Congress Strikes Deal To Avoid New Government Shutdown

$38 billion for Israel which rounds out to $3.8 billion a year for ten years
– $1.75 billion for 55 miles of bollard fencing in the United States

The deal will actually slash ICE detention beds. What is bollard fencing?

“Finish the wall”

Trump is holding another one of his rallies about the border wall in El Paso tonight. If you want to watch him blather on, you can do so below. He’s promising right now not to sign it.

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    • it’s 55 miles of “bollards”:

      those round things they use to prevent suicide bombers from driving into buildings.

      but the shitskins can walk right thru.

      it’s like an insult. But Trump,

      like his Jew owners,

      has no shame, and the Whites who voted for him are

      complete idiots. BTW:

      the entire length of the disappeared border is…2,000 miles.

  1. Israel has a big, beautiful wall. My tax dollars helped pay for it while thousands of diseased invaders enter my country every day.

    • Isn’t israel building its 3rd wall now? The 1st on the West bank, 2nd in the south to keep out African migrants (same purpose as the wall we want). And now they are building one in Gaza. So you see, we are getting walls built with our tax dollars – walls to protect the only people who matter. …

    • Good analogy but the poor suckers have no idea they’re being abused and will curse you for bringing it to their attention. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  2. Trump’s campaign promises were most of what we needed, at a minimum, to keep hobbling along as a “free and sovereign state.” The results so far? No wall, no swamp draining, no fighting back against his enemies, no protecting allies and supporters (not in Israel), no ending foreign wars. On his signature issue, the one that got him elected: 40 miles of rebuilt fence, 14 miles of new fence, and 55 proposed miles. Rounding up, that’s 110 miles of the 1000 Trump promised.

    • Spencer run for president? That would be nothing more than a vanity campaign, the kind of thing a narcissistic psychopath would do. But then again Spencer is a narcissistic psychopath. As long as Drimp is defeated and then arrested for incompetence.

    • I will vote for him. If we can get enough white nationalists to vote for him, while Republicans lose, then it will show that we are a voting block that they need to win elections. That doesn’t mean they will deliver policies for us, of course. The donors will still get their undivided attention the day after elections, but at least they will need to employ some mildly pro-white rhetoric (or avoid anti-white rhetoric at the very least), which could help to open up space to work in where we could further normalize our positions.

      • debate..what? Did IQ’s just drop suddenly here?

        Trump had his favorite daughter convert to Judaism and marry a Wall Street Jew.

        that is a Ritual of Submission. (((They)))

        have owned Trump since his first bankruptcy.

        • @Haxo: I assure you no IQ’s were subjected to frostbite during this discussion. Trump surely must be jew-wise, having dealt with those pests for decades as a NYC real estate mogul. Exactly what goes through his mind is a bit of a mystery.

  3. Under the current dynamics, no elected leader can achieve the kind of things we want them to.
    Trump is about as impotent as an aging drug addict……but it goes further back in the chain than him. You’ve got people behind the scenes-and we all know who they are-who make the real decisions. You’ve got leftard, Marxist doctrine in school’s and uni’s churning out tomorrows Commie rabble, and a media that is run by Jews with an agenda. Under this system, our people, and any future Trump, can’t win, and can’t change anything.
    How America, and also the wider West, ended up with such a hideous, anti-white system is beyond my field of understanding, but I do know that nothing can change until we-or somebody-undo’s it.

    • @john: Unless I am mistaken the infiltration of our institutions began in the 1930s, when all the subversive jews and reds in Germany were kicked out by Heetler.

      • @Spahn

        Yeah mate I think you’ve nailed it. Instead of letting the jooooo$ escape to other parts of the West, he probably should have rounded all of them up and, I don’t know, just dealt with them properly in concentration camps or something.

      • You are mistaken. The (((Federal Reserve))) for instance, was established as early as 1913. Though infiltration of institutions can be identified going back as far as the Civil War for those who can connect dots. Powerful Jewish bankers who made their money speculating on and manipulating the outcomes of wars, were already well established in the Western World at that time. It shouldn’t be too inconceivable that meddling may have occurred from such (((bankers))) whereof the records of history have curiously chosen to not issue record. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since the winners of war, are the ones to determine what is and is not ultimately the record of history: As we see with the Holohoax.

    • Hey jew troll, you aren’t enlightening anyone here. People like you accomplish zero, and you had the audacity to trash Ilhan Omar, who actually got fucking elected to congress and had the guts to call out the jews.

