NY Mag: Maybe It’s Time To Dissolve The Union

Why am I called an “extremist”?

This is what I have been saying for the better part of a decade now:

“The year is 2019. California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, recently elected on a platform that included support for the creation of a single-payer health-care system, now must figure out how to enact it. A prior nonpartisan analysis priced it at $400 billion per year — twice the state’s current budget. There appears to be no way to finance such a plan without staggering new taxes, making California a magnet for those with chronic illnesses just as its tax rates send younger, healthier Californians house-hunting in Nevada and big tech employers consider leaving the state.

But Newsom is not alone. Other governors have made similar promises, and Newsom calls together the executives of the most ideologically like-minded states — Oregon, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland. What if they banded to create a sole unified single-payer health-care system, spreading risk around a much larger pool of potential patients while creating uniformity across some of the country’s wealthiest states? …

Do you know what we are going to get for the next two years? A shitty government that isn’t going to accomplish much of anything or satisfy anyone. A bunch of cable news television personalities who are getting to keep everyone polarized and inflamed and stuck in a state of low level civil war.

The Democrats now control every House seat in New England:

“Democrat Jared Golden beat incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin in Maine’s 2nd District on Thursday — and made a little bit of history along the way.

Poliquin actually secured 46.2 percent of the vote to Golden’s 45.5 percent with 95 percent of precincts reporting, per The New York Times and Politico. But Golden still came out on top due to Maine’s ranked-choice voting system. It’s the first federal race decided by ranked choice, and Golden’s win means Republicans have now been ousted from every single congressional seat in New England. …”

Some things never change.

Source: Colin Woodard, American Nations

I sound like less of a sperg though for pointing these things out now.

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  1. Being right(eous) is a lonely road at times, but our ancestors understood it as the greatest good and the key to happiness.

    Query: why does a magazine on the other side of the Partition line get it, but FTNTRSr/The_DonaldDS not?

    • why does a magazine on the other side of the Partition line get it, but FTNTRSr/The_DonaldDS not?

      Well the answer is pretty obvious to me, mate. Northern White Nationalists know that if the South secedes they will be left with no power, no nation, no identity, etc. The North’s ‘Nation of Immigrants’ mentality is very deeply ingrained and this means there is no real sense of racialism in the northern US. I am a Brit and the culture up here is very strange, to put it mildly. I’ve honestly never met a Yankee racialist who wasn’t a crank of some sort.

      So if the South secedes the Yankee WN’s (historically questioniable) vision of America dies with it. The Yankee racialist has nothing besides America to latch onto. He has no other identity to fall back upon. That’s why they Flip. The. F. Out whenever you point out that Yankeedom has been promoting utopian racial nonsense for generations.

      • There’s a reason that doesn’t attack other Whites, btw.

        The League of the South and friends, while pro-White, are not the kind of pro-White that the people that aren’t in the South are.

        Yes, the more realistic-minded of us non-Southerners see that the League is a good thing – ANP has no problem with it, for example, but the problem is that non-Southern Whites are far more likely to go join up with some in-your-face failure group like NSM than with ANP.

        Keep in mind that while the Southern Nationalists support seceding, so do National Socialists, though in a different, more PNW area (excluding the shithole that’s western Washington/Oregon). Arguably, the ANP has as much infrastructure in the PNW as the League has in the South – but the ANP also isn’t picking an area already populated by heavy non-White populations. Is it really so insane to assume that the ANP will have an easier time with making an all-White area out of a region that’s almost entirely White already than the League making an all-White Southern region?

        PS: I do think that the League is essential to Whites – it’s already started doing many of the things that the successful European groups have done, while ANP continues to infight over which branching-off is the real ANP…

  2. Just the usual hypocrisy and double standards.

    The Jews won’t allow their cash cow to break apart, if they can help it. Secession is not good for the Jews. It’s like holding a lit match on a tick.

    Leftists don’t seem to realise that they’re tools and are quite shocked when their Jewish masters reign them in. That’s while we’ll start to see kosher denunciations, if they push it much further.

    • This Jew is triggered. Secession will happen over his dead body! He is looking forward to Bolshevism 2.0. Revenge!


      David Atkins #11Justices
      ?Verified account @DavidOAtkins

      So no, you don’t get to go make your own country. You don’t get to secede. You enjoyed the benefits of catering to America’s worst deplorables and basest instincts for decades.

      Now you pay the price as America’s minority. You don’t tell us what to do anymore.

      • @Kelly M

        David Atkins is an ostensibly White, Neo-Yankee, blindly scolding the South and Southrons in particular, and Republicans generally, for some reason, over West Coast and Northeastern Leftists’ desires to split off and form some kind of Socialist People’s Republics.

