISM))) does. Socialism/Communism is what all Jews hate more than anything else on the planet. All successful Socialist regimes are Nationalist and all successful Nationalist regimes are Socialist. Marxism-Leninism, in particular, is the ultimate antidote to race-mixing, globalism and Zionism.

          • The idea that Communism is a j00ish conspiracy is itself a Jewish conspiracy. Since the Jews hate Communism SO much, they try to convince people that if they become Communists they aren’t really fighting Jews, in order to discourage people from being Marxist-Leninists.

            The final red pill is Communism.

        • Jijcf, the communists were the same filthy jew-led trash we’re dealing with now for several decades. The attack of the Germans forced the Russian communists to become more nationalistic (and suppress the jews to a large extent) and become a sort of bleak copy of the Third Reich. Red Fash, in effect.

          You have to be willfully ignorant to ignore the fact that the communist leadership, for several decades, was mostly jews, as were many of the leading NKVD and Cheka people. They basically indulged their age-old grudge against Whites for existing with their endless massacres of Russians and Ukrainians. Communism was a monstrous jewish menace up until WW2, and then turned into a more nationalistic form once the jew hands were wrenched off the controls. Even then, though, it sucked, though less than the “Trotskyite capitalism” we’ve currently got in the West.

          Also, your constant male genital torture sex fantasies make you look like a complete weirdo. You’ve definitely got a fascination with detailed, frenzied imagining of mutilating other guy’s dicks.

          I don’t have much use for free-market capitalism, but if you’re an example of NazBol, I’ll pass.

          • White Aryan Socialism is based upon the productive family and extended family where private ownership and common works combine for the good of the whole.

            Once accepted as “The American System”, its publicly promoted infrastructure projects enabled private enterprise to more successfully flourish.

          • Bob in DC, what you are basically talking about is the Catholic doctrine of Distributism. Look it up, you may find it interesting.

        • Comrade Jijcf: Many Mensheviks and SRs left Russia and became Fascists or National Socialists in Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.

  3. New Confederate Army Bait Antifa Into Getting Arrested-

    -While Antifa attempt to bait them into defending themselves. Or, unknown to most rank and file Antifa, opening fire.

    The Jewish Kommissars want badly for there to be fatalities in the ranks of AntiFa.

    • @Snowwhitey

      I’ve often been to antifa rallies where I’ve argued, yelled and blocked punches from negroes and white libtards. I’ve even provided free dental tooth removal of some of these misfits in years gone by-in self defense.
      Doing this requires a high degree of strength, skill, bravery, speed and discipline, and should never be attempted by ordinary citizens….

  4. Glad that the UNC football team got theirs kicked today in an in-state rivalry football game … wish it had been a home game so that some of the alumni could see why they should never contribute another dime to UNC by watching the antifa and Communists curse the police first hand …

  5. Are there any of the videos that show the UNC antifa anthropology professor, Dwayne Dixon, lurking around today’s event with his AR-15?

    “I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle [AR-15] to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics andantifascism,”
    — UNC Professor Dwayne Dixon stated in a Facebook post

  6. I would take GREAT pleasure in Pinocheting (throwing out of airborne helicopters) every one of these marxist freaks. I hope that is a term that trends.

  7. How many white nationalists would be facing years in prison if they got up in the police’s face like Antifa just did?

  8. So let me think this through:
    1) UNC says Silent Sam is going back up.
    2) NC state law says Silent Sam must go back up within 90 days.
    3) Antifa promises that Silent Sam will not go back up (or if it does then they will…?)
    4) Antifa already chimps out around an empty pedestal, and the replacement of Silent Sam will be much more climactic than that.

    So we can pretty much bet that there is going to be some major action around Ol Sam within the next 3 months. There is no way Antifa is going to just sit back and let this happen. We also know the local news will be there to report on the event. Could be an opportunity there for some good activism.

    • >3) Antifa promises that Silent Sam will not go back up (or if it does then they will…?)

      1. Organize another mob.
      2. Pull down the statue again.
      3. Put a gun to the head of anyone who tries to stop them.
      4. Pay a one dollar fine for discharging a firearm in city limits.

      That’s how this kind of thing usually seems to go.

  9. There is a building on the UNC campus named after a former UNC graduate who was killed in the unCivil War. Sort of makes me wonder why these rabid Communists haven’t renamed it yet. I know it can’t be because they have any respect for his academic excellence since Antifa have no class at all …

    Though James Johnston Pettigrew was not a UNC student at the time of the war, he was a UNC graduate (valedictorian of his class) who was mortally wounded in the retreat from the battle at Gettysburg.