      • Interesting. Comment deleted before even being posted…Lol. Claiming hatred censorship, while doing nothing but. It may be to time to move on from this site.

        • Moderated comments is the only way to go on a controversial dissident site like this with enemies, government infiltrators, and (sadly) crude and profane idiots ostensibly on our side infesting the comments forum. If you don’t understand why it’s desirable to filter the comments for illegal behavior, trolling, and purposely divisive posts then you may be part of the problem.

          Kudos to Hunter Wallace for turning moderation back on.

      • @ps_mike

        I couldn’t see anything from the other bloke that would generate such a response so I’m assuming that it was aimed at me.
        Firstly, calling me Jewish is like calling a Chevrolet a Nissan. I’m about as un-Jewish as you can get-being an Australian farmer who lives nowhere near Israel or Nooo Yoyk. Cast your eyes back to some of my many previous comments as a guide to my opinion of them.
        Secondly, I’m not a troll-I care deeply about my peoples racial and cultural future and security. I pester politicians relentlessly and am currently accommodating a white South African family until their immigration processes are finalized.
        As for Omar god…..well yes she said a few things about the Jews…….but it doesn’t suddenly make her one who’s looking out for us. They might say one thing that we may agree with…..once every five years, but it’s likely just to help HER people, not ours. They tend to look out only for their own. They don’t give a shit about us. Jews are no good for us….nor are blacks, Asians or Muslims.
        Ideed if that comment of yours was aimed at someone else, then disregard all that I just said.
        In future, please NAME the person you’re responding to, or we don’t know who it is for sure. Thanks.

        • @john

          God bless you for what you are doing with the South African family.

          To make a long story short, I am completely aware. My approach is to foment massive resentment toward the rich. You need allies. I interpreted your post as something that would have come from a younger alt right type of guy before Trump got elected.

          “but I do know that nothing can change until we-or somebody-undo’s it.”

          I want to be that somebody. I grew up and still live in southern California. I work with mostly hispanics, who mostly do labor and do not get rich from passive income and investments. I used to trade stocks 10 years ago and know how the financial system steals from honest labor. I’ve been selling that to laboring non whites, since I am around them in my locale all the time, and I count many as friends. I get nothing but success from these talks. I have had virtually ZERO success engaging my own kind, from the military types to professional college educated. Money rules the game, and I have explained myself blue in the face to those here in these types of forums. White nationalism, as many want here, will not work with the present economic system. All races are inferior when it comes to responding to financial incentive. You will be sold out. My job, as I see it, is to gather allies among class lines. If the lower classes unite against the decadent rich, it will set the table for many new communities, including white people.

          I like the passion of a lot of non whites. I like that am surrounded by younger hispanics. That’s where the revolution will come from. I aim to foment it. I tried the other way. Never again. It’s about money. It always will be. Goering didn’t give a rat’s ass about ideology. He joined because he saw the passion and knew that’s where the fight was going to come from.

  4. For many years GOP dangled an end to abortion in front of pro-lifers. Nothing happened.
    Trump dangles a wall in front of his supporters.
    Do I have to tell you how it ends, especially since SOTU when Trump declares he’s FOR immigration and in GREATER numbers?
    What need of a wall if 3rd wordlers are on both sides of it?

  5. I have known it for a while, but it’s really struck me lately–America, as I remember it growing up in the 80’s and 90’s is dead. The lines are still there on the map, but it’s already broken up. Trump’s agenda, to the extent he was serious, and he had a lot of bad ideas from day one (ending the Iran deal, “big beautiful door” in the wall), was the bare minimum necessary to keep this old heap of an empire limping along a few more miles.

    It would have been smart to give Trump a few token victories to pacify the hoi polloi, but the (((donors))) and the (((Deep State))) couldn’t even give us a symbolic wall. In a way I’m glad. The sooner we let go of the idea of Murika the sooner we can move on to Balkanization.

  6. My comments better not be FUCKING censored. People who call themselves “white nationalists” and alt right, who hate “underclass whites” and support right wing economic policies, are SCUM. I HATE them and want them to DIE horribly.

  7. Syria tomahawk missile attack – strike one.

    Signing the disasterous omnibus bill – strike two.

    Will strike three be Trump signing this micro-wall bill?

    Going to start looking at Tulsi Gabbard and / or the Libertarian Party for 2020.

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