Caravan Migrants Rush The US Border Again

While the caravans have faded from the news cycle, the rump of the ones that arrived in November are still stuck in limbo at the border. Yesterday, they attempted to rush the border again:

“A group of about 150 migrants attempted to breach a San Diego border fence on New Year’s, and some began throwing rocks at responding U.S. border agents who deployed pepper spray and tear gas on the crowd, authorities said …

Some migrants began throwing rocks over the fence at agents and officers, according to the agency.

“Several teenagers, wrapped in heavy jackets, blankets and rubber mats were put over the concertina wire. Border Patrol agents witnessed members of the group attempting to lift toddler-sized children up and over the concertina wire and (have) difficulty accomplishing the task in a safe manner,” a news release from U.S. authorities states.

The news release does not say what time the incident occurred, and a follow-up question was not immediately answered. Migrants interviewed in Tijuana said the incident occurred around 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

The Customs and Border Protection release said agents and officers deployed smoke, pepper spray and CS gas to address the rock throwers, who they said were assaulting border agents and also risking the safety of migrants who had already made it onto the U.S. side. …”

It was reported a few days ago that the biggest caravan yet, one that is 15,000 strong, is set to leave Honduras soon. Meanwhile, parts of the government have been shutdown for nearly two weeks because Congress can’t summon the will to spend a measly $5 billion to address the problem.

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  1. If you are really serious about defending your border you wouldn’t be afraid of using deadly force in order to defend it. Ask the Israelis. What does “our” military do? Act as baby sitters for the “refugees” as they line up to come in. I’ll bet 99.9% of them make it.

    What’s the point of a wall if 3rd worlders are on both sides of it?

  2. I’m seeing a (((pattern))) here starting at least with Constantinople and probably many times before. I think the (((Arc of the Covenant))) is in fact the (((central banking))) system and the Walls of Jericho being brought down by it is actually an allegory for the (((Babylonian Magic Money Machine))).

  3. Why is the military there? To be witnesses to the impotence of the American Empire in its’ final decline? Five billion won’t do much towards building the rest of the wall. But the Recucks are determined to not even pass a bill with that much wall funding, proving how traitorous and useless they are.

  4. Perhaps, if the Border Patrol used Sarin, Mustard gas, or white phosphorus that would stop this flood of muds from storming the border.

    One can dream, right?

  5. This is open and persistent treason. It’s no different from refusing to close city gates when a foreign horde is sweeping towards them.

    They openly act as if they were chosen for the express purpose of destroying the nation and heritage that duty suggests they must safeguard with their lives.

    The obscenity of it is stunning when you look directly at what’s happening.

  6. but the gas does not seem to be stopping them…perhaps the gas is too weak and diffused in the open air…one solution might be to confine these invaders in a closed space and then apply the gas….

  7. Why aren’t the Mexican authorities doing anything? These invaders are legally inside their territory. Mexico are complicit in this caper and aren’t lifting a finger to help. Keep them in Mexico. Make Mexico feed and be responsible for them.
    On a separate topic, reading two separate stories on the same page of an Australian newspaper:- ‘a man in Essen, Germany ploughs
    his Mercedes into a crowd of immigrants, injuring four, in a…’racist’ attack aimed at people who looked non European’. In the other story, ‘a jihadist with two knives carries out a frenzied… ‘attack’ on three people in Manchester, England on new years eve’. Note how the ‘R’ word is present in only one of the stories? Both stories were on the same page so the hypocrisy was blatant.
    Always remember……only whites can be racist. Only whites did slavery, only whites killed anyone…

  8. Trump should just order the military to build whatever. They do have the the army corps of engineers that built many structures within the US.

    All political theatre in my opinion. If he were serious this is the route he should take and avoid congress and the senate. 80+ billion is a lot of money for military spending.

  9. Without a newly revived and enlarged Confederate States … even a sort of virtual / defacto country within a country one … your “south” our “south,” will become a giant New York / California. All that stands between it are newsmen like you. Like it or not, YOU are “coaches,” and white southerners are YOUR team. Do you want to get to and win The Super Bowl ? Picture a coach that says, “aw man … the team mostly sucks, and they really don’t want to play. No practice this season guys … I’m focusing on other stuff.” 🙂 had the founders done that, none of you could even have a blog and none of us could even comment without being arrested today.

    The white south needs its coaches to care … and to imbue that caring into the team. Our enemies, like fire ants, are vigorously pushing their agenda. Their team. The ONLY way their team will win is if we let them.

  10. If there is a problem with the above link, it is titled, ‘Patriot Movement AZ 100s of illegals being dropped off’

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