    He was educated at Bingham’s Academy near Hillsborough and entered The University of North Carolina at age fourteen. Highly gifted intellectually, his academic prowess was a tradition at Chapel Hill for many decades. He made a rating of “excellent” in every subject taken in four years and was graduated as valedictorian of the class of 1847.

    During the Battle of Seven Pines, on 31 May 1862, Pettigrew received a rifle ball through his throat and shoulder while advancing on an enemy position. Refusing to allow men to leave the ranks to carry him to the rear “because from the amount of bleeding I thought the wound to be fatal, [and] it was useless to take men from the field for that purpose,” he barely escaped bleeding to death before his wounds were bandaged by a fellow officer. During a Federal counterattack he was shot again in the arm and bayoneted in the leg while he lay on the ground. Reported dead in the Confederacy, Pettigrew was picked up from the field the next morning by Federals, made prisoner, and gradually recuperated from his wounds. When exchanged he was assigned to command a brigade consisting of the Eleventh, Twenty-sixth, Forty-fourth, Forty-seventh, and Fifty-second North Carolina regiments.

    In May 1863 Pettigrew’s brigade joined the Army of Northern Virginia for the Pennsylvania campaign. On 1 July, in one of the bloodiest assaults of the war, Pettigrew’s brigade drove some of the best Federal units from their position on McPherson’s Ridge on the outskirts of Gettysburg. The division commander, Henry Heth, was wounded, and during the next two days of the Battle of Gettysburg Pettigrew commanded his own and three other brigades. On the third day the severely reduced division, under Pettigrew, took part in the dramatic, unsuccessful, and controversial assault known to history as Pickett’s Charge. In this attack Pettigrew’s horse was hit and he was wounded in the hand; he was said to have been one of the last men to return to the Confederate lines. At Gettysburg Pettigrew’s own brigade had the highest casualties of any in the army. During the retreat from Pennsylvania, at the Falling Waters just north of the Potomac early in the morning of 14 July, Pettigrew was shot in the stomach in a melee with a straggling Federal cavalry unit that had ridden into his resting troops by error. Pettigrew refused the immobilization that was the only hope of saving his life, commenting that he had rather die than be captured again. Remaining with the army, he was carried eighteen miles to Bunker Hill, (West) Va., where he died three days later at 6:25 A.M. at age thirty-five.

  10. @ Jijcf,

    Socialism is for people who cannot compete on a level playing field. It robs those who have the drive to succeed of their initiative. It rewards the lazy and unproductive while shortchanging those who excel and who are willing to work a little harder and are able to think a little smarter. I have no problem whatsoever with someone who manages to create something and benefits from their ingenuity. If someone spends years in college learning to do something useful, then it doesn’t bother me in the least if they profit from their knowledge and efforts. To me, it makes perfect sense that a doctor, engineer, scientist, etc… should receive better compensation than a ditch digger. We are not members of an ant colony. Even if materialism and the tantalizing prospect of unlimited wealth were removed from our lives, there would still be envy and conflict over other matters.

    That said, I do not like uninhibited avarice of the kind that is displayed by the global elite. I watched a documentary about the robber barons of the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. There were interviews with several mega wealthy entrepreneurs. Each of them said that earning money was less important to them than defeating their competitors. This is a problem associated with capitalism, the deadly sin of greed. Yet, the upper tiers of Socialist/Communist governments live in opulence while the rest of the populace lives in squalor. So, the only difference in that regard is that in a capitalist system there’s at least a chance that you can raise your standard of living by virtue of your own ideas and abilities.

    I have never been a real go-getter, but I respect, and sometimes admire, those who are. I am content with a modest lifestyle, but I want to be paid fairly for the labor that I engage in. I have some ideas that I am working on, and, one day, I may be able to make a few dollars from my efforts. If you would deny me that opportunity, then it is you who should have to endure all of the hideous tortures that you have entailed.

    I have basically tried to ignore you until now, but I will not stay silent while some Commie trash spews vile obscenities towards people who just want to achieve something in life.

    • @Cowtown Rebel
      Much of what you say is true; however, we will not get to the stars ‘on the cheap’ or as a divided collection of individualistic Whites.

      Those “upper tiers of Socialist/Communist governments” are primarily Jews and Jew-thinkers. Once their influence is eliminated, many of these issues should be revisited. Until then, it’s just ranting.

      First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence


    > 15 people show up with Confederate Battle Flags

    > Call themselves the “New Confederate Army”

    > Stand around for about 45 minutes

    > ANTIFA go crazy

    > They exit

    > ANTIFA attack cops, create bad optics, 8 get doxed and arrested

    > Molly Conger asks for donations to MUH BAIL FUND

    >The Jewish Kommissars who control Antifa go out of their minds because the NCA weren’t forced to defend themselves, or open fire, killing many Antifa Janissaries. Thus proving the validity of their lies about “Right Wing violence.”

