Returned to Chicago

I just returned to outside of Chicago from a rather disappointing January trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. I did get off the island and had some very good Southern church experiences but I pretty much hate Hilton Head, SC. Also, Charleston, SC was very disappointing. Confederate history places are being downgraded and closed. The place seems to be populated by yuppies from Boston!

Oh well.

I did attend an excellent Southern college club sport hockey tournament in Savannah, GA and enjoyed conversing with honest Uber/Lyft drivers. Also, the Southern Arkansas gal that checked my bags at Hilton Head airport was THE best and she upgraded me to 1st class.

I got back to just outside Chicago, escaped the brutal arctic freeze ( I can handle extreme cold ).

The talk of the town is that some Black African American actor on the ratings failing TV show “Empire” who claims he was attacked at 2 AM by racist MAGA hat wearing White guys that tried to lynch him! NJ Senator Cory Booker and the entire Congress critters are grandstanding that we need to make some Federal Hate Crime law to make it illegal for racist White MAGA guys to stalk and try to lynch Black Gay guys in downtown Chicago….

(I was kind of under the impression that it was already illegal to try lynching anyone in Chicago for any reason, but that’s just me).

Chicago’s excellent retired police officer blog Second City Cop is having a lot of fun with this latest racist hate crime hoax:

In other news, the UK Guardian rag newspaper has partnered with the Gillette shaving company to launch a PC crusade against toxic masculinity.

Our own Farstar has given his response here.

Stay strong, brothers and sisters.


  1. I send you greetings from my igloo in the Somali People’s Republic of Minnesota! May your power never go down; may you never become a human popsicle.

  2. Proctor & Gamble has been going down the anti-White male road for a long time. This really is nothing new of them. P&G is the elite type who supports homosexual advocates like Rob Portman and various other virtue signaling Republicans in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

    You can always get even by not buying Proctor & Gamble products that range from DAWN dishwashing detergent to Ivory Soap. That’s the only thing these anti-White hedonists understand!

  3. A short time of go couples often appeared in black face for Halloween. Now it’s unacceptable behavior??? What about Bill and HIllary? During the election their master and slave pictures taken at a college party were everywhere and BLM simply ignored them.. Could someone find and resurrect them? Pelosi and Schumer need a copy for sure!

  4. The kike Al Jolsen aka Asa Yoelson made a career out of blackface in the early 1900’s and another kike , Bobby Berger, carried on that tradition until 2015. The not job rabbis in criminal state of Israel call these black beast monkeys.

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