John Bolton: Syria Withdrawal Is ‘Conditional’

As expected, the Israel Lobby and its neocon orbiters have gone to work on President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria, and now it is ‘conditional’ and there is no timetable for the withdrawal:

“The withdrawal of US troops from Syria depends on certain conditions, US National Security Adviser John Bolton says, in a further indication that the process is being slowed down.

On a trip to Israel and Turkey, he said he would seek Turkish assurances that Kurds in northern Syria would be safe.

The US also wants to ensure that the remnants of the Islamic State (IS) group are defeated, he added.

President Donald Trump has faced strong criticism over the planned US pullout.

When he first announced the move in the middle of December, he said: “They’re all coming back and they’re coming back now.”

US officials said American forces had been given 30 days to leave Syria.

Mr Trump also said at the time that IS had been “defeated”. …”

We’re leaving within 30 days has been transformed into maybe we will go after ISIS has been defeated, the security of the Kurds has been guaranteed and Iran is countered in Syria to Israel’s satisfaction. President Trump is also now in “the process of evaluating” the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. This is just the latest example of Trump attempting to do something to cater to his base that is blocked or walked back by the people surrounding him in his administration.

Note: If you don’t follow these issues on a daily basis like we do, you would have probably only heard about big headlines of troop withdrawals in December.

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  1. Trump already has a difficult uphill fight to win in 2020. If he capitulates on the wall as he’s doing on troop withdrawal he’s a one term president.

  2. Back in the 80’s the Zionists came up with their Yinon Plan which calls for destabilizing ALL their neighbors (Syria is a good example) in order to physically expand Israel’s borders. And our Zionist controlled country (U.S.) continues to fulfill this goal. If you have the time to study the situation, you will soon realize, that these mother-fucking Jews are on their way to controlling the whole fucking planet. And that includes what you’re allowed to THINK…

  3. Enough is enough. If Trump had any balls, he’d fire Bolton and challenge Sheldon Adelson to do something about it. Looks like another job for the Official Shamer Ann Coulter: “Poor Little Donald, Put-Upon Prez.”

  4. Well said Hunter, well said.
    It is so very sad to see what America has become. And it is all due to (((THEM))). Yet it would NOT have occurred if some so-called Whites didn’t sell America to the (((TRIBE))). Just as the Spartans were betrayed.

    “Note: If you don’t follow these issues on a daily basis like we do, you would have probably only heard about big headlines of troop withdrawals in December.”

    And THAT is why (((THEY))) are shutting down the internet, including financial blacklisting, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has banned Gab and its owner. Patreon, Vida, Mastercard, PayPal, and others have all done the same.

    Assad recently celebrated CHRISTMAS, yes that’s right CHRISTMAS. He is an Alawite and they celebrate both Christmas and EASTER. He is an Aryan. He is the only nation leader to tell the TRUTH about (((THEM))) and they WANT him DEAD. Not just out of power, but dead.

    Will Aryan men stand against the genocidal war being waged against them? Time will tell.

    Your soul is in your keeping alone.

    • Erdogan in Turkey also stands up to the Jews. They not only are scheming to establish slave states throughout the Middle East – they also want Russia. They are like pullulating maggots feasting on the souls of good honest people.

  5. Nothing new here.

    Israel overrides Trump.

    The Senate’s first order of business in the new Congress– to criminalize speech against Israel.

  6. At least if (((our))) troops are there they won’t be shooting civilians here when shit starts coming apart. Starting to think we should be supporting this permanent occupation.

  7. “Conditional”

    Leaving Syria “conditional” upon Israeli approval.

    Freedom of speech on Facebook, youtube, Twitter “conditional” upon jew approval.

  8. as I said when it was announced…

    more flim-flam from Trump.

    I’ve lost precise count, but

    this was either the 3rd or 4th time that Zion-stooge Trump

    has “withdrawn” from Syria.

  9. Why is comment approval being delayed by a day or so? By the time our opinions are shown, the story may have blown over. It also prevents us having dialog with each other in real time. Come on guys, work it out.

  10. Ocasio-Dissent was vindicated in its skepticism again. Trump said the US was leaving Syria months ago, and he was cock-blocked by Raw Dog Mattis and the usual suspects. We’ll see if this was just another false start, but it’s looking like it.

    How stupid do you have to be to take on Milk Mustache Man Bolton when you’re supposed to be withdrawing from these wars–oh, I mean “military engagements for muh democracy and human rights.” I’d have more sympathy for Trump if he weren’t such a bumbling idiot. His Zionism is his huge blind spot. Until he and the other zombified Americans learn about the JQ I don’t see anything ever turning around. Jews remain firmly in control.

  11. “This is just the latest example of Trump attempting to do something to cater to his base that is blocked or walked back by the people surrounding him in his administration.”

    Trump has all the power he needs. He is Commander in Chief. There is no one with more authority than him. Its just Don the Con running his usual tweet and do nothing scam.

    Trump and Republicans are really smart. They play 3D Chess. The opponents are their less than intelligent supporters.

    • I was thinking of having that ugly old jew bastard tied to a cross in some location where he can be pecked at by crows or seagulls.

  12. I’m currently listening to a rebroadcast of TGS Live on Vanguard Network…I recommend it…I don’t know how normies can’t see the ZOG…so far 2019 is not looking good no matter what TRS says.

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