How To Block CNN On Cable TV

I quit a very expensive Chicago sports club because the owner named Levin insisted on forcing CNN on all the members in recreation rooms, men’s locker rooms. When I was trapped on a lay over in Newark NJ Airport CNN was on all the TV screens and get this, I couldn’t use American paper currency to buy anything, everything was a debit/CC chip. So when the Powers That Be get around to deplatforming us on Visa and Mastercard we’re pretty much reduced to using barter or sexual favors to buy anything in this ZOG/Black Ruled America country.

Well, here’s something I highly recommend.

Block the worst Zionist, SJW, BRA news networks from your home. I highly recommend the TV zapping off device


It zaps off television anywhere and everywhere – I’m sure it will be banned soon so buy whole boxes of this great self defense weapon.

And here’s another necessary step we all should do:

Block CNN and the other worst ZOG/BRA cable news networks from your home cable television system.

This video shows how to block CNN on Direct TV (Link)

Take these steps


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Favorite Channels

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This works for me and there is no CNN – Jeff Zucker Zog presented by some D*&* sic***** Black homosexual presenting fake news propaganda in my home.


  1. CNN still get your money whether you watch them or not. The problem is the subscription model. The cable companies share your money out to all the channels. The only solution is to cut the cable.

  2. Watching any television or streaming service is equivalent to allowing a cabal of jewish perverts into your home.

    Turn the poison of already!

  3. I’d have quit that club too, Mr. Ryan. CNN makes me APOPLECTIC !# Sadly, any newscast has the same effect on me these days. I haven’t had a television in the house for over 30 years ; and having the propaganda spewed at me when I’m a captive audience in a public place is truly mental torture.

    • Carl Green – agreed and well said. Mr G I highly, HIGHLY recommend the anti TV electronic device TV-B-GONE

      When you are armed with this amazing little electronic devise weapon – you’ll never have to suffer bad TV propaganda anywhere in public or at family, neighbors places.

      In addition to zapping off anti White ZOG/BRA propaganda, it’s fun for messing with rival sports clubs. Go to their bar and start zapping off TVs before a big playoff game – they’ll never know what hit them and will be going on the roof to check on satellite dishes.


      Have some fun out there folks,


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