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    • No it’s bigger than that. The jew oligarchy is just an offshoot of the true aristocracy who’s based in Switzerland thats European and not even in the EU. where the world major banking system is.
      They financed every war since Napoleon for both sides. Were were never attacked in two European world wars. They claim to be clean and neutral for appearances, but don’t let them fool you. They control every world leader and are satanic. Why is french president Macron’s nickname ‘Saturn’ (satan)
      It even goes deeper from our own civil war in 1860.
      It sounds crazy but it’s true.

  1. Gotta comment here, ’cause GAB is kinda’ screwy these daze…even tho’ I have no faith in demo-crazy I’m going to vote tomorrow. Don’t ask why. I can’t tell why…well, maybe I can, sorta. I have no real, legal, morally justifiable option. Jesus wept; I just feel sick at heart.

    • Voting is like spending $1 on the lottery once in a while. Because, hell, why not? Minimal effort/loss. Almost certain failure, but not totally certain failure.

        • It doesn’t matter who you vote for. The Israel Lobby videos you posted proved it.

          If you want a policy implemented the Jews have showed us how. You just meet with Republican politicians on a regual basis, and give them bags full of credit cards.

          “In business your biggest customer is not the most number of customers, it is the customers who spend the most amount money.”

          • It’s a combination of that and blackmail honed through the generations.

            If you don’t toe the line as a politician, you get squashed like a bug.

        • And that’s because we have nobody else to vote for.

          I didn’t say it was a good solution, I just posited it as a “hell, why not” move since it’s a trivial investment of time.

          • It is not a solution.

            It is the problem. These people know you will vote for them no matter what they do. That’s the reason why they continue to screw us and get away with it and after forty years of Republican electoral victories we are worse off than ever.

          • I’ll be voting tomorrow for a couple of state constitutional issues, and for a local sheriff that has moved further to the right in recent years – he recently helped to propose a local plan that would wipe out the Negro and Mexican enclaves in my city.

            To hell with the rest…

          • “These people know you will vote for them no matter what they do. That’s the reason why they continue to screw us and get away with it and after forty years of Republican electoral victories we are worse off than ever.”

            Its like the woman who can’t leave her abusive/unfaithful partner. She knows he’s scum/is making a fool of her, but she holds out hope he will change. Its pitiful!

      • Also, it ticks the ordinary Demcrat sheep off immensely that people vote against their pet freak show. Can’t see any reason not to throw some defiance in the teeth of those smug jackasses.

        • We saw in 2016 how bad an idea that was.

          Yeah, so what the libs were “owned” for a day. It created a huge backlash, which we continue to absorb to this day, with no political power or policy victories to show for it. No thanks. I’m tired of losing the things that really matter for a bunch of billionaires can pay less in taxes.

          • And the enemy chimping out doesn’t help to alienate them further from normal people?

            The Left had a long run of appearing all kissy-kissy sweet, the Party of Love and Caring. However, their rage at the defiance of White people for voting for the candidate that the everyone ordered them to not vote for, they’ve unmasked themselves. Now they can’t help it anymore, they’re showing their hate openly. Prodding them into more detestable actions can only help to move more people to our side even if one accepts that TINVOWOOT.

            Come on, at least hurl defiance in their teeth instead of passively endorsing their viewpoint by refusing to defy them.

            You’re still viewing this as a political process rather than a cultural one. Politics are done, but they still exist as a vehicle for symbolic gestures. Will your gesture be one of submission, or spitting in the face of your people’s enemy like a man? It’s your choice.

          • LOL

            What does this mean? What do we get out of voting for the GOP to “own the libs”? More censorship. More destroyed monuments. More violence.

            All for a bunch of Silicon Valley billionaires who censor us get some more tax cuts. No thanks

          • You have the better argument, HW. Voting just gives legitimacy to a thoroughly illegitimate system. I’ll vote tomorrow, but only to make sure a former schoolyard bully doesn’t win a seat on the town council.

  2. I’m surprised so many still have faith in a fatally flawed system of governance.

    Socrates despised democracy.

    Majority rule is another way of saying mob rule.

    • both democracy and communism profess majority rule, but it’s the same result – oligarchy, just different demagogues.

      At least you know where the power rests in unabashed oligarchy, unlike democracy with its Manchurian candidates.

  3. it used to be two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch…in modern times our media Judas goat leads the sheep right to the dinner table.

    and that is why the gate to the paddock was unlocked in all western white majority countries in the mid 60s-70s, because with multiculturalism soon enough instead of three sheep there will be two wolves and a sheep.

  4. The U.S. Was founded as a Federal Republic, not a Democracy.

    Democracy is vagina hat ladies and biological aliens being manipulated into voting for Jewish interests at the expense of Whites.

    It’s also normal Whites being manipulated into voting for the interests of corporate and banking oligarchs.

  5. I hate democracy because it gives me a choice between voting Republican and being disarmed, robbed, and hacked to death by Democrats. Here, have a blue MAMA hat — Make America Mexico Again!

  6. Democracies were a very poor form of government and had always been
    spectacles of turbulence and contention and were incompatible with personal
    security or the rights of property. James Madison

  7. Democracy….when the vote of an 18 year old heroin addict can cancel out the vote of a working 40 year old father of five.

  8. Voting is just an opiate for the people. If we really want change, we all know what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if red or blue, they’re controlled by the same for millennia.
    I was hesitant to put people before same because who really knows.

  9. Liberal Democracy is merely the facade behind which a hostile Trans-nationalist elite rules for the good of Globalism and the New World Order. That’s not democracy, that’s Plutocracy!

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