    > We explode in laughter

    > Repeat next weekend

  12. > We explode in laughter


    …I ain’t laughing, I’m worried.

    The kind of people that Antifa is looking for are the kind of people who ENJOY BEING ARRESTED. That’s what a lot of us seem to be forgetting; they thrive on feelings of persecution and it’s made all the better since they don’t really have to suffer for it. They spend a night behind bars before the lawyers and the money comes in to rescue them, and they know that they’re never going to be unemployed or ostracized because of it. And it seems to me that they’re getting more and more brazen about it.

    We won’t even J-walk in public because we know we’ll be arrested, AND made to suffer for it. Jeffrey Winder was fined a dollar for assault; our side has multiple members doing hard time, one facing the death penalty and on more driven to suicide.

    They can get away with just about anything short of killing us, and I’m sure that’ll be on the table before too long. How many recruits will the New Confederate Army have when Antifa starts shooting at them?

    • @Richard Russell’s Copilot (@ChadinSiberia)

      “How many recruits will the New Confederate Army have when Antifa starts shooting at them?”

      How long before Mossad and Israeli Special Forces are inserted in to aid AntiFa, while “our” ostensible government looks the other way.

  13. Some factions of antifa are vehemently anti-zionist. The jews are cracking down before the crop of young replacements for older white Israel-indulging politicians makes too much headway, like that Ocasio woman in NYC.

  14. This was OK, could have been better could have been a lot worse.

    I like it when we do group chanting – I’m pretty good at this. At a David Duke demo defending a White League statue in New Orleans I was leading our group in a chant of

    “Support Korean Grocers, Support Korean grocers”.

    At an anti Sharia protest in Chicago I was taunting communists Antifa:

    “It’s all ya got Left it’s all ya got Left

    North Korea, North Korea is all ya got Left”

  15. @Bob in D.C.,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have a newspaper article from the late 1800’s, where a Texas politician was giving a speech at a local community gathering, while he was on the campaign trail, and he was warning about how the Jewish brand of predatory mercantalism was distorting the relations between consumers and business owners.

    I am paraphrasing, but if called upon, I can produce the article with no trouble.

    Whereas, small merchants considered themselves a part of the community in which they did business, large concerns with multiple locations began to look upon everyone as a source of revenue and of no concern beyond their purchasing power. It seems that even the small shop owners, maybe out of greed, but probably with a desire to remain competitive, began to view their customers (neighbors) in the same light.
    I guess another difference is that a large department store could easily close up shop and move their operation elsewhere, but the little businessman was vested in the community and was caught in a quandry.

    I know nothing is that simple and that mass production, consumer demand and a whole host of other considerations and developments come into play, but ultimately, it does seem as though much of how we view eachother, and what we value and cherish, is corrupted by Jewish influence in industry, banking, the media, education and every other aspect of our lives. Yet, very few are aware of this and would be unwilling to admit it no matter how much evidence you can produce to support your assertions.

    All we can do is try to reach those who are willing to have their eyes opened to the truth.

    • Our task is to cull true leaders from the crowd, some of whom may even be found in that antifa amalgam.

      Evangelists must save all souls. We just need the leaders: the “willing”.

  16. “The Jew is an inborn Communist.” Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311.

    “The Communists are against religion (Christianity), and they seek to destroy religion; yet, when we look deeper into the nature of Communism, we see that it is essential nothing else than a religion (Judaism).” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Harry Waton, p. 138).

    Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality. The Communist Manifesto page 32

    • The chameleon Jew can be anything:
      Capitalist, Communist, Libertarian, etc.

      Jews are not a religion (many atheists).
      Jews are not a race (mixed racially).
      Jews are a Crime Syndicate Cult !!

      There are no good Jews,
      and because of their ‘kol nidre’,
      no former Jew should ever be trusted.

      First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

    • I wondered when Moore made this video, just days after someone on here fantasized of literally blowing the whole system up into chaos via Trump, whether some of his phrasing was inspired by OD.

  17. Posted on Gab@PastorLindstedt in reaction to Hunter Wallace Gab post:

    Hunter Wallace:


    > 6 people show up with Confederate Battle Flags

    > ANTIFA go crazy

    > We exit

    > ANTIFA attack cops, create bad optics, get doxed and arrested


    > Repeat next weekend

    Martin Lindstedt:

    So what six tards are going to volunteer for beat-down duty?

