BuzzFeed: Internet Trolls Are Supporting Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang addresses what is one of the biggest neglected issues of our times: the impoverishment of the Millennials and Zoomers and their diminished life prospects.

He offers them a 21st century New Deal: Universal Basic Income.

BuzzFeed is like, wow, so all these nihilistic 4chan trolls are suddenly off the Trump Train and on the Yang Yacht. Is it all one big joke? What the hell is going on here?

“America’s young and disaffected have recently been bombarded with reheated rules for life, like “clean your room” and “stand up straight with your shoulders back.” But lately they’ve taken a liking to the most timeless aphorism of them all: Money talks. And if online nihilists get their way, talk in the Democratic primary will soon include proposals for a $1,000-per-month raise for every American.

That’s the proposed Freedom Dividend, a rebranded Universal Basic Income at the heart of the long-shot presidential campaign of Andrew Yang, an affable young entrepreneur and new favorite among the Reddit politics crowd. In the meme-forging bowels of the internet, red MAGA hats are falling out of fashion and hot pink 80’s vaporwave Yang hats are in. Mexico paying for the wall is tired and Jeff Bezos paying for everyone to play video games is wired. The chatter is widespread enough that it has has jumped across to the broader political discussion on Twitter. …”


Does anyone in mainstream politics understand anything about the country in which they live? Do they all live in a bubble in New York City and Washington, DC?

Note: The “long shot” candidate is competing with a field of Democratic senators so bereft of new ideas that their “Green New Deal” is a conservative punchline.

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  1. He’s a protest candidate. He won’t give us $1,000. But I still gave him $1 ’cause I’m sick of all the other shit – from Trump to Congress to Kamala to whatever.

  2. A lot of people don’t understand that most of the dissident right supported Trump because of his opposition to Republicans more than because of his opposition to Democrats.

    And the disappointment in Trump isn’t so much that he failed on his promises, which were all a long shot, but that he failed to deliver the death blow to the True Cons. We wanted him to head a populist revolt against the likes of Paul Ryan and the decrepit GOPe. Instead he revitalized them when they were on their death bed and gave them policy victories nobody wanted.

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