Atlanta Antifa Cries About Stacey Abrams Losing Georgia Governor’s Race

Atlanta Antifa has been crying about us every day on Twitter since I doxed them.

For the record, I’m not even close to finished with Georgia. I’ve set that project aside for now to focus on the news, but I plan to wrap it up toward the end of the month. I’m also looking forward to doxing every single one of them that shows up at Rock Stone Mountain II in February.

Now these bitches are crying about John C. Hall swiftboating Stacey Abrams in Georgia:

LOL … Muh Blue Wave

Hope you guys enjoy your next Governor:

I will add here that we explicitly endorsed Kemp and told our supporters to vote for him. We also circulated that story about burning the Georgia State Flag and the New Black Panthers. This was in stark contrast to our attitude toward other GOP candidates whose fate we were indifferent to.

Democrats losing statewide races in Georgia over Southern heritage issues is nothing new. Just ask King Roy Barnes. The difference is that now because of changing demographics our support is absolutely vital for Republicans to win in states like Florida and Georgia. The GOP also had that support in the Florida and Georgia governor’s races which they did not have elsewhere in the midterm elections.

Note: I’m looking forward to seeing the Georgia State Patrol continue to deal with violent Antifa the same way they were dealt in Newnan in April.

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  1. So Antifa “revolutionaries” are as stupidly loyal to the Democrats as white nationalists are to republicans?

    Well, it’s not quite as stupid. Because Dems have made their implicit support of antifa pretty clear. Whereas the GOP has attacked WNs repeatedly and made it clear it is against them, yet STILL gets their votes

  2. negroes are and always will be hostile towards white America…this much is obvious.
    They are the most cancerous plight ever forced upon white America by our jewish overlords.

    • Jews and rich white traitors. Slavery was a capitalist class war on the White working class, just as mass immigration for cheap labor is today. White working class have always been treated much worse than slaves by the masonic white ruling class and its Jewish friends, and they are always the tragic victim in things like the civil war and civil rights era (ostensibly struggles between rich white southerners vs. Liberal/Yankee/Jews and their colored pets, but poor white southerners get screwed by all sides)

  3. Outstanding work exposing Pantifa scum, HW. You are really getting under their skin.

    Has that gap-toothed cannibal finally conceded defeat? GA came perilously close to becoming another Zimbabwe. You may not be so lucky next time. We are NOT going to be able to vote, tweet, petition or meme our way out of this.

  4. Are witnessing before our eyes, South Africa 2.0?

    Thumbs up HW my brother, you are a true warrior with evidence and words!

    • I think more likely we will become Brazil 2.0. Niggers will never be the majority here as they are in South Africa, but our demographics are becoming more like Brazil’s every day with all the race mixing White whores and mystery muds flooding this once great White nation.

  5. The GA GOP better change and change fast. Somehow, it must mobilize the White working class who are really just disregarded by the White well to do of this state. It is shameful.

    Imagine if rural Georgians of all races were able to cultivate industrial hemp on their land! But I guess Kemp prefers paper company donations.

    • Jack Kemp was awful. But even so, he and his generation of Republican leaders were much better than the current crop of GOP a-holes.

  6. Stacey Abrams probably got more votes from White Leftists and Jews, than she did from Negroes.

    Most of them couldn’t care less about much of what interests and occupies the attention of other races. Politics is no exception.

    Abrams wants to blow up Stone Mountain in order to please her Jewish handlers.

  7. “Imagine if rural Georgians of all races were able to cultivate industrial hemp on their land!”

    Imagine if Georgians and other Southrons could govern their own state(s) without inference by Northern SJWs, Federal Judges and the Jewish Kommissars that lead both around by the nose.

  8. My God!!! Look at that shaved ape’s angry simian mug. How could any White person voted for such a rabid beast.

    Having the desire to commit suicide is recognized as being psychologically impaired, so shouldn’t being mentally ill exclude them from voting?

  9. @November Man

    “How could any White person voted for such a rabid beast?”

    Easily, if their brains have been corrupted by Judeo-Communist lies and subversion. Or their White guilt has been stoked up and they believe that they deserve to be abused by African savages and their Jewish masters.

    • @James Owen, That would still be indicative of severe mental incapacity, and should make their votes invalid. But present day america is a vile and violent psychopathic monstrosity, therefore, being psychologically deranged appears to be the status quo for the normie sheeple.

  10. Cucks can continue to deny it until they’re blue in the face but the reality of race is becoming more and more apparent to White people. The higher the level of #AntiWhite hate speech, extortion and violence the faster it will happen.

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