    You night find someone with a martyr complex willing to do this, but leaving them to twist in the wind of piglice arrest & local ZOG prosecution isn’t a “win” for our side but a wasting of the best of our activists if not done well.

    With a political campaign active at the same time it might work


    My problem with the Mattoid Chaimbachs & Billy Ropers & Jeff Poop-Scoops of the bowel Movement isn’t just that they are mamzers but that they are ZOGbots.

    It is irresponsible verging on criminal negligence that we give antifa, nan-whites, gliberals and ZOG Enforcement the names and faces of our young people starting out.


    No one attending any political action street rally should be anyone who is presently unknown to ZOG/Babylon. Our young and strong should be infiltraited into positions of trust and power by ZOG so that they can successfully turn when ZOG collapses. Let ZOG tear itself apart trying to find our moles.


    an hour ago
    There might be certain times and places for street rallies. They should be planned and carried out so that six or a dozen known activists trigger a response by several hundred piglice and hundreds of antifa and thousands of curious ZOGtards.

    Then when the time is right a run for the tall grass & and antifa riot against the piglice


    Looks like experienced great minds think alike.

    The Silent Sam Confederate [street-action] Force of less than a dozen showed up, got half a hundred piglice involved in protecting them against a hundred antifa ZOGscum, then tapped out and were escorted away, then the local police knowing that there would be further protests and not wanting to drain the funding for public order tax-funding set aside for that purpose tried to disperse the antifa ZOGscum.

    These special little Bolshevik special snowflakes didn’t like theys’ fun being interrupted by the grown-ups so they predictably rioted and were promptly arrested as well they should be.

    If no new talent is exposed by this action, the participants know what they are doing and have concern for the risks involved, by all means stage a repeat. But don’t get into a predictable pattern where they can be ambushed by antifa — or ZOG.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Ten Thousand Warlords Write-In Candidate for US Senate

  18. I would like to attend some of these events to show that there is a great deal of Northern support for Southern independence. I could bring along my third confederate national flag, aka, the blood stain’d banner.

  19. @Spahn,

    I have long championed an alliance with our Copperhead friends in the North. Many Northerners were jailed without even knowing what the charges against them were. In many cases, there were none, only the suspicions leveled at them were deemed to be sufficient grounds to warrant indefinite incarceration. Clergy, politicians, newspapermen and anyone who was vocal in their opposition to the war could be targeted.

    Ohio Representative, Clement Vallandigham was exiled to Canada.

    Fernando Wood, Mayor of New York initially opposed the war effort and threatened to take the city out of the Union. Also, there was one town in New York State whose city council did vote to secede from the Union and they flew the Confederate Flag until after the end of World War II (I have a newspaper article about it).

    Opposition to the Draft and to the Emancipation Proclamation was widespread. In addition to the famous uprising in New York City, there were other protests scattered throughout the Northern States. William Jennings Bryan said his father almost resigned over the proclamation. The Illinois State Legislature condemned the measure in the strongest terms and labeled it as a diabolical attempt to incite a servile insurrection.

    General George McClellan ran against Lincoln on a Peace Democrat platform and likely would have won if unconstitutional measures hadn’t been taken to squelch his supporters.

    When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, a New Hampshire Mob threatened to burn the home of former President Franklin Pierce because he had been outspoken in his opposition to the war and he was close friends with Jefferson Davis who had served as his Secretary of War.

    In recent years, I’ve read numerous accounts of school children in the North and in the West carrying Confederate flags and wearing Confederate themed apparel. I’ve also read of residents in the North flying Confederate flags on their properties. I tried in vain to get my Southern friends to reach out to them, but they don’t seem to know when an opportunity is presenting itself or how to take advantage of it.

    I’ve tried, with some small measure of success to communicate through the comments sections of local papers online. But that option isn’t as available as it was a few years ago. I know I was making a lot of headway in one instance, because a few individuals began to plead with me to stop. They said that they had almost gotten everything straightened out. I asked them if by straightened out they meant that they had managed to brow beat, ostracize, ridicule, gang up on, and lecture the students into submission. I informed them that I was going to continue to provide their community with the information it needed to fight back against their lies. Right after that, the comments were closed.

    The movie “Copperhead” directed by Ron Maxwell of “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” disappeared the same week it debuted in theaters. It was pulled because it followed on the heels of the propaganda schlockmeister, Spielberg’s film “Lincoln.” I’m not sure about now, but the last time I checked, “Copperhead” hadn’t even made it onto DVD.

    Anyway, that’s just a short rundown of instances where Northerners have shown themselves to be our allies.

    You Sir, are welcome here anytime!

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