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Tony and Matt cover some breaking news, then dive into introducing the new show and its purpose. With most episodes, we’ll have a featured guest with a dox-resistant career. The first episode features Matt Parrott himself discussing computer programming as a promising and rewarding career one can pursue while being a shitlord.

Foundry Manifesto

When one thinks of labor unions and the labor movement as a vehicle for political change, one typically thinks of the Left, Marxism, international socialism, and internationalism in general. It echoes. The truth is that Jewish Marxists hijacked America’s organic labor traditions; which were integrally identitarian, nativist, and traditionalist. One of America’s earliest trade unions, the Order of United American Mechanics was a whites-only union organized in the wake of Philadelphia’s 1844 “anti-alien riots” to oppose cheap foreign labor.

Cesar Chavez, the acclaimed Latin American UFW labor leader, actively reported and even had his men attack illegal immigrants, with all of the major unions in the 60s and 70s staunchly opposed to illegal and even legal immigration. As Milton Friedman correctly noted, “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.” You can’t have fair wages or representation in the workplace, either.

Not only have today’s American labor unions been poisoned with intellectually bankrupt Marxist theory, America’s Wagner Act unions have also been crippled by decades of constraining legislation. We can resolve this problem by hearkening back to the origins of organized labor, back when they were truly secretive, truly radical, and truly committed to uplifting America’s white tradesmen.

Our Foundry Syndicates are secretive, but not initiatic or esoteric. Our Foundry Syndicates are starting from the floor–the factory floor–and growing up from there, rather than waiting for some hero to come along and do the work for us. One shop, small business, and entrepreneurial venture at a time, we’re developing a grassroots network of men apprenticing, mentoring, and investing in one another.

A ten percent tithe of our net wages are informally invested into a pool that each syndicate collaboratively invests in mutual uplift and political advancement. Ten percent sounds like a lot, and it is. But you decide where and how it’s invested. There’s a lot that needs invested in, whether it’s helping one of the members with a family hardship, helping an apprentice get the training resources he needs, funding regular meetings, helping our political prisoners, prepping every members for economic adversity, or helping out with the larger struggle.

Quietly and patiently, you’ll work to replace liberal white men and women alike at your workplace. Quota and discrimination laws limit how much you can replace minorities and immigrants, and that’s actually fine. The goal is to chase degenerates and globalists out of the austerity-resistant skilled trades. The goal is to ratchet the white working class between loyalty to their own and the destitution in store for them.

Austerity is coming, and the only jobs that will be secure will be the real jobs, jobs where real skilled work is being performed. If you believe white men are being squeezed out of the government and multinational corporate jobs now, wait a few decades. And when those sectors contract, the white males will be the first on the chopping block, even if they grovel. By aggressively cornering the sectors which are resistant to neoliberal quotas and human resources games, we can position our movement and our families to succeed.

Our podcast, The Foundry, will not “lead” these Syndicates. That’s your job. You’re the leader. All we’ll be doing is all that we’re capable of doing; helping you, encouraging you, supporting you, and serving as a resource hub for your work. It’s the most important work possible for white identity, because it’s the foundational work necessary to raise up a new generation of self-confident, self-sufficient patriarchal family men, foundrymen, who can’t be doxxed and intimidated into standing down.

Street activism, formal organizations, and strategies all come after the foundation. The Foundry is pouring that foundation. If you’re skilled in a trade or profession that empowers you to support yourself and your family without fear of being doxxed, contact us at If you’re a young man who’s truly ready to throw yourself into one of these trades or professions, contact us. We’re going to do our best to try to network mentors with mentees, masters with apprentices, employers with employees.

The left started its conquest of our nation with grassroots labor activism, and that’s where we must begin, too. The only dignity this system will afford you is what you earn from the sweat of your brow. By teaming up with other foundrymen, we can begin creating the social and economic spaces for our identity and values which will be the foundation for effective political resistance. Join us.

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