Conservatives Tackle Anti-Semitism

What’s the most important issue facing the country?

Chairman Yang says it is our sick society:

This is what conservatives are focused on right now on FOX News: AIPAC has been offended by Ilhan Omar’s suggestion that it has too much power over our foreign policy.

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  1. Denial
    Depression <- the movement is here (yang bucks)
    Acceptance <- that the only way forward is Partition

    See you soon.

    • I think we have reverted back to denial. A couple of months ago the system was hopelessly broken, because we couldn’t get a wall. Now we’re back in the broken system again, chasing Ching Chong Trump’s $1000 white whale.

      0 X $1000 = 0

  2. I Want Jews To Want Me, I Need Jews To Need Me, Id Love Jews To Love Me, Im Beggin Jews To Beg Me…

    Another Cheap Trick by the JEWS, turning the border failure into non stop pearl clutching about jews.

  3. How does one explain Chuck Schumer then who is the very personification of the obnoxious smirking Jew yet has risen to the pinnacle of power in the Democrat Party? Did you hear what he said at AIPAC? We don’t need AIPAC or even C-PAC. We need somebody to create WAPAC as an alternative. (White American Patriot Action Councils) Any takers?

  4. I look forward to attending our first White National Congress here in the future. I’ll see yal there as we create our New White Government parallel to the collapsing one. And we will have a White House for our leader.

    My Kentucky county is going luls over me throwing 600 and growing Whoiswhite com flyers haha. Activism is fun yal.

  5. They are all whores. Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was. And not a peep out of a one of them on that.

  6. Matthew 21:12 Jesus cleansed the Temple. And he wasn’t politically correct about it either. We need to cleanse our country like Jesus cleansed the Temple.

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