Chairman Yang Seizes The Memes Of Production

How are people coping with news like this?

Now that Donald Trump has totally failed as president, it is finally being universally acknowledged in what used to be the Alt-Right. Two years of vicious infighting has subsided into cracking jokes about taking the $1,000 a month a year of Yang bucks and cashing out of the system.

Conservatives didn’t want “racists” ruining their country club. Oh well, I guess that they would rather have us vote away their money instead in 2020.

UPDATE: Chairman Yang is rapidly elbowing his way into the Democratic debates:

“Andrew Yang, the self-described “entrepreneur who understands the economy,” has wrangled more than 47,000 people to donate to his campaign as of Wednesday night, reports the Daily Beast.

Details: As of Dec. 31, 2018, his campaign committee had $38,730 in the bank, and he had spent $33,000 on Facebook ads. If Yang — whose platform largely concentrates on universal basic income — can get more 65,000 people to donate in the next 2 months, he will qualify to participate in the first presidential primary debate. Already, 44-year-old Yang has achieved a minimum of 200 donors per state in at least 20 states.

Why it matters: As the Daily Beast points out, Yang can thank the internet and its ability to give everyone a voice, for his accomplishments to date. …”

The Democrats are also already scheming to keep him out by rigging the primaries again.

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  1. Jijcf – Have you looked in a mirror? All the Boomers did was advocate pot and free love. It was the generations after that, that accommodated themselves to everything else. If you want to follow the Talmudic generational guilt-mongering strategy, go right ahead. I’d rather be a Western Christian, and engage in a Crusade against our common enemy, rather than blame your Elders.

    Funny Murdoch Murdoch vid.

  2. @Fr. John+

    “It was the generations after that, that accommodated themselves to everything else”

    Actually Generation X was protesting Globalism at the Battle In Seattle!

    There were just too many Boomers!

    One reason populism is exploding is now the normie Boomers are dying off.

    • Boomers were the idiotic, gullible, optimistic, irresponsible, spoiled, self centered generation. They are the rich kid who was born with everything, who pissed the family fortune away, that was built on the blood sweat and tears of many generations before them.

      Gen X is the skeptical generation. They were the first screwed over by the Boomers and the Greatest Generation. Gen X was the last generation to grow up in a relatively normal White society, and we watched as our Conservative parents burned it all down with globalism, while we we still in school.

      Imagine growing up depressed in the 1980s because of the real threat of global thermal nuclear war with the USSR, and as you leave school and are trying to get your start in life:

      Unemployment explodes.
      Interest rates explode.
      Housing prices explode.
      The last of the manufacturing is shipped overseas, and the conservatives on the televitz are repeating its “good for the economy”.
      Mass non-white immigration goes into overdrive, and the conservatives and liberals are repeating, “they’re doing the jobs our people won’t do”.

      Greatest Generation = Weakest Generation
      Baby Boomers = Worst Generation
      Conservatism = Liars/Traitors

  3. After getting fooled by Trump, I’m sitting out the next election. I’m sure that if this Yang were to win the presidency, he’d be another Trump in that whatever he said he would do that would actually help whites, won’t happen.

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