Conservatives Are Working On A New Agenda

There is a lot of good stuff here.

I will have to read through it later. I’d like to relax and be forgiven for the whole Charlottesville thing. I couldn’t back down though on honoring my forefathers. I believed they had some useful insights too. SJWs are just so … tiresome. Even under Catholicism you had forgiveness. You could buy an indulgence too.

Isn’t it a huge irony that a creep like Morris Dees of the SPLC has all those millions of dollars in Montgomery and can’t figure out to how solve any problems? Just me and Yang bouncing around ideas solved a lot of the world’s problems.

Galaxy Brain people also own all the seasons of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. It’s a shame Caprica was cancelled. I spent the last few months rewatching it … then heard about Yang.

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      • Nothing wrong with that. I commend you for not removing posts(as far as I know) or accusing everyone of being a hasbara over simple disagreements. You’re not a pansy like some others I can think of. Keep on keeping on.

    • I don’t understand half the rightist or Alt-right writing that goes anymore. People assume you’re hip to everything they are. Have basically abandoned Daily Stormer because it seems to be written in some new language that might be called Millennial Jargon Hyper-Sarcasm.

  1. Read one of the articles bu Rachel Lu. Same old thing. Americans should live like plains