President Trump Prepares For Showdown With Venezuela

There is going to be a stand off tomorrow on the Venezuela border that Maduro and Russia are saying could provide the pretext for a US military intervention in Venezuela:

“President Trump pressed ahead Friday with a potentially risky gambit that he can help evict what he calls a disastrous socialist dictatorship in Venezuela, dispatching a U.S. special envoy and other officials to the scene of a standoff with President Nicolás Maduro’s security forces.

Elliott Abrams and other State Department officials accompanied an airlift of U.S. humanitarian aid to the Colombian border in a provocative partnership with Maduro’s political rival as tensions rise over the internal power struggle in Venezuela. The Trump administration has not said whether it will attempt to deliver the aid by force Saturday, the day when opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who is supported by the Trump administration, has said the relief supplies will cross into Venezuela.

Trump has repeatedly said that military action is an option, including in remarks Monday to Venezuelan exiles in Miami, setting up a paradox for a president who has argued that the United States wastes money and lives when playing global policeman.

But Trump has seized on Venezuela as an opportunity to condemn socialism and potentially restore democracy — a stance popular with his political base — after elections last year were widely denounced as fraudulent.

Having leaned so heavily into the conflict, Trump risks looking weak or ineffective at home and abroad if the Maduro regime survives in the face of U.S. opposition. …”

Elliot Abrams is on the ground in Colombia trying to bring down the Maduro government. This could turn into a very ugly color revolution. We will be keeping a close eye on it.

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    • I got off the Trump Train in March of 2017. And I have had absolutely no desire to get back on it since then.

  1. We have to support Nicolas Maduro. Yes, he may be an inapt leader with jewish roots but he is a better guy than assholes like Elliot Abrams and John Bolton.

      • I think he describes himself as a socialist, just like Bashar al-Assad. And yes, we should support Elliot Abrams enemies.

      • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could nationalize the (((Fed))) and (((big oil))) in the US? Words like communism and capitalism are pretty meaningless when (((central bankers))) control the economy.

        • We should also turn all social media services into a public utility. But none of these things will happen under the current ZOG regime.

    • I see no reason to support Maduro. I also see no reason for the United States to spend blood and treasure overthrowing him. These fools have not figured out that things usually get worse wherever the US goes poking its fingers.

  2. I’m sure the fact that Zionist war criminals like Bolton and Abrams are involved in the attempted overthrow of Maduro’s govt is something the Venezuelans have noticed and aren’t too happy about. I hear Foam Party Faggot Marco Rubio is down there trying to stir up trouble. Hopefully that lisping, limp-wristed maricón will be arrested and shot.

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