        That reason of course, is his reflexive Neo-Yankee,contempt for anyplace outside of the BosWash Megalopolis and Pacifica/Mexifornia.

        He would never directly compare decent Yankee folk in New York or Massachusetts, or future Mexican citizens and Aztec sacrifices in Mexifornia, to those disgenic monsters in Tennesee, Texas and Alabama, who mistakenly think that they have same rights as real Americans®© in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco do. Or to Republican ostensible “conservatives®.” But his Jewish masters will.

        What I mean by scolding, is Jewish pundits scolding Northeasterners and Californians for wanting to be like those hated Southerners and foolish yahoos in Idaho and Montana. Or even worse, Texans.

        This hasn’t happened yet. But give the Left more whine time, and more flapping their lips over Secession, and we will see it happen. Especially if it looks like it might actually happen. Or make it 55% of the way there.

    • Jimmie, Jews are not at all united on the issue of union, or over disunion.

      And, let me assure you, if there is a split, they will just reposition themselves just as eagerly into that.

      That said, it is not The Jews that keep this nation together, but, those tens of millions of White Gentiles who continue to believe in, and be sentimental about, a nation that kicks them in the ass every chance it gets.

      One of the best things about the Trump Presidency is that you have someone who has busted his butt to do a lot of good things, but, in the end, it won’t be near enough, and that is when, those many tens of millions of sleeping White Gentile Maga-ites will begin to fall away from their sacred cow.

      Hell, many are already falling away now.

      Be well, Jimmie!

    • America’s balkanization would destroy most of the International Jewish Lobby’s power. This is an obvious fact to an outsider like myself.

  3. ZOG USA should break up into smaller republics that will no longer be capable of terrorizing the world or doing the bidding of King Kike. The El Norte region of Mexico, along with Baja California, should be taken away from Mexico and become Gringo states instead.

    • “ZOG USA should break up into smaller republics that will no longer be capable of terrorizing the world or doing the bidding of King Kike.”

      I would give YOU 6,000,000 likes for this if I could.

    • Mark my words – the moment America balkanizes is the moment that Europe’s various Nationalists will rise up. Many of us openly discuss this.

      A few years ago Golden Dawn was planning to march on Athens but there was a fear that Greece would be given the same treatment Serbia received (twice) in the 90s. Take that threat out of the picture and things change. Dramatically.

  4. We need the bottom right 1/3 + of the lower 48. We need to stay ahead of the curve on this and manage it to our liking. For the 100th time … people like Duke, Wallace, Hill, Taylor, Brimlowe, Spencer need to hurry and form a think tank and get the conversation going. The bad guys have think tank(s). Where’s ours ? Balkanization WILL happen VERY soon. We need the right group of guys at the steering wheel.

    • Think tanks are overrated IMO and only help if you have a media apparatus to promote their views. What you really need to do is meme pro-Balkanization ideas constantly. Remind people that balkanization can be done in a peaceful and civilized manner (use the Velvet Divorce between Czechia & Slovakia as an example).

      Then you need to create regional political parties. Run candidates who explicitly advocate secession. This is the only way to make this idea mainstream. Don’t worry about losing the race. The goal is to win power in the long term.

      • I like the way Vickstrom thinks. He’s usually about 90 % right which is about what I hope to be. We need secret think tanks of patriots like I mentioned above to ‘guide’ the movement a little. We’re all busy surviving AND none of us including me have ALL the answers perfectly. We need each other … like a sort of white southern nationalist congress if you will. I get upset when I see those with platforms wasting time and NOT doing anything to boost an enlarged Confederate States. Call it a ‘southern congress?’ Southern Congress needs to bounce some ideas around …. come up with Phase I …. raise $$$$$$$$$$$$ and get to a rockin and a rollin. The enemy is VERY busy. Why aren’t we ? What will happen if we sit on our butts just a tiny bit longer ?


        • Interesting idea about a Southern Congress. If you want to do this then this is what I would do:

          1. A good start would be to make sure there is some form of discussion panel between the League of the South and the guys from Identity Dixie:


          2. I’d recommend contacting Michael Cushman. He seems intelligent and obviously cares greatly about the White South. I know he used to write articles on here.

          3. If you get a bitcoin fund and enough publicity (it’s all about image these days) then you will get some donations from people you would never even expect.

