The Gab Purge

I’ve been a strong supporter of Gab.

I also remain a strong supporter. I would be lying though if I said that I wasn’t concerned over what happened this past weekend. I’m not referring to the shutdown, which lasted a week, or all the technical glitches which have since been sorted out. The site appears to be functioning normally now.

The thing that worries me is that hundreds of accounts were recently purged. This is a sharp increase from the two high profile bannings of Weev and Paul Nehlen over the past two years. I can’t say that I am surprised that some of the edge posters were banned given that flirting with violent rhetoric, even if it is perfectly legal and falls under Brandenburg v. Ohio, is such a massive liability. No one wants to deal with the massive hassle of being deplatformed by their registrar and hosting company.

If you are posting violent rhetoric on the internet, you are making a mistake. Full stop.

1.) First, you are attracting the attention of law enforcement agencies who monitor these things, and everything you say is going into a database somewhere to be used against you.

2.) Second, you are a liability to everyone around you, even those who are unaware of what you are saying. Just look at how much trouble has been caused by random edgelords shitposting on Discord.

3.) Third, it is idiotic to talk about violence on the internet. I mean … like, you are literally leaving a paper trail which can be used by all of your enemies to harm you. It is damaging enough to be associated with taboo ideas without being associated with violence on top of it.

There are other reasons that I could get into as to why this is dumb. It is such a bad idea that I even posted a big warning for future reference about it in the sidebar tonight.

Every single time one of these mass shootings happens there is always a rush by fake news journalists to blame it on sites like this one. Virtually no one supports mass shootings or sees it as anything but a big self own but you know how these things go in our current political climate. There is nothing Donald Trump can do about it either. He is blamed by the media every time it happens too.

So, I completely understand where Andrew Torba is coming from on violent rhetoric, as I don’t want it here either. I run a nationalist website though, not a free speech site. I also get the sense that the recent purge may have been broader than a handful of edge posters memeing about Robert Bowers. No one is mourning the loss of Michael Edison Hayden, but what did accounts like frogwave do to get purged? Who went down and for what reason in the big purge?

Anyway, I guess you could say that I am getting social media fatigue. I don’t see the point in investing so much time and energy in building up accounts only to have your horse shot out from under you. It happened again to Mike Enoch on Twitter last night after the Blue Wave failed to materialize. This is why I never bothered to try to seriously return to Twitter and focused my attention elsewhere.

I’m going to spend more time writing here this winter. I will still be posting on Gab, but I want to take a step back for now and see what comes of all this pressure. It is warm and cozy here. Quite honestly, we needed to spend more time building up our own platform rather than shitposting all day anyway, and the timeout has had a positive impact in that we are writing more articles.

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  1. Cantwell did a segment on this and I wanted to call in.

    The bulk of the issue here is mainly this, idealism v reality. Many internet users in our movement haven’t drawn the conclusion yet that your internet moniker/avatar=you in real life. This happened sometime around 2005-2009 when people started losing their jobs for things they said on Facebook. Unfortunately free internet speech should have been protected then and it wasn’t.

    Fast forward to now. Many posters online want the idealistic free speech zones the internet used to be, those days are gone and some of them dont realize that yet. Whether you are commenting on social media or running a business (like GAB) online the same rules apply, the old days of internet anonymity are GONE. Don’t be angry with the online business owners for taking this seriously, they didn’t make the rules they just have to work within them.

    • I do hope we can keep GAB alive. The opponents often pose as NS or Patriots just to sound crazy. 5th Column types.

  2. You need resiliency You white bois are facing the brunt of new ideological tactics while they test new institutional ones on us

    The perimeter strategy is hard to break as the enemy slowly erodes control of ports & other outlets to the larger world..

    We’ll still win because the mere sight of Lord Vishnu’s Swastika brings paralysis???????????????????????????????????????

  3. I have seen creative types say Twitter is bad for their mental health and they’ve returned to blogging. So links to their blog posts automatically appear on Twitter, but they no longer log in.

