We’re Back Online

We had a brief scare this morning.

OD was taken offline by the host because of a performance issue. Basically, I have been blogging here for a decade and a database as large as this one accumulates all sorts of issues.

It is a blessing in disguise really because it forced us to do some long overdue maintenance. The site already seems much faster. I’m hoping that will last as traffic surges back. I’m still not finished sprucing things up and there are a lot of bugs left to iron out and plugins to reactivate.

Very few blogs have lasted as long as this one. We have built a platform that has endured while countless nationalist websites have crashed and burned over the years. Next year, OD will be officially be starting our second decade so I am feeling a bit accomplished at the moment.

Note: If you support our work and would like to see it continue, send us a donation through the P.O. Box. We’re going to need to upgrade to a better and faster server soon.

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  1. The reason OD has lasted this long is because HW is not a flake, a fed informant or some kind of Anglin character who wants to develop a cult of personality. And the people who comment here are first rate, no InfoWars or Gab-tier #MAGA ‘tardation.

    • Some of the best comments I’ve ever come across over the years.

      The only runners up are those that were on Infostormer back in the day, and the early days of Daily Stormer – before the retardation and rise of (((Weev))).

  2. My comments are annoying, my English vocabulary is limited, I’m not a noble “Southron”, I’m not American, I never even visited the land of the fee , yet honorable Mr. Wallace til now didn’t ban me!
    Thank you, sir

  3. Best site in the movement – with the essential thesis: America must be broken up. It is a sad quirk of human beings that they will try everything before they try what is right.

    • PS I am happy to see OD and Hunter Wallace published in print form by Greg Johnson at Counter Currents in “The Alternative Right”; a collaboration long overdue, and a potential nucleus for greatness.

      Greg gets it, as witnessed in the Millenniyule 2018 Premier:


      Listen to it all, but especially the end starting 53:28; the American society is literally fragmenting in front of our very eyes; the American movement is moribund because it is waiting for “something new”.

      Just use the word, Greg. Partition.

    • Yes. If humans weren’t so weird, this “country” would have turned into four or five that went their separate ways long ago.

      At least three, anyway: East Coast Shitlibbia, the Huwhyte Heartland, and West Coast Fagtopia.

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