Re: Chechar On Martin Luther 2

Chechar writes:

“That is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the ‘Christian Question’ exists: if Christianity inverted healthy Greco-Roman values in order that Whites would be conquered by the Semites. (Even in my latest piece of translation of Deschner’s books, the Wednesday post in this site, the CQ is apparent for anyone who does not use a Molyneux-like trick.)”

You specifically asked for my Lutheran perspective.

I demonstrated that Martin Luther had no problem reconciling Christianity with his opposition to the Jews. I should have added that Luther was opposed to “healthy Greco-Roman values” like homosexuality, celibacy and debauchery. He demonstrated this in his personal life by getting married and having children. Luther was a strong supporter of the family and the example he set defined Protestantism for centuries.

Luther was also a man who demonstrated incredible honesty, courage and integrity. He would not back down and recant what he believed. It is worth reflecting on the example he set in light of our current tormenters in the media who demand that we submit to their stupid orthodoxy of political correctness.

How would Luther have responded to these people? He would be spreading his message on social media.

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  1. Not to be off topic, Hunter. But how about doxing John Brown, James Lane, Charles Jennison and the Abolitionists and Free Soilers?

    I’ve heard bits and pieces to the effect that they were put up to their actions by the Jews. John Brown was, after all, an unknown failure, until he became an Abolitionist.

    I’ve even heard snippets that implied that Lincoln may have been a crypto-Jew.

  2. Chechar makes an excellent case for the superiority of Christian culture vs the Aztec Culture, particularly regarding the developmental effects of the practice of infanticide and human sacrifice.

    Yet he seems to not apply the same logic to human sacrificing European pagan culture, or feel that the same dynamic applies.

    Big fan of both you, interesting to see this interaction.

        • And if your society is based on slavery, your society is doomed not in the moral sense but in the philosophical sense of the master who was once ambitious becoming complacent/stagnant and the slave becoming ambitious after his mental chains of being enslaved wear off.

  3. Calling “homosexuality” and “debauchery” Greco-Roman values is a stretch at best. Prior to the days of the empire homosexuality was punished harshly in Rome, and the Spartans never indulged pederasty unlike their cousins in the other Greek states.

    • You beat me to it, esse. Pagan values were far healthier and more natural than judeo-Christian values.

  4. Christianity only became as dominant as it did through lying:

    “The Donation of Constantine (Latin: Donatio Constantini) is a forged Roman imperial decree by which the 4th-century emperor Constantine the Great supposedly transferred authority over Rome and the western part of the Roman Empire to the Pope. Composed probably in the 8th century, it was used, especially in the 13th century, in support of claims of political authority by the papacy.

    The Christian Church used a fake document to cement its grip on power for hundreds and hundreds of years, and held the people in bondage to it by not allowing them religious freedom and enforcing the psychopathic idea of “Believe in our God or suffer in Hell for ever and ever.”

    I want no part of it, even in it’s “Trad” form. People are largely rejecting it and it’s dying a natural death. They did a study and found that Church attendance correlated with positive feelings towards Non-Whites among Conservatives, whereas more Secular Conservatives tend to have a more honest view of Race without the threat of eternal torture and damnation encouraging them to think otherwise.

    • “White” nationalists are a joke.
      We have flat earthers, those who believe the moon landing was a hoax, those who believe Brits are the truth Israelits, Christ-haters, laughable Nazis with their swastikas and ‘Aryan’ childish crap.
      And freaks like this Mexican delusional spic Chechar longing for the day that the “Aryans’ exterminate the ‘non-Aryans, certainly I – an ‘Aryan’ – would not spare the demented spic in the slaughter.

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