President Trump: Democrats Have Become The Anti-Israel Party, Anti-Jewish Party

Before Trump came to Alabama to visit tornado victims this afternoon, he accused the Democrats of becoming an “anti-Israel party” and “anti-Semitic party.” Apparently, this is what the GOP is focused on right now because all of their minions are pounding that talking point:

Yentas for Trump:

BTW, Ted Cruz is working on another congressional resolution that will exclusively condemn anti-Semitism next week. This will be the third such resolution in a month.

Note: If you missed Hannity last night, Glenn Beck explained how Trump’s policies and strident opposition to anti-Semitism and infanticide had won him over.

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  1. Glenn Beck the rodeo clown, on Hannity the long island roofer’s Faux news prime time pro-jew infomercial. How murica has fallen … is this the land of our fathers … is this a country worth defending, worth killing and dying to protect and save? I think the answer is NO! Encourage your relatives to not volunteer … and if necessary, dodge the draft.

    • Definitely. No more Christian soldiers for the rejectors of Our Lord. These people literally see themselves as the replacement for the Very Son of God. Blasphemy doesn’t begin to plumb the depths of their guilt.

  2. 2% of the population provides:
    25% of the Republican Party’s funding.
    50% of the Democrat Party’s funding.

    A Republican is twice as likely to take a bribe compared to a Democrat.

  3. While Republicucks are screeching about anti-semites, and Alt-Rights are campaigning for Gookbux, Democrats just said screw it, democracy is over!

    “So everyone in the world is now an American citizen?

    RAMZPAUL added,
    Ryan Saavedra
    Verified account @RealSaavedra
    Democrat House Votes In Favor Of Illegal Immigrant Voting …”

  4. Where is this real racist, real anti-Semitic Democratic Party? I’m trying to join it but the only one in my town seems to be loaded with non-whites, feminists, sodomites, and semites.

  5. It’s amazing that the harder the media, Nadler, Schiff and countless other jews go after Trump the harder he advocates for Israel and jews. “A sad day for Israel.” Democrats are the real anti-Semites. We will stay in Syria for Israel.


  6. I’m hoping that by now most normies are much less concerned about anti-Semitism than they are about watching their country turn brown. Never a word about anti-Whitism because the evil one in all these resolutions and condemnations is always whitey.

  7. What is that “Jooz rock”? thing? Really weird. They need to try to brainwash children, in order to get people to like them. The most interesting thing about that video is the light projection, in the back, of Algiz, the rune for Life, beginning, protection. They steal our symbols and energy. The dumbed-down, misled, and buffaloed Goyim have been sold “Yr” the death rune, and the “Peace Symbol” this is are real world example of the demon majik – yes MAGIK – of the Devil Jew. It’s a draining of an corruption of OUR energy and magick. Idiots like Fraud John keep shoving the scam of jew-worshipping, enslaving Kristardinsanity at us – but this is REAL.

  8. I’m concerned.My descendants will be a minority soon in this once great country.The truth is not anti-Semitic.I find this young woman to be brave to point out the influence of money and allegiance to a foreign nation.

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