  4. Social media is a distraction. It can be useful for immediate exchange of ideas but leaves no time for reflection or preparation.

  5. Posting pro-White messages and memes on social media is not an end in itself, it is but a means to an end. And that end is to raise public awareness about the danger posed by international jewry.

  6. I’ve been spending a lot of time on recently and there is a great deal of hostility being aimed at Torba. He really should address the issue of deleting Gab accounts, instead of ignoring it like an arrogant little punk.

    • Hey Spahnny,

      Enjoyed your banter on Gab, as @top_of_the_food_chain. Only 1400 followers, but I worked hard, over two years to get them.

      Was let back on for a few days post the Gab take down, and then “disappeared” in the blink of a Torba delete. Pains me only in that I miss the great posters, and info.

      So now, I have been banned from EVERYTHING, doxxed, and unable to work within my profession (My YT channel was discovered). Still resolute, still 1488

      • You got “Torbadoed”, too? What’s going on here? Torba doesn’t deal with stress and pressure very well. Gab is starting to make me nervous. And who is Rob Monster? Is he related to Rob Zombie?

  7. “Virtually no one supports mass shootings or sees it as anything but a big self own”

    If these shootings aren’t outright black propaganda operations, they’re the last ditch, often desperate and suicidal actions of individuals sunk into despair and devoid of all hope. Which means they’ve been defeated by USZOG, at least psychologically.

    It also means fresh grist for ZOG’s propaganda mills.

  8. There are many people that were trying to push the violent rhetoric right to the line where you would need a lawyer to look at it to determine if it is legal or not – obviously something Gab does not have the resources to do. Weev was one of them, and he didn’t disappear after his banning. Indeed, he threw over 100,000 bots spouting violent rhetoric at Gab, according to Andrew Torba.

    Just avoid anything that smacks of violence, including gas chamber memes. And don’t impersonate any real life person.

    • It’s a mistake to blame the victim here, as questionable as some posting-style choices may have been

      It’s a mistake for the broader movement to give up our much of our free speech and self censor in order to cling to a fundamentally bad platform. If you want to do that, use a good, mainstream platform, with big reach.

      The interpretation of the rules was changed retroactively and maliciously, to target US

      GAB’s usefulness was limited to begin with, since posts there have little reach, it was only good to keep in touch with a segment of WNs, not for outreach

      But that usefulness is now much reduced given that

      a) we have to self censor twitter style

      b) there is no ascertainable standard for what is bannable, many classic non-nazi memes can be interpreted as “violent”, if the viewer wants to interpret it that way

      c) the administration is quite literally out to get us

      d) tons of people are already gone

      GAB also has very, very poor fundamentals, watch the video arguing that GAB is a pump and dump scam inflated by bots, you didn’t actually think those were real Kenyans did you?

      To find the video go to the “brighteon” video site and type “gab pump and dump”

    • Just avoid violence goyim as we genocide you quietly. Yes goyim take your replacement quietly.

      Fuck off man.

      How are you going to expose the jew? by talking nicely to him? Do you think it was you that got all the journalists to write all those anti-White articles and preach their hatred towards Whites?

      • Silverdawn, I believe you’re one of the banned, aren’t you? I bailed from Gab months ago due to a queasy feeling about it, but checked back with some posters as a non-user just to see what was up. However, you’re one of the ones who appears to be gone.

  9. Hey Hunter,
    I think you are right to back away from GAB -and all social media- a bit. I am planning on doing likewise. Article posting is of more real value, even if it does not get the views and up-votes. Will you be getting back to your book project this winter? That would be cool.

  10. I left social media when people started losing their jobs over posts, I never imagined it would get to the point where they destroy people for running a website, but I did know it was a bad road to go down on principle.

    Social media is a very hard way to convert people to our cause because it has very little personal connection. People’s brains turn to auto-pilot when they stare at screens and so very little personal reflection is done. IRL campaigns are the way forward for us.