          4. Many people outside of America sympathize with you. I’m living in the US right now and it’s very obvious to me that the culture of Minneapolis is not the same as the South + lower Midwest (‘Greater Dixie’?). Nick Griffin has kind of lost the train as of late but there are other British Nationalist figures who could help give you publicity. You just have to explain it in a way that they can understand. Pro-Brexit = Pro-Dixie. Just connect Brexit to Southern Nationalism and then Brits will understand what you are fighting for.

          My ideal fantasy world is one in which English patriots have thrown the ‘Windsors’ (that’s not even their real name) out and established an alliance between our nation, Australia, New Zealand, and a free Dixie. This alliance could be a replacement for NATO.

          Why aren’t we ? What will happen if we sit on our butts just a tiny bit longer ?

          I sympathize with you guys, I truly do. It’s hard to motivate people and keep them moving forward.

          • “Cushman?” Often when the last name ends in “man” without 2 n’s it’s Jewish. Is Cush’man’ a Jew ?! 🙂 I guess not huh ? As for Brit’s et al., aligning with us YES PLEASE. In fact we need and want them to migrate to the south. A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS / NATIONALISTS ONLY. We can use some South Africans, Aussies and Europeans who identify with us. Even Russians and a few hot Chinese chicks age 20 to 50 🙂

            It’s a matter of the best and brightest and most patriotic of us getting together regularly to move this forward. I don’t know why they haven’t yet. Maybe they’re waiting on a written invitation ?


            You can’t get Windsor out. Prophecy has to happen. On YouTube look at Chisza7, and make sure it’s that address.

            Nice to meet a fellow THINKER sir. Good evening.

  5. The best time to secede is when you have a President that is sympathetic to your cause. If The South had left with the previous President, the Civil War would not have happened. The worst time to push for secession is when an anti-White biggot like Obama or Hillary Clinton holds the office. I fear the worst time will be when most Whites are motivated to do so.

    • So Trump is sympathetic to our cause? The same Trump who is party to the deaths of how many millions of Palestinians, Yeminis and Syrians at this point? Or are you suggesting that we’ll someday have someone in the Oval Office who is better than Trump?

      Well, John Michael Greer wrote a pretty good book on the BEST CASE SCENARIO for how it could happen. But it was very much best case, I think, and pretty unlikely.

      More likely, any President who went crazy and tried to let a region go peaceably, or who went as far as trying to uninstall his own regime, would probably end up getting shot by his own Joint Chiefs. They’re just not going to let it happen. Doesn’t matter if it’s communists in New England, mestizos in California, Nazis in Idaho, hippies in Oregon, or Klansmen in Alabama, no one gets out of this prison unless they’re able to kill enough of the guards that there’s not enough left to stop us.

      (Or possibly unless they’re not being paid anymore, like the Red Army in 1980’s Ukraine or Poland. But I’ve been hearing that would happen ever since the Carter Administration. In any event, I suspect our situation is less like that of Poland and more like that of Chechnya.)

      One thing I always disagreed on with Harold Covington on was the idea that it could be done in one, specific region (and not the best region for such a struggle at that), with Corpgov still left intact elsewhere and still in a position to reorganize and reattack the nascent rebels. Again, look at Chechnya. Any major failure in any one part of the Imperial Core is going to lead to a cascade failure everywhere. The System knows that, they’re going to fight to the death to keep it from happening. They’ll nuke us if they think they have to, and our only hope at that point would be to have secured enough warheads to respond in kind.

      (I would like to think that MAD would cause them to think twice about making any mushroom clouds, but I suspect they’ll be so insane with wrath at our insolence that they won’t consider the consequences before calling out the launch codes. For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.)

      ((Gotta love all those doomy and gloomy prophets there at the end of the Old Testament.))

      Kieth Preston always advocated a nationwide or even worldwide insurgency of various separatist groups against the New World Order/ZOG/Corpgov/whatever.

      • “Kieth Preston always advocated a nationwide or even worldwide insurgency of various separatist groups against the New World Order/ZOG/Corpgov/whatever. ”

        …did the rest of my last paragraph get cut off on this comment? Odd.

        What I said was something along the lines of “I think that’s our best bet. We’ll have to break the back of American military might, as well as that of most NATO member states, other ZOG’d western governments and any of the more powerful developing nations that try to colonize us.”

  6. @spahnranch1969

    In the late 19th or 20th Centuries, Mexico offered to sell Baja to the U.S.

    As an aside, the Southern Pacific Railroad operated an extensive narrow gauge network in Baja, called the Sud Pacifico del Mexico. It also hoped the border into California.

    William Walker, a Southern filibuster from Tennessee, created the Republic of Sonora out of Baja and Sonora. It was short lived however, lasting from October 15, 1853 to May 8, 1854.

    Fact is, the U.S. acquired the Southwest by war and finally, by legal, settled treaty. In 1846, there were almost no Mexicans in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. And virtually none in Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The few that there were, felt no particular attachment to the Government in Mexico City.

    Modern Mexicans don’t accept any of this, even though it’s a legal, done deal.

  7. So many people cling to this terrible union when, if we would split, would immediately reduce everyone’s frustration levels by a significant portion.

    God bless New York, (I like upstate New Yorkers) Massachussetts, and California.

    I wish them well, but, I do not wish to be beholden to them.

    I see, over and over again, that your average Southerner has much more in common with Eastern Europeans than with Northeasterners, and those with The New England Yankee mindset.

    As to Midwesterners, Southerners may well form a new Confederacy with some of those states and parts of those states, – Ohio, Southern Illinois, Northern Michigan & Minnesota, and Indiana, in particular.

    Or not.

    In any case, The Northeast and the South is a terrible marriage, and has been since the very beginning.

    Time to part and, maybe then, we can become friends – but, never ever lovers.

  8. “Why am I called an “extremist”?”

    Becuase you are a Southerner, Sir, and, as such, you are not invited to take part in a discussion over how this nation is to be, unless you agree to condone it.

    ‘Condone it or shut up’, has been the message to Southerners, my whole lifelong.

    Well, you’ll do neither, nor will I, yet, do not expect that our voices will ever be welcome.

  9. Just another tiresome article by a Jew. The detail with which he presents a fantasy of a government medical system as something other than an attempt to talk money into existence is ridiculous.

  10. We would definitely need some of the states bordering the Great Lakes. That’s an extremely important source of fresh water.

  11. “So Trump is sympathetic to our cause? ”

    I think Trump is a lazy do nothing who is addicted to Twitter.

    I know Hillary Clinton would enjoy killing us, and her base is just as eager to do it. She would use nuclear weapons if necessary. She is a fantatic and can’t wait to do it.

    If secession was done in a smart way, Trump would have greater difficulty killing us, because his White conservative base would be either be luke warm, or the far right elements would oppose him outright.

    To get Democrat support to kill us Trump would have to somehow become a Democrat over night, but they don’t trust him, they view him as a traitor.

    Not that it matters, Whites will not want to secede until the most anti-White elements are in power. History repeats because people ignore it.

  12. lol at hunter thinking he’s some leading contrarian thinker with great insights. wow. he’s been advocating separation or partition for ALMOST ten whole years!

    how old is this guy? i mean, he’s on the right track with a lot of issues. but brother, please.

    here’s what’s actually gonna happen hunter. jewish guys like sasha issenberg are NEVER going to allow you to leave. you’re going to be trapped at a terrible house party you hate and have wanted to leave for hours, but nobody will allow you to get in your car and go home. some garbage block party overrun with hundreds of africans and mexicans and muslims, blasting horrible rap music at 100 decibels, and the jewish bouncers will make sure you can’t find the exit door. for the rest of your life.

    you haven’t thought thru this stuff very far, have you? try reading guys who have been thinking about this for decades. and the conclusions they’ve come to.

    if only it was so easy as just snapping your fingers and saying that’s it, i want to leave the union.

    do you realize what it would actually take for your state to leave the union? an asteroid hitting the united states. a total nuclear exchange with the russians, wiping the US off the map. that’s actually what it will take – the united states being forced to not exist by some outside event.

    those jewish guys will NEVER let you leave. you’re in this house party for life. if there was ever a referendum on it, it would be a 90 to 10 voting landslide in favor of no, you can’t leave. the coming third world hordes depend on your labor, your tax money, and your productive capability, to keep the frankstein monster going. you’ll never be allowed to leave.

  13. He’s a Jew. Look at the big nose. Read at the rest of the thread and the comments there.

    He calls anyone he doesn’t like Nazi. He is obsessed with Nazis. No other race is obsessed with Nazis, only Jews and those in their pay are obsessed with Nazis.

    If you can’t identify a Jew you are in big trouble James. If you go into politics your staff will be riddled with subversives.

    “Now you pay the price as America’s minority.”

    And look at the comment above carefully. He admitted that diversity is not a strength, he said diversity is a punishment.

  14. No one crab will probably ever be able to get out peacefully from this bucket of crabs. I just hope some superpower in the nuclear club will “shoot up here amongst us” so that one of us (hopefully the white nationalists) can have some relief…


    God Save the South!

  15. I feel I have more in common with South Dakota than with South Carolina; Zionist Christianity has more or less destroyed the South. Wait until you get to experience POTUS ‘Nikki Haley’.

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