Google isn’t biased!

It is completely neutral! It doesn’t engage in censorship!

Note: What gave it away? Stealing Daily Stormer’s domain? Wiping out rightwing YouTube channels? I’d like to think it was banning our Google Pay account – twice.

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  1. The Enemy has gravely erred; the only play left is to crash the economy and steal elections.

    Digital separation en route to physical separation.

  2. Part of the problem was the globohomo elite hated Drumpf more than they loved their preferred candidate Hillary Cankles. They should’ve found someone better to run against him, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    I’m no Alvin Toffler but it seems to me this monopolization of the internet by a few multibillionaire neo-liberal jews and their trillion dollar companies is an unsustainable model that is doomed to obsolescence.

  3. Another sign that Trump is real. Those rich insiders definitely have more info than we do. Enemy panic is always good news.

  4. you can imagine how powerful it was back in the day when only a small number of people were literate and writing was the most durable way of transmitting information. The masses would be reliant on it, as would all other than those at the very top who did the writing.

    it would have been obvious then as now what power this had on people.

    thus the attraction for a select group who seem to crop up at the information and power chokepoints again and again.

    that said, they do not do unto themselves as they do unto others.

    so, most of us would gladly see them lead the way by inviting 10 million niggers over to eretz yids for a breeding contest.

  5. You could make the argument that the entire internet is a vast Talmud. Commentary encrusted on commentary based around a set of laws. The google leak is devastating? Why? Look at the fat out of shape Google workers in the audience. Noodle Armed, Dough Faced, pot bellied pig faced clueless gotmless goyim led around by the nose ring by their Jewish masters.

  6. A good example of this is a search for this website itself. Do it with google, bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, Baidu, Yandex. Do it from multiple countries. Rationalwiki is second up as a the obligatory leftwing factcheck. It looks and smells like SPLC.

    So, I check the first page of Jewgle and of course, not only is rationalwiki 2nd cab off the rank, but SPLC is only the very first page of results.

    On yahoo, not only is rationalwiki second, but SPLC is the effing THIRD result.

    On bing, SPLC is not there on pages one and two or even three or four.

    Now did everyone here (((know))) who owns google, yahoo and duckduckgo?

    As for Bing – it is Microsoft.

    On Yandex, rationalwiki is second result and SPLC is on page 2.

    On Baidu, SPLC is relegated again to page 2 and rationalwiki does not get a mention. What that says is telling about rationalwiki.

    I have only checked results from one country. The rankings may be influenced by where you view from.

    These utter turds think that they can brainwash people so simplistically, imagine what happens when the people they did this to wake up? I would not want to be them!

  7. My post was rabbit holed.

    What I hope I can describe is a “fact check” of my own on how this website is ranked on major search engines, mindful that EzPee Elcee is tracking.

    All should see for themselves if in doubt as to the ranking of the links below this one when you search it.

    All the J owned sites have EsPee Elcee linked on the first page (The not be evil site, yawhoh, cuckcuck) and the Russki Yandecks satisfyingly has them relegated to page 2 as does Chinese “Blue Bayou”.

    Stubbornly, “irrational and wicked” is a link that sits just below the page rank for this site on all J search engines.

    Bingo is interesting. No sign of the parasites.

    This is a search from just one country. It will look different elsewhere.

  8. Rationalwiki:

    “RationalWiki (RW) is a community working together to explore and provide information about a range of topics centered around science, skepticism, and critical thinking.”

    Sounds nice. I will have to check out your pages on Israel.

      • so trying another search “who owns rationalwiki” yields just THREE results and no answer, two of the results are from the site itself!

        yet, it claims to be one of the biggest truth sites on the whole internet. It clearly has positioned itself right below this site in ranking on several skypish search engines. Interestingly when the topic of “Jew” is put into their own site, it comes up immediately with a whole lot of defensive whining (Oy Vey!) about Christians and internet conspiracies, attributing hatred towards them due to “cultural coherence”

        Rationalwiki (elsewhere):”Nearly half of all Jewish Israelis favor outright ethnic cleansing”

  9. Trump could probably get Brin’s citizenship revoked as a Russian asset and have the jackboot stamp down hard on Google’s physical assets and servers. Brin is a fucking Bond villain.

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