    IRL campaigns targeting young women should be our goal. LET THEM start flooding social media accounts. It will have a mass effect.

  11. We are now living in clown world where things we use to just take for granted no longer apply . Things like free speech, free assembly etc. Those are all gone and it doesn’t matter what is said on the campaign trail or by the laughable conservative talking heads. Trump can talk about “making America safe again” or that he is not going to “tolerate social media censorship” all day long but it is meaningless rhetoric just like about everything else he has said.

    However, to just ban people’s accounts out of the blue with zero explanation other than painting a broad brush claiming they were all using violent speech is ridiculous. Even twitter gives people a warning or an explanation and goes through a process. He can do whatever he wants but it makes him look like a complete bullshit artist which many claim he is. Torba talked tough on twitter the week Gab was shutdown and I was impressed with how he defended Gab and free speech and then we come back to this? Widespread shut it downs after all the shit he talked that week? I mean come on.

    The era of social media free speech is over and we will never stop mentioning how it all happened under the GOP and the supposedly most nationalist/populist president in our lifetimes. Trump angered & emboldened the leftist’s with his victory and then went on to be such a weak president along with the extremely inept and laughable GOP that the left have been able to shut it down with zero opposition other than a few tweets.

  12. Torba is a bullshit artist that promised a free speech site. People gave him money and then betrayed this ideal to kiss ass to his new server host run by Rob (((Monster))). The people he purged were given no warning or reason for their expulsion. Pathetic.

  13. Social media is a perfect venue for posting memes. This shouldn’t be underestimated. Apart from that it’s pretty much about entertainment or distraction.

  14. I was never on Facebook or twitter but access all websites I like and trust on my own. I find out about these sites, Occidental dissent, Cantwell, unz, red ice, Vdare, Russia Insider, etc. by paying attention to alt-right politics. One site leads you to another. I have no trouble getting information of importance to the White race. The websites are more important than social media. I found out about the great Paul Nehlen, Patrick Little, Art Jones through websites. The info is out there.

  15. I get your point about violent posting and agree to an extent, I only post things I can stand behind IRL.

    But Torba has maliciously and retroactively expanded the definition of violent posting to include basically all the edgy “Gas the kikes” style posting that was so common in 2016.

    Many of the people banned were not even that edgy, not actually hinting at threats or anything, but just using a more open and in your face /pol style of posting

    He’s also doing stuff like banning people for “impersonation” when they are clearly not impersonating anyone, but just have a celebrity name as their handle (but the account name is something else).

    He also goes right to deleting the account, rather than warning or whatever. There’s no transparency. Piss off Torba with a minor infraction, lose your account forever, and everyone else can no longer find the old content.

    He clearly wants to clean up GAB and make it less alt-right and the violence issue is an excuse. He’s treating hate speech as violence, unless that hate speech is very carefully phrased.

  16. Hopefully you’ll be done with building your platform before the door-to-door visits begin from the Thought Police…

  17. Violent rhetoric was the excuse. The real reason is we all got banned is because we told the truth about jews. And our style is very effective, because if it wasn’t then we wouldn’t get banned and we would be a Stormfront production ineffective for 20+ years. And easy to infiltrate by jews who use “moderation” as a tool to shut it down.

    It matters not to us. Our job is done on gab, and there are a thousand normies there we red pilled enough to carry the memes.

    We have moved our focus now full time to the youth in the gaming scene.

    Somebodys got to prepare them to deal with these fucking kikes.

  18. You’re not going to expose the jewish hatred of Whites with fucking Leonardo DiCaprio vox day memes faggots.

  19. It seems to me that this change was inevitable; can either start removing dangerous information, or face censorship from its upstream.

    I suggest we go back to the Old Internet: many blogs, forums, and mailing lists.

    Stay off the radar of the enemy, build community, and starve the beast.

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