President Trump Endorses Regime Change In Venezuela

President Trump gave a speech in Florida this afternoon in which he condemned socialism and again called for the overthrow of Venezuela’s government:

“WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump bluntly put Venezuela’s military leaders on notice Monday that they should embrace the Latin American country’s new political leadership or they will risk their lives and their nation’s future.

In unusually harsh language, Trump said millions of people in Venezuela are suffering from hunger and death while military leaders in the oil-rich nation support a corrupt, repressive regime that has hidden away billions of dollars.

“We know who they are, and we know where they keep the billions of dollars they have stolen,” Trump said during a speech in Miami.

Trump’s remarks came just weeks after his administration recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s president and were directed at Florida’s Venezuelan community as he tries to appeal to Latino votes heading into the 2020 election.

Florida is home to 166,531 residents who identified themselves as Venezuelan, according to 2017 data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s roughly half the Venezuelan community in the United States.

Declaring “a new day is coming to Latin America,” Trump stressed the United States seeks “a peaceful transition of power” in Venezuela, but did not rule out the possibility of military action.

“All options are open,” he said. …”

“America First” now sounds like a Marco Rubio speech. Trump is now using the same Boomer rhetoric about liberty and democracy that Rubio and Cruz used during the campaign:

Sounds familiar:

“Freedom and democracy.”

“This failed evil dictator is starving his own people.”

“We seek a peaceful transition of power but all options are on the table.”

Note: In the speech, Trump brings up the Jew David Smolansky who fled Venezuela to the United States after Maduro came to power. He is a “third generation refugee” from socialism.

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  1. The Jewing never ends. Did Trump give off whiffs of the rancid lox and bagel routine, during his campaign.

    I don’t know if he wants to be re-elected – but he won’t be. ANY alleged WN still supporting him will give up by the next POTUS round The MAGATARDS will either die off, or be too busy dealing with the influx of criminal mestizos from South America to swallow Trump’s poisoned schmaltz. I’m making an early prediction that is Biden is run as POTUS – he’ll win. He’ll run rings around Don the Con.

    Anyway – this is jewing of Venezuela is beyond disgusting. It’s so lame and obvious. Is any-one swallowing the crap?

    • At this point the only supporters Drimp still has left are the babby boomers on Gab, madam. They have built a cult of personality around that orange nigger.

    • Actually, I think he’ll win. Precisely because the jews will now want him to win. He has demonstrated absolutely loyalty to them, why shouldn’t they manipulate the results to get him back into office as a reward and to continue having a staunch ally in the White House?

  2. If this speech is any indication on where his campaign is heading I am expecting a landslide defeat for the GOP.

    This speech was a repeat of any of the 16 candidates he beat in the 2016 primary – not to mention it could have been given by George W. Bush. “Muh Freedom, Muh Democracy, Muh dictators, Muh humanitarian”

    Trump never used this language in his 2016 primary win. He never once used it against Hillary. It’s starting to appear that he is going to be running a traditional conservative campaign and it’s going to be a disaster for him.

  3. Without Trump there would be no Brexit, without Trump and Brexit no Salvini in Italy, without Trump would be no Bolsonaro in Brazil.
    There would be only Orban and the Poles that would be crushed one way or the other.
    Their behavior and words many times are disgusting, but they are better than the alternatives.
    Salvini in Italy blocked the entry of at least 100.000 more negroes, and is blocking European legislation that would increase control in the Internet.
    Without a catastrophic event the changings are gradual.
    Anyway US is doomed but Europe still has a chance.

    • Shlomo, you’re back. Did you hear how the brit “jew-us” system upheld the (((prosecution))) of Alison Chabloz for artistic expression. One of her songs that offended the Chosen was “Nemo’s anti-Semitic Universe.”

      According to Ms. Chabloz, Nemo ”refers to CAA Chief Twitter Troll Stephen Applebaum” … “Nemo” aka Applebaum certainly identifies as a Jew. As for working for the state of Israel, it is easy to prove that most of his time is spent on Twitter trolling for Israel. His daily visits to my website show a worryingly unhealthy obsession, as well as indicating that he is still tasked with finding something – anything! – that his CAA master/mentor can then report to police.

      Are you the same Nemo?

      see ->

  4. This is outrageous.

    It’s the opposite of what we were promised in 2016.

    Installing a US puppet is bringing democracy to Venezuela?

    Bolton already admitted he has talked with US oil companies about running (read: taking over) Venezuela’s oil.

    Threats of military force to overthrow the elected government.

    I hope they fail miserably and start leaving other folks alone.

    People were hanged at Nüremburg for “waging aggressive war.” Time to apply the same standards?

  5. Venezuela is friendly to Iran and reportedly helps that country avoid or lessen the impact of US economic attacks (i.e. sanctions). My guess is at least part of this is to please Israel.

    • One thing I’m certain of: The Venezuela regime change threat has nothing to do with Trump or the neocons giving a rat’s ass about the people who live there.

  6. ‘Millions are suffering from hunger and death’
    And I can just hear the average American taxpayers whispering to themselves right now- how the fuck is that our problem? Trump was elected to serve and help Americans.
    And rest assured, any military intervention in Venezuela will mean endless Veno reffoes into America, but then, that was likely the Jewish goal all along. The 166 thousand will become 166 million. In any case, why don’t Brazil or Argentina step in if help is required? They’re right there.
    Nothing makes sense until you awake on the JQ.

  7. Instead of the Trump presidency moving the *overton window* to the right, he has simply pushed the *overthrow governments* focus from the Middle East to South America. Oops, no, he still wants to overthrow Iran and Syria also.

  8. Politicians, D or R. lib or con are only the apparent rulers. They are only just the tools of the real rulers: A hostile international elite composed of Jews and billionaire capitalists committed to a worldwide globalist future in which White people aren’t welcome.

    The harsh lesson I learned from Trump: Don’t support either of these parties, at least at the national level. The Feds don’t work for White people.

  9. This is America First in Neocon language. That’s all Trump is surrounded by Noecons and Jews. Like I’ve said many times Trump didn’t drain the swamp, the swamp drained Trump.

  10. (((Democracy))) because this worked out so well in Iraq and Afganistan. Make no mistake, our Talmudic overlords ruined the economy of Venezuela in retaliation for Chavez nationalizing the banks and oil and putting a stop to other Jewing activities. I think the first (((coup))) attempt was 2006 and the US has been screwing over Venezuelans since before then. We need a strong anti-war anti-foreign meddling movement badly.

  11. Here’s my take on the zio-con’s recent belligerence toward Venezuela.

    Maximum leader Nuttyahoo wants a war with Iran before the 2020 presidential primaries. A war between the jewnited states, israhell, wahabi arabia, and Iran would drive oil and gasoline prices through the roof.

    Venezuela is sitting on the Earth’s largest oil reserves. After zog takes control of Venezuela’s oil and oil production, they’ll use Venezuela’s oil to keep a lid on out of control fuel prices and inflation.

    Having the world’s largest oil reserves also provides israhell with dirt cheap petroleum to continue wage their terrorist activities across the Middle East and beyond.

    CITGO stocks are going to soar. I’m sure Goldman Sachs has their hooked noses on the spigot.

  12. Whether Trump gets reelected depends not on Republicans or his supporters by who the Democrats run. If they run another left-wing nut job who writes off all of red state America (Kamela Harris, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren) he will win his reelection. Regardless Trump has been good for us as he has proven the system cannot be reformed from within. Trump is good as it gets and that leaves much to be desired. This is as good as it gets!

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