Border Walls in Israel and the USA – Orwell’s “1984” Double Think

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
George Orwell, 1984

British writer George Orwell wrote his brilliant novel “1984” in the year 1949 at a time when England/Great Britain were 95% plus White. Orwell did “notice” Leftist/Communist political corruption of language and the brutal persecution of individuals that dared to think for themselves. But, “1984” has very little or no references to racial matters. Well, we do.

We are now forced to hold two completely contradictory beliefs about race:

1) Race is a social construct – it doesn’t exist, all differences in people are caused by environment.

2) Whites are evil, responsible for all bad things, even responsible for bad weather because evil Whites with their White privilege are causing…..


Yep, pure Double Think.

Another case of pure double think is our political class/media elite’s views of border walls.

Israeli Border Wall

1) The United States and all remaining majority White Western countries must not have border walls, must not have any restrictions on the mass migration of 3rd world people of color, including unrestricted migration of illiterate low IQ Muslim men of military age.

2) Israel is perfectly right to have strict border walls and implement Jewish only immigration and reserve Israel/Palestine as a Jewish ethno state.

How can these completely opposite ways of thinking be reconciled? Easy:

Double Think

Next the powers that be follow up the brutal Double Think with vicious persecutions, ad hominem attacks against White Americans, White Westerners who “dare to speak out” or who dare to think politically incorrect thoughts like, you know maybe, just maybe we should protect our own people, protect our own borders.


  1. Jews are usually at the forefront of the victim industry. If nothing much happens, they’ll go out looking for something. If one Jew had his face spat on, the excited Jew press and lawyers would be circling like a pack of vulchers, making a mountain out of a molehill.
    If white Americans, Europeans or South Africans are the vics of anything-shoooosh, be quiet don’t report the truth……das wayist.
    Orwell was a genius. Who else who was alive in 1949 could ever predict the hideous state we’re now in?

    • I truly believe Orwell was tip offed on the ‘Great Plan’ or was part of it being a freemason or a member of some other secret society.

      These lunatics who run our world today all bow to the ‘zionist plan’, all part of the plan as the ‘great plan’

      Freemasonry and all its satanic offshoots are the reason for all our worlds modern problems. As they’re ripping down Confederate monuments, they still have one they worship in the south and in DC who revealed some their great work in ‘Morals and Dogma’ by high degree freemason and Confederate General Albert Pike. Yet people worldwide fluff this off as nothing and just conspiracy theories.

      Up here in the north one of the first pilgrims to come to the new world and first governor of Plymouth county in 1620 was high ranking freemason William Bradford. He’s buried under an obelisk only awarded after death for freemasons. On the obelisk are Hebrew wtitings, there’s the connection. Always had and always will.

  2. “Orwell was a genius”

    I’m not sure I would call anyone who fought for the Republican Faction (a witch’s brew of various leftist ideologies including anarchists and communist) during the Spanish Civil War rational, let alone a “genius”.

    But then again, I’m a Falangist, thus am a bit biased when it comes to that. So what do I know?

    • The books he wrote were still brilliant, even if he was too stupid to realize he was advocating for the very people he was speaking out against in his writings.

      • I think he wrote “1984” long after he fought with the Left Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. His knowledge of Communism/Stalinism was learned by being with actual Communists in the Spanish Civil War.

  3. Burn baby, burn. Populism is the future. We will have our righteous anger spew forth like raging waters over a dam.

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