President Trump’s Oval Office Address

I thought it was great.

While I agree with almost everything President Trump says here, I am worried it is too little, too late. This should have been done in 2017 and 2018 when Republicans controlled the House. It didn’t happen because the GOP leadership didn’t want to address the issue and preferred to kick the can down the road.

If Democrats continue to say no to funding the border wall, what then? Declare a national emergency? Order the military to build the border wall? I suppose he will try and it will be blocked by some federal judge. Then it will be up to John Roberts on the Supreme Court to make the call.

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  1. The Founders never intended for the judiciary to be a higher authority than the exeutive.

    The President needs to do two things concerning judges:
    1) Call them Unelected Dictators.
    2) Tell them to take off those damned skirts.

    • A. bit off topic, however a judge ???? is involved, and it is a strike against the less than 2%. Morris Disease and his impoverished anal sphincters have been beaten in a lawsuit. One ?? of the group s they harass best them in court.

      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are

    • Correct. American politics are boring and the system is completely broken. Whites will soon be outvoted all the time, anyway.

  2. This is the first time in my life that a president of the United States has gone on television and talked about something real.

    • In revisiting this post and rereading your comment, I was struck, as I should have been the first time, by your Yiddish-like use of “already.” Since you’re not Jewish–or so I figure–it’s ironic that even your distress over Aryans’ present situation reflects your marination in America’s Yiddishness.

      When I was a child, growing up in a neighborhood with a large Jewish population, that use of “already” was distinctly Jewish and, to my ear, unintelligent. Wiktionary’s “already” entry at confirms the Jewish influence:

      “The sense indicating impatience or exasperation is a calque of Yiddish ????? (shoyn) or has been influenced by it.”

  3. This is a good post to leave my final comment. I’ve said all I can say and advised all I can advise. I leave you with this. First, this is not an attack or even critique. You’re all good guys, and most posts are right on. It’s about “direction moving forward.”

    I’ve been deep in alt right news for about 14 years now, and in the last 10 deep in “southern nationalist” news. I realized a very odd thing recently. NONE of the sites EVER have anything about re booting the south, Confederacy 2.0, or any thing with the word Confederate in it, like in “suggest we re create it,” kind of way. You must admit this is very weird. Like having an “Ice Cream Factory,” but only serving cake. The cake’s really good … but no ice cream … IN THE ICE CREAM FACTORY. Ya feel me ? 🙂

    There’s a bunch but let’s look at just David Duke, League Of The South, ODD, and National Policy Institute. There’s only so many reasons why there would be no mention of CONFEDERATE. 1. They’re really deep state paid / organized “honey pots” designed to attract all the white supremacists so we can be watched. 2. They’re so chem trailed gmo’d fluoridated soyed and brainwashed they’re only operating on about 30 % level. 3. They don’t care. 4. They feel hopeless and despair. 5. They’re just nostalgic about the south … not on a deep level. 6. They aren’t “thinkers,” and have no plan. 7. It never really occurred to them !!! 8. ? Can you think of why ? I doubt it’s anything sinister. Maybe just lack of vision … confidence … inability to dream BIG ? Maybe they never “defined” who they are or more accurately, WHAT THEY WANT IF THEY COULD WAVE A MAGIC WAND.

    Are we “white southern nationalists” or just “white nationalists ?” White nationalists = United States. White southern nationalists = Confederate States. Make sense ? LOS put up signs reading SECEDE. Secession is just one component in the Confederate equation, and it’s not the first one you’ld bring up. Confederacy 2.0 would have to happen in steps and phases … the first being “talking about it.” Bouncing ideas around. Or perhaps you think we can save America as a whole ?

    Imagine Trump built a 100 ft wall on both borders AND doubled Maritime Security on both coasts. Then, another Obama comes in and let’s 10 huge caravans of 3rd world darkie invaders in through the main entrance ! See ? We wouldn’t have to worry about that in an all white Confederate States. Darkies wouldn’t even be allowed to VISIT !!!

    Going forward, I hope to see these and other “Confederate” sites, starting a movement that causes the south to rise again. “IF” the south does NOT rise again, and soon, there will be no good safe place for ANY “white nationalists,” southern or otherwise.

    Your mission, southern nationalists, should you decide to accept it, is to get the Confederate conversation going in 2019 …

    • @ Gray Ghost, I’m sorry to hear that you will no longer post on OD, but I think you’re being too myopic on the whole “Confederate ” labeling.

      When you’re trying to convince a population of Whites that have brain washed from kindergarten through college that the Confederacy was the most evil abomination in US history; how does it benefit us in winning over the normies/sheeple by using this knee-jerk trigger phase?

      Personally, I don’t care if the WN movement referred to itself as “Pan European Unity Party,” as long as our people and cultural survive.

      Remember it’s about the 14 Words, and not just the resurrection of the Confederate States of America.

    • Or here’s the realistic reason nobody is doing the whole Confederacy 2.0 thing:

      Because the Confederacy was a nation built on requiring niggers to do manual labor. The reason it lost wasn’t because of a failure of ideas, but because the North had the manufacturing, and no matter how much cotton you have, it can’t make guns.

      Oh, and btw, most White nationalists have no interest in continuing the status quo of how the US operates. The vast majority of non-Southern types are National-Socialists or Fascists, who have no interest in the charade of democracy that the US government is.

      Also, the rebuild-the-Confederacy thing has been around since 1870 with no progress.

      • Nonsense ! NO ONE is mentioning so much as a peep about it … therefore, how can we surmise patriots reaction to us starting a logical conversation about Confederacy 2.0 ? Patriots and uninformed sheeple, are sick of what America has become ( Planet Of The Apes, ) and I argue would welcome with open arms dialog about a new super white south.

        They need to be educated about who and why the word, “Confederate” was demonized. We don’t want a word darkies will like. We don’t want darkies in the south. Dogs pee on their territory to mark it. We “name” ours to mark it. A very enlarged – CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA !

        Now damn it, stand up and be proud of our heritage and welcome all Christian whites who want to be a part of it. All for one and one for all. Are you even familiar with the REAL Confederate flag ? It’s blue with a gold star in middle.

        Push a new Confederacy … or end up like the whites in South Africa within the next 10 years or so. Don’t be pussies. Stand up straight, suck in those guts and re build YOUR country !

    • I also monitoring the struggle in the West and wondering what exactly the “white nationalism” represents?

      Are those “white people” Hillary or Antifa or just people cucked beyond repair.

      In the UK , their nationalists also can not answer the simple question, what Brexit means. Do they want communist country outside EU like Stalin era Soviet Union or complete genocide like South Africa, also out of EU.

      Hungary and Poland are in the EU and they are white and their borders are closed and nobody never heard about homeless vets in Budapest streets.

      Genetic white liberals are problem. Jews too, but without genetic white liberal, Jews is the Generals without army.

  4. My theory, they will give him the funding and then the next president will retract it. These Satanists know how to skin a cat 40 different ways. Trump needs to start a train of executive orders.

  5. He isn’t going to build shit, and no one will do shit about it but cry and make more excuses for him and the next asshole that replaces him. War is coming.

  6. Republican homosexual marriage advocate Senator Rob Portman of Ohio is looking for a compromise with the Democrats on “border security”.

    If you recall, Senator Portman killed the Republican opposition to gay marriage when he announced that his son wanted to marry his homosexual partner.

    It’s possible that Portman Senior may have aids? He really looks bad on TV.

  7. It’s all so tiresome. Either sh*t or get off the pot, Donald! YOU CANNOT WIN WITH JEWS. Don’t you know that by now? You lost your daughter to Satan’s seed, and you think she is still alive, but she is DAMNED… and you will be, too, if you do not act in Christendom’s interest.

    I always wondered what it felt like to be around, at the Fall of Rome @ca. 476 A.D. Now, I think I know…..

    • Fr. John, did the Christian Church leave White people or vice-versa? As a baptized Christian, I became disillusioned with the Church when they started hanging rainbow flags outside the church and putting f@gg0t$ in charge. Currently, I believe that Christianity Inc. is undoubtably working against our people and countries. How is Christianity the religion for the White man when it has done nothing but attempt to bring about our destruction in the modern era?

  8. The mad man did it! He called what they’re doing to Australian whites genocide, and the anti-whites are chimping out. Yellow Vests in Australia soon!

    A point you can make to back it up:

    Genocide has nothing to do with violence.Genocide is PURPOSELY bringing about the end of a racial or ethnic group.

    4 out of 5 examples listed in Article 2 of the Genocide Convention are non-violent:

  9. I don’t question the president’s sincerity, but it is fair to ask why he didn’t do something about this when his party controlled both houses of Congress. Will the current House of Representatives agree to fund a wall? That is a howler! If we already had a wall on our Southern border, Ocasio-Cortez and the other hard leftists would probably introduce legislation to tear it down.

  10. …just after the speech,

    Trump sat down with (((Schumer))) and (((Pelosi)))

    and had a few laughs about his (fake) “Wall”.

    while the (equally fake) “government shutdown”


  11. What does drumpf have to lose by declaring a state of emergency and have the Navy’s Seabees and Army Corps of Engineers begin to build the wall?

    The (((deep state))), RETARDicans, democRats, and rabid egalitarians want his scalp. Drumpf wavers more than Hamlet.

  12. Meanwhile German “humanitarian” ships continue picking biotrash in the Mediterranean and dumping it on other European countries.
    Those goddamed boring airheaded cretins always scheming to ruin Europe, one way or the other, in the past two thousand years.

  13. why would the supreme court, or any judge anywhere, have anything to say about it? no judge anywhere on earth has anything to say about what the supreme commander of the US military does with the US military.

    this is aside from the fact that the remittance tax is the way to go on this.

    i suppose you could say, in either course of action, some judge somewhere will try to block whatever it is the president tries to do (via what legal mechanism, i have no earthly idea) and in that event, donald trump, as president of the united states, must absolutely, positively ignore the judge, ignore the court, or the power of the executive branch is lost forever.

    which it may already be.

    i think the bigger problem here is that trump will tell the pentagon to jump, and instead of asking him, how high, the pentagon will actually say, nah. we don’t do what you tell us to do. we’re pretty close to that now.

  14. This dude says shit and the Drumpfters fall all over themselves wanting to believe.

    Can you people not recognize a new york jew con man when you see one?


  15. Please call your congressional office

    Ask for staff member that handles constituent concerns

    Be polite

    Don t rant and rave

  16. The future is not in the deep south due to demography but the upper south and the American Midwest. A new Confederate states? More likely the future is a United White Heartland Republic. In other words UWHR not CSA although southern states will be a major component of the UWHR but not the only section.

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