Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro Addresses The American People

At the end of last year, I said that the thing that I was most worried about in 2019 was either a new war or recession overshadowing congressional gridlock:

Nothing is going to get done in Washington with a Democrat House and Republican Senate. The time is ripe for a new foreign policy adventure like Libya or Syria.

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  1. A real bloody nose in some ill-advised military misadventure could make the American people finally question their beloved Federal government to the point of slashing it by 80-90% It happened to the USSR in the 1980s thanks to Afghanistan.

    • Venezuela has zero ability to inflict a “bloody nose” on the US military. Thats what this heroic country does now…picks on and bullies countries that are no threat.

      • Actually, Venezuela could tie down our troops in a drawn-out guerrilla war a la Vietnam. And the Taliban have definitely shown the limits of American military power. 58,000 dead and several hundred thousand wounded/crippled is pretty much a bloody nose.

  2. So what did Maduro do to unleash the wrathful hate of das juden?

    I Maduro kudos for pointing out the (((msm))) and their controllers , not in name but in deeds.

  3. get it on, Trump. If

    (((they))) pull of regime change in Venzuela,

    (((they))) are more likely to try it against Iran.

    and if (((they))) fail against Iran, that

    will accelerate the collapse of the ‘Murkan ZOG.

  4. Viva el pueblo americano!!! Viva!!
    Señor Maduro habló ciertamente en español para dirigirse a la gente estadounidense!

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    • @Nemo

      Yeah…..its like the old days when you sent something to the print media, followed by an eternal wait to see if it ended up being published in the magazine or paper it was sent to. By the time you saw it, nobody was discussing the issue anymore. But what do you do? The trolls were just talking shit and disrupting the dialogue. You couldn’t argue your point with them because they were like children. Having said all that, I miss the challenges they presented-chatting only with the converted can be rather boring, as nice as these guys are.

      • This is my fault.

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  6. All centralized governments need to be abolished. I’m not sure localized government works that well either. Just look at the antics of your local HOA board or school board. And, the corruption is just as bad at the bottom and in the middle as it is at the top. I have come to the conclusion that crooks, in one form or another, make up greater than 50% of the population.

    • I’m not trying to start a fight, here, but do you not get how/why your assertion negates your faith? Roman Catholicism *is* centralized government on very synthetic steroids.

    • “All centralized governments need to be abolished”

      I think citizens should have the right to reject or undo policies using an Internet connection. If politicians want to open our borders, give tax cuts to billionaires and homoglobo corps, send our children to war for Israel and leave us with the debt, ship our jobs overseas, then they must get each policy past the online citzen voters, just like they must submit policies to the Senate and the President for ratification.

      The politician’s job can and should be outsourced and automated for efficiency, just like every other job is being outsourced and automated. What do we need all the expense and corruption of a Senate for, when the citizenry is willing to do their job for free?

  7. Are these fools ever going to turn their attention to the dictator in France? Or, the ones in Brussels? I doubt we’ll see one tweet about them.

  8. So what’s it to be? The Monroe Doctrine or Washington’s advice against entangling alliances with other nations? Usually what the U.S. touches turns to sh*it. Witness Iraq and Libya. When I see sudden spontaneous demonstrations I think Soros on the local scene and CIA on the international scene. These things do not develop out of the blue fully born like Athena from the head of Zeus.

  9. “The fight for freedom” as if we had real freedom here with no free speech and sinking in a sea of brown. Conservatards still going for these tired, fallacious old dog whistles.

    In the days of Colonialism conquering 3rd world countries was about raw materials and other economic gains for the mother country. Today our blood and treasure is spent for words.

  10. They need a real “humanitarian crisis” to put the final nail in the coffin. People coming in too slowly for their liking. They need a real flood.

    That is what this is all about.

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