BREAKING: James Fields, Jr. Found Guilty

Day 9

James Fields, Jr. has been found guilty of first degree murder.

There is a lot that I could say about this, but in light of exprience it is probably wise to wait a few days.

Day 8

The defense has rested its case.

It called another witness today who testified that Fields was calm and gave him no inkling that he was plotting a terrorist attack. They were supposed to meet up for lunch.

Day 7

James Fields, Jr. is innocent. This poor kid was just trying to go home to Ohio after the rally. His GPS directed him into a horde of Antifa on 4th Street and he panicked and hit the gas.

Day 6

Jfc … this is sad.

I’ve never believed that Fields was a murderer like Glenn Miller, Dylann Roof or Robert Bowers. There was a League member who was briefly locked up with him on A12 and saw him bawling. The people who commit these crimes who have an agenda are always proud of it and don’t act like this:

Day 5

Nothing much happened today at the James Fields, Jr. trial.

We already knew he drove the Challenger into the crowd. We already knew that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack. Surprisingly, the prosecution plans to wrap up its case tomorrow morning. Unless I have missed something hugely important, the only evidence it has presented of premeditated murder is the Instagram memes and Fields reversing and idling before driving into the crowd. Seeing as how this is being portrayed as a massive conspiracy, you would think prosecutors would have found something to hang their hat on. Did they really comb through his social media and find nothing but the Instagram memes?

BTW, if you want to see what Marcus and Marissa Martin, Courtney Commander and Heather Heyer were really up to, you should just watch their livestream videos. They arrived well into the “State of Emergency” and spent the previous hour chasing and attacking various groups trying to leave Charlottesville. This was also captured by Faith Goldy who filmed their attack on American Warrior Revolution outside the Sultan Kebab restaurant.

Day 4

Three hours into Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “State of Emergency,” Antifa were illegally parading through the streets of Charlottesville, chasing down groups who had left the Unite the Right rally and attacking them. American Warrior Revolution was the group that was attacked with rocks at Friendship Court. Heather Heyer was there with Marissa Blair, Courtney Commander and Marcus Martin. They arrived during the “State of Emergency” and were parading with Antifa because, paraphrasing from her Facebook Live video, dem niggas were going to Garrett to see a war.

As the Antifa paraded down Water Street, it caused a traffic jam on 4th Street. Lizete Short stopped and parked her burgundy minivan. She got out of the minivan to shoot a video of the parade. Tadrint Washington also turned left on to 4th Street because Market Street was blocked off. She also stopped her car behind Short’s minivan to watch the parade. James Fields Jr. was driving down Market Street and ran into the same obstacle. He also turned left on to 4th Street like Short and Washington. He backed up his car and paused on the downtown mall when he saw the crowd of Antifa coming up 4th Street. Why didn’t Fields back up the Challenger and drive away?

Why did Short, Washington and Fields all make the same left turn on to 4th Street? The police officer who was stationed there to guard the downtown mall abandoned her post.

Day 3

A year and three months later, we are finally getting some answers:

Day 1

James Fields Jr.’s murder trial begins this morning.

A year and three months later, we still have no idea what happened between the time Unite the Right was declared an “unlawful assembly” in Lee Park and the car crash at Fourth and Water Streets. Even the guys who were locked up with Fields in Charlottesville don’t know his side of the story. He was thrown in a dungeon and hasn’t been heard from since that afternoon:

“CINCINNATI – The Virginia murder trial of a white nationalist rally participant accused of killing a woman during a counterprotest in Charlottesville in 2017, is scheduled to begin Monday.

James Alex Fields Jr., 21, of Boone County, Kentucky, also is charged with federal hate crime charges in U.S. District Court that could end up as a death penalty case.

Prosecutors say Fields killed one and injured dozens when he drove his car into a crowd of people protesting an Aug. 12, 2017, white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Heather Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville was killed. …”

I had never heard of Fields until the car crash was on the news.

I didn’t run into him at the Unite the Right rally. We had left Charlottesville and pulled over at a Taco Bell to eat lunch when we heard about the car crash on Twitter. Initially, there was some speculation that someone else was responsible (Alex Jones and Gateway Pundit were sued for misidentifying the driver), but later in the day we found out it was Fields and that he had been at the rally.

What happened? I’m curious to see James Fields Jr’s defense.

We’ve heard that UNC professor Dwayne Dixon chased James Fields Jr. through Charlottesville with an AR-15. We know for a fact that Antifa was attacking groups leaving the rally. They attacked the League of the South at the Market Street Parking Garage. They attacked American Warrior Revolution and pinned them behind the Sultan Kebab restaurant. They pursued a group of NSM members across the downtown mall. They were chasing and attacking cars leaving the parking lot on Water Street.

Heather Heyer was with the group of Antifa who were throwing rocks at American Warrior Revolution. Courtney Commander recorded the assault on Facebook Live. She was later heard saying, “There’s about to be a war. Dem niggas goin to Garrett.” Shortly thereafter, Heather Heyer, Courtney Commander and Marissa Blair joined the group of Antifa who were parading down Water Street.

Why were Antifa allowed to parade through Charlottesville for over three hours after Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued his “State of Emergency”? Why weren’t the police clearing the streets and arresting people who were violating the “State of Emergency”? What happened to James Fields, Jr. during this three hour period? What was “the war” that “dem niggas” were going to before the car crash?

Hopefully, we will get some answers over the next few weeks. I will leave this discussion open for those who are following the trial can post updates in the comments.

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  1. I am not trying to dictate, but from this point forward it would be nice to hear about what we can do to help him. Obviously we can’t just waltz in and get him out of prison, but on the other hand I am discouraged by all this black pilling stating that we either can’t help him at all or that it will be years and years before we can. There should be something we can do to help him and his mother, step by step, starting now. It is easy to push him to the back of our minds as we go about our lives, but this could have easily happened to any of us. I know how stupid I can be when trying to get out of a city I am lost in. Add to that the mobs of people blocking the streets, and it would be a complete nightmare. And I won’t even try to describe the fate he faces now. I keep trying to imagine what he is feeling right now. It has to be thoughts of extreme terror.

  2. The message this verdict sent is crystal clear-White people do not have the right to speak or act in our own racial behalf. We have no freedom of speech or the legal right to defend ourselves. However, the same antifa terror, hate and violence that was and is directed at us is not only tolerated by the government-it is protected speech.

    UtR was a set-up from the beginning. WNs will not ever be allowed to peacefully gather in large numbers in the kwa. This trial and verdict was BULLSHIT. James Fields is INNOCENT and is now a political prisoner.

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