DC Antifa Leader Arrested In Connection To Mob Assault On Marines In Philadelphia

It sure is strange that the FBI and the DOJ don’t seem to be that interested in this incident which involved multiple Antifa cells engaging in a violent hate crime:

“Washington, D.C. Antifa leader Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, also known as “Chepe,” was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in Philadelphia on Jan. 10 in connection to the Antifa mob attack against two Marines in November.

Alcoff faces 17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury.

An affidavit filed in the case reveals that The Daily Caller News Foundation’s reporting on Alcoff’s connection to violent Antifa groups was an integral factor leading to his arrest. …”

What was that about conspiracies and crossing state lines?

There don’t seem to be many “journalists” or “watchdog organizations” interested in this hate crime either. Another real shocker there.

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  1. i’ve started calling the FBI the FIB instead. rolls off the tongue and sums them up nicely. just a bunch of liars. zero respect for FIB agents now. there are no ‘good ones’. that’s the last lie to die. that there are good FBI agents who will speak up any minute now, blow the whistle, resign in disgust, spill the beans. it’s not happening. it won’t happen. there aren’t even any good FBI agents quietly working on actual law enforcement. every guy is compromised. FIB is it’s own entity now and works on whatever interests it has, instead of the nation’s interests.

    if hunter wants to explore something serious, less directly related to the trump era, he could start posting about how FIB is completely compromised at this point, are simply unconstitutional secret police now, and how the organization has become like other unaccountable secret police is various sucky countries around the world. that’s an interesting topic. how did it happen. what is the timeline. is there any way to extricate ourselves from this.

  2. Why does it seem to me that there wouldn’t even be charges if one of the Marines hadn’t been a wog? Or am I being too paranoid?

  3. You ALL need to do what I do-stay off the couch, the sugar, the booze and the smokes. Get yourselves fit and learn self-defense. Years ago I saw a white realist and a nog on a tv show panel, and missed the main parts of their exchange-but saw the bit at the end where the black got up and just totalled the white. Right then I realized-if you can’t handle yourself in an ultimate situation where you’re required to defend yourself-then don’t join the movement. Insure you have the physical capacity to back up your beliefs if necessary. Nogs are useless at most things-but they ARE fast, and they ARE large. When you leave the gym to go home and are not sore and buggered ,youve achieved nothing. Make it worth the trip.Go four times a week.
    Keep your head clear, tell the truth, and be fit. We can no longer allow the government or leftists to be our voice or brains-they don’t speak for us. Marxism and degenerate behavior has weakened us. Rise above all that and be the group our grandkids will be praising as the ones who saved their civilization.

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