Vice President Mike Pence Announces New Venezuela Sanctions

If you were wondering why regime change in Venezuela has suddenly become the top priority of the Trump administration, it is because Vice President Mike Pence is running our foreign policy:

“Why it matters: Most people know Pence has been a driving force behind perhaps the most socially conservative presidency in modern history — especially on abortion rights. But that’s just the start. For the past two years, the vice president has done more than arguably any other senior administration official to propel President Trump’s most hawkish foreign policy positions. He’s done so consistently in private and, increasingly, in public.

Nobody has had more influence over Trump’s Venezuela policy than Pence.

National Security Advisor John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Sen. Marco Rubio also play pivotal roles, but from the first days of the Trump presidency, Pence has dominated the issue. …”

Pence was in Venezuela yesterday.

He met with Juan Guaidó, the guy who Washington decided was the new president of Venezuela in January, and announced the Trump administration was imposing a new round of sanctions on Venezuela as punishment for the stunt it pulled on Colombia’s border last weekend:

“BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Vice President Mike Pence announced additional sanctions on Venezuelan officials Monday, urged Latin American neighbors to freeze assets of the state oil company and held his first face-to-face meeting with Venezuela’s opposition leader.

Visiting Colombia, Mr. Pence also warned some countries in the region that have conspicuously sought to remain neutral in the crisis convulsing Venezuela that they cannot remain so, singling out Mexico and Uruguay.

“We believe there can be no bystanders,” he said. “No one on the sidelines of this, particularly in our hemisphere.”

The statements by Mr. Pence, who was making his fifth trip to Latin America, escalated the Trump administration’s campaign aimed at pressuring President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela to step down. …”

Pence invoked Abraham Lincoln and vowed to bring “a new birth of freedom” to Venezuela. This is the same “new birth of freedom” that neocons have brought to the people of Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine over the past 25 years.

The catch is that no one in Venezuela elected Juan Guaidó. A cabal of neocons in Washington simply decided to install Guaidó as president and the Venezuela military is stubbornly refusing to budge and launch an unpopular coup. Freedom appears to be on the way though.

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  1. Little to no chance the jewnited states congress will make it illegal to BDS Venezuela or any other nation that doesn’t genuflect to the juden.

  2. This is good example how isms work.

    When you like Nationalism then genetic white liberals turn this to endless wars like Ukraine.
    When you like Christianity then genetic white liberals turn it into witch burning Israel fan club
    When you like Capitalism then genetic white liberals turn it into low wage legal slavery.
    When you like Hamsters then genetic white liberals take over and very soon the greatest danger to hamsters is luck of qualified hamster specialists so that to keep your hamster safe, we need mass immigration.

    Is the witchcraft good or bad ? Well, it depends. For white liberals it does not matter. In one case they can burn innocent people at the stake. In other case, they treat sick people with medical marijuana. Both ways genetic white liberals get lot of people dead. If you survive the abortion and homosexuality and narcotics and live until 18, then genetic white liberals ramp up patriotism and get you killed in the WWI or WWII.

    Genetic white liberal is the root cause of all bad things happened to white people in the last 3500 years. Ancient Egypt was white and Roman Empire too. We must learn to recognize madness inside us, genetic white liberal.

    • I just wasted 13 minutes watching that, so I have to comment:

      I can’t speak for all Southern nationalists, unfortunately you are wrong – most are unfortunately not Communists, nor are paleocons and libertarians Communists as you seem to think. I however, am absolutely a Communist, not being ironic, not using Nazbol memes as an edgy joke – I am a filthy dirty Red scum and proud of it. I am a Marxist-Leninist whose goal is the complete destruction the American Empire and the victory of Communist world revolution. As a Marxist-Leninist I believe in the right to self-determination of all ethnicities except Jews, who are mortal enemies. My goal for the South is a Soviet Peoples’ Republic of Dixie, which will be allied with the global revolutionary anti-imperialist, Third Worldist struggle to smash the international capitalist system and liberated the wretched of the earth.

  3. Guide look a little like Obama. That said; why can’t “No-nonsense” Pence do anything bold to help out his own country?

  4. This is a Corporate War move, I believe. Bases MUST be secured for the bigger, broader War they’ve got planned.
    These bastards plan LONG-RANGE…
    We need to start doing the same on our domestic front.
    Shake up your local governments, de-Masonify them NOW, if possible, and have a common-sense based, practical local county or city groups ready to handle the pushback yhat WILL COME when they start up the Patriotard War Machine soon.
    Dont send our sons and daughters.
    Remove, peacefully and with due respect, the recruitment centers in your area.
    Tell them WHY the human gristmill will no longer be fed young white males.
    If not, we’ll all be getting postcards from South America soon… least until China gets there in force.
    That’ll be the first “scrimmage” game..then 20 years of war across South America AND at home. That will be the smokescreen for action against US dissenters here…and its gonna be interesting.
    Get ready for an IRA-type guerrilla war here, boys…its really already began.

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