Vladimir Putin Wants To Regulate Rap Music

The Trump administration is pushing for a new Cold War with Russia and China.

Meanwhile, Xi has already banned rap music in China and now Putin wants to regulate it in Russia because he says it is poison that degrades his nation:

Is the West really the best?

Even Westerners increasingly don’t think so.

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  1. Hopefully the regulation will be a slippery slope step toward banning outright. Rap has no place in a serious white society.

    Can’t tell you how many of my white (and even Asian) friends growing up were obsessed with Eminem and 50 cent and the like during grade school (and probably still are today). They projected as absolute white trash wiggers whenever that crap was on. I never saw the appeal. It always sounded awful to me. When Hitler said that America was a negrified nation, I don’t think he had any clue just how far we’d fall. I can only dream of the day when we remove rap from our own country.

  2. All modern pop and rap music now is just throw away garbage that will be forgotten six months after it leaves the charts. In my opinion, modern country is the only music that remotely resembles what pop and rock once was. Blacks had some cool music out beginning in about the 50’s (anything before that is before my time and expertise) right through until about Mariah Carey…..then it just fell off a cliff. They had great music peaking in about the late 60’s/early 70’s-I can’t take that away from them, and will give credit where its due.
    I have to sit through modern rap music when I’m at the gym. They explained that it pumps people up and gets them going. Perhaps true-but in any other scenario, its just noise that spews hate-usually of us-and black grievances.
    My daughter sometimes cries when she hears 45yo music and is embarrassed by the music of her generation now. I just tell her-the old stuff is there any time she wants it-its available. Don’t cry and just enjoy! I mainly listen to modern country now. I’m rather sick of my old played to death pop and rock records, and have passed them on to my girls.

  3. Rap is crap for the most part. I like the poetry that it could have if only more art was put into it. Rhyming is a skill the rap business got out of a long time ago. Now truly rhyming to a good beat is good.

  4. in the past i would have chuckled about this, just like i chuckled during the tipper gore parental advisory era when they were putting stickers on CDs. but have you heard any rap music in the last 10 years? it’s absolute shit. it has no redeeming quality whatsoever, in any way. a foreign country regulating it doesn’t sound like such an outlandish, authoritarian idea anymore.

    rap was never great, but in the 90s the best rap was actually good. now it’s IQ 80 mumbling. i’m dead serious. it sounds like they can’t even talk. some of the old rappers showed lyrical ability and musical sense when they were at their best. they were good compared to the year 2018 stuff.

    since 2007 or so it’s been total shit. simply noise, for the low intelligence crowd. it’s insidious too, how the dumb and even average kids adopt this stuff as their main music. note how they all say nigga now, and their enemies go on their social media, and find them quoting rap lyrics, then try to do a social lynching on them. “Hey, this white kid said nigga. Are you gonna stand for that, fellow co-workers?” said the jewish journalist to the guy’s employer.

    any athlete who signs a contract, his agent should make him delete his social media history the very first day. otherwise, our enemies will go thru his social media and find him quoting rap lyrics when he was 16, and try to crucify him. that’s one of their standard attacks now.

    • Whoever writes and records these songs has an IQ that would struggle to reach room temperature, and their crap rap reflects it. I hope Putin and other Eastern and Central European leaders DO ban rap.

  5. Rap is an international phenomenon, it can infiltrate every culture and ghettoize them. Yet more proof of just how pernicious American influence has been around the world!

    • yep, and behind the shadows are the usual suspects with names like Lyor Cohen and Jerry Heller…

  6. Nigger music grates on my nerves. Any White woman who listens to it is probably, in my estimation, a coal burner, or entertaining the idea in her head.

  7. Putin is courageous to attempt a stand against degeneracy. If only Trump and the coalition of evangelicals that elected him would do likewise here…but they never will.
    Putin states that rap: “rests upon three pillars – sex, drugs and protest.” But he left one thing out, that rap would not exist except for the Negro culture that birthed it.

  8. I’m liking Putin more and more. 🙂 Get rid of that porch monkey noise. We’ll ban it from The CSA as well.

  9. meanwhile i am more interested in purging kikes and niggers back to, well the mutha-fuckka-lanz for starters …
    For all i care they can all be….well, whatever.

  10. Even music may be intoxicating. Such apparently slight causes destroyed Greece and Rome, and will destroy England and America.

    Henry David Thoreau

    The book, Communist Subversion of Music points out the persons and organizations who desire to destroy our nation and Western Civilization, and how they have used negative and harmful music to do that.

    Note: The problem of Rap and Hip-Hop is that it is not confined to Black people, but is also affecting many White people who don’t know any better.

    Even the Jewish Task Force has stated: Perhaps no aspect of America’s degeneration into Third World decadence is more frightening than the rapid absorption of her young White people of the criminal abomination of Black Rap “music” and it’s associated subculture of ignorance, arrogance and violence.

  11. In standing up on key social issues like homosexuality, Putin is now the shining light on the hill … Trump, religion leaders, etc in this country are down in the slime pits when it comes to speaking out against moral degradation … Hope Putin follows through on banning abortion — maybe he will provoke America into making America great again by turning from its perversions … and maybe NOT …

  12. How did rap and pop culture came about? It started with jazz and then rock and roll,most are pro black and anti racist.

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