Hurricane Michael Relief Effort

Editor’s Note: The technical issue from this morning has been resolved.

We’re loading up here in Montgomery.

I’m about to travel to Panama City for a few days. The League of the South has been assisting with the relief effort in Bay County since Hurricane Michael ravaged the area. We’re bringing bottled water, gasoline, toilet tissue, pillows, blankets, shampoo and a bunch of other items.

I went down there to meet with the Florida Panhandle chapter in July. I’m from Lower Alabama and have always loved the Panama City area. I spent many summers there growing up. I’ve always thought of Southeast Alabama, Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle as home.

The damage from Panama City, FL through Albany, GA is much worse than is being reported. While the news cycle has moved on to jokes about Elizabeth Warren’s Indian ancestry, we are hearing that there are still people trapped in the rubble of their homes in Panama City. A friend of ours in the League has already found and rescued one woman and her child whose roof had collapsed on them.

I doubt that I will have cell phone or internet service until I get back to Alabama. If you would like to assist with the relief effort, contact Dr. Michael Hill at <>

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  1. You guys need to all move to Australia-the best country in the world! None of that stuff ever happens here. Get out of there while you still can. Its not worth it.

      • It’s hard to say. They don’t have blacks, unending waves of mestizos, or land borders and they actually engage in race riots in the 21st century. On the identity front they are far, far ahead of us – the most enduring of Britain’s colonies in actually forging and maintaining a unified Anglo identity, even Continental European immigration is a new phenomenon for them. Sky high urbanization, good because white flight can’t really happen on the scale of America (no one wants to live in interior Aus) and delay dealing with problems, bad because massive transitions happen much faster. They aren’t anywhere near as fat as Americans, especially the youth. The speed with which they are becoming an Asian colony is absolutely horrifying though, it really has to be seen to be believed. I hope they survive, they’re probably the best of us.

  2. I would like to contribute to some of this website’s causes financially, but a problem is it is not a secure website. I personally want to contribute in a way that is not tied to me. Crypto is one such way. The current listed ways don’t fit. It isn’t hard to create crypto addresses. The main issue is conceptual. Please consider a crypto address as a way of donation. The better ones are tumbled as part of the cryptography. Monero is one such example. That would require someone at OD creating an account with one of the reputable exchange sites. ERC-20 tokens are more easily followed back to the buyer as is BTC. It is better to take up one which is not.
    I’m all ears if you have another way.

  3. of course the jewish media doesn’t report this or really care, it’s an area that is largely white, conservative , Christian and Pro-Trump.
    I guess if it were a negro majority city like Nig Orleans littered with graffiti , crack pipes, needles and various other environmental norms for the north american pavement apes, then there would be a very concerted ,cohesive effort by everyone to save and hand free things to worthless ingrate parasites.
    Sickening, yet typical.

    • Oh, there’s a good number of blacks in the devastated area. Just old-school/backwoods blacks of the kind that they all were before desegregation. Odd how dem country-ass niggas are somehow able to not burn down their own neighbourhoods every time the power goes off.

      That was the most amazing thing about the post-Katrina coverage. If all you knew about it came from what you saw on the TeeVee, you would have thought that New Orleans was the only place to be hit by the hurricane. No, New Orleans was just the only place that wasn’t able to recover from it; parts of Chocolate City are STILL in ruins from the hurricane.

  4. It’s tragic, it really is, but the people were told to leave, woth plenty of warning. And it is not like this is the first hurricane to hit Florida. Sorry, but by now if your not smart enough to have a supply of long term food & drinking water(especially all those linc card holders…) then your lack of food & water is entirely your own problem. You failed to take care of yourself & above all your family, good job…. Your also a moron for thinking the government(how many weather crisis failures to date?) will take care of you.

  5. The typical is a position of extreme money power and privilege, dictating through various gates of information to indoctrinate people from a very early age, such that they have legitimacy through so-called democracy, which is increasingly obvious as a fraudulent mechanism by which control is maintained.

    All the while, the very people that shill for the indoctrinated beliefs are separated from the fruits of their labor.

    Antifa should know this. They are literally pawns for very clever people that have spent a lot of time understanding how people think, interact and respond at the micro and macro level. These people enjoy a panoramic hegemony of money, media and increasingly social and legal control. Although the message and vehicle is moral, it is no more than that. It is a means to an end, which is a greater concentration of power.

  6. @Apple Pie

    I often wonder how Jews get away with what they do-but the answer is in the mirror-the white enablers. We’re a physically bigger and stronger race than Jews, we’re greater in number, but yet they’re always three steps ahead of us, and have all their bases covered.
    If a bully at work keeps giving you lip and attitude and you fail to stand your ground, do you blame yourself or the bully? You should blame yourself for not standing up. The bully is only as bad as what you let him get away with.
    We have the numbers-for now-to reclaim our political, financial, educational and informational institutions…..but not the unity or
    willpower. Until that plays out, we can’t win.
    We also need to make our views mainstream again. Our logic and reasoning need to pass the bar test.

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