NSFW: Crazy Black Woman Has Meltdown Over Donald Trump!

Not this one.

This black reporter is still suffering from post-traumatic hate. I just couldn’t find an image of this other crazy black woman having a meltdown about Donald Trump in Baltimore.

Note: She probably just voted in the midterm elections.

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  1. Pretty cucked response from Trump. Almost like Dubya’s Kanye moment. “I’m insulted”. Why would that be insulting? Trump should embrace his White base.

    • Just like the conservatives, Trump’s base is Zionist Jews. The suckers that vote for him and get nothing out of it are White. One group has a real President. The other has a fake President.

  2. CNN black female reporter:”saying nationalist as a white mam the president doesn’t clarify”She does have a point.Obama never utter nationalist, most do have tendencies for black nationalist.

  3. Racist, racist, racist… The old and new weapon to make people ashamed.

    We are not buying it! It’s only a word.

    • Every time I see this insanity in black people my mind goes back to that Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction and the song, ‘jungle bunny, jungle bunny, jungle bunny…

  4. I’d say to any black person having a meltdown about Trump……you probably don’t have much to worry about, he’s done very little to help your opponents (us).

  5. This is obscene.

    Why is OD posting this low rent click bait?

    Why have you no couth Brad? Why re-post some naked woman having a breakdown?

    What separates you from the jews? You seem to hate black women as much or more than they do.

    I’m hoping the next SCOTUS is a freaking atheist, because if this is the blog of a Southern Protestant maybe we all deserve to die.

    Or maybe the people of conscience need to find somewhere else to go.

    • People of Conscience? (PoC?) That is no breakdown. Look at who is holding the selfie stick. It is funny and no animosity is held towards the woman involved or towards the stick holder. It is just a funny moment and a great lesson for those that think drugs come risk free.

      This woman is no shrinking violet. To say Hunter seems to hate black women is not logical. Who is holding the selfie stick and making sure this is on the internet?

      • She’s not holding any selfie stick you disgusting degenerate. The camera angle we’re viewing from is not hers. Don’t try to cast blame on this clearly drug-addled woman for your and others’ depravity.

        This black woman is fucked up. So is the black guy holding the camera, who I believe is in the frame most of the time. So are all the people woo-hooing. That doesn’t mean you have to become just like any of them.

        I get that black people deserve some ‘credit’ for their problems but that woman is still a human being who deserves some privacy from being exploited.

        Jesus you people are unbelievable. It’s like you have no sense of yourselves. No grace, no character, no self awareness or humility.

        Some man said on here once, after the Matt Heimbach wife-shoving incident, that they used to think the people who joined this movement were warped but that the Heimbach Affair made him think it was this movement that warps them.

        I think it’s both.

        RIP Mathew Heimbach, the cute kid from suburban Maryland who thought he could do some good in this world.

        • “People of Conscience? (PoC?) That is no breakdown. Look at who is holding the selfie stick. It is funny and no animosity is held towards the woman involved or towards the stick holder.”

          “She’s not holding any selfie stick you disgusting degenerate. The camera angle we’re viewing from is not hers.”

          Obviously, the person who commented knew the woman was not holding the stick and stated so. I think you often do not read comments correctly. Obviously, it was meant that a white person is not responsible. But, I agree with you, posting this woman while she is nude is disgraceful.

          Brad, I think your better judgment is not evident here. I, too, think you need to remove it.

        • Genie, you are inventive in umbrage!

          While this video probably has not much place in a nationalist website and could well put off some who would otherwise read here, in a bygone era nobody much would mind about bawdy naked humor. That said, those days were pre-internet and the woman looks intoxicated, as you say. We don’t know what she would think about it sober.

          As it serves no real purpose towards the central aims here, then probably deep sixing it off this site is wise. It could be used later to cause fracture lines. Also pro-rabbit hole is a further look at the producer – on his twitter account he seems to revel in a woman being injured for just wearing a Trump shirt, not to mention clearly gang affiliated material elsewhere. Empathy not a strong suite, unlike St Genie.

    • @Genie —- Good grief!! Are you a black woman?? All the anti-White videos II’m bombarded with every day… I couldn’t give a rat’s @ss how Black people are portrayed on this blog! And it’s high-time Christians be made of sterner stuff than pushover shame sheeple.

    • This is what the U.S. Military signs on to defend.
      This is what hundreds of thousands of white men died to defend!
      This shitty, white replacement might be fine with you but no one is coming to advocate for the white man but a fraction of awakened white men.
      I find it an educational video and think it should be distributed to all whites as a reminder of who our enemies prefer.
      So shut your hole, Ms Virtue Signal!
      You are so much more trouble than you’re worth.

  6. Okay, did I click on Wild Kingdom by accident? What is that thing? Ah, yes, another female Whinus Whinus Negress. Hmm. Oh, well…….

  7. Strange how Miss Genie will insult the micks, pollacks, guineas and other papists of White European ancestry without giving the matter a second thought, yet rushes to the defense of the coloreds when shown at play in their ghetto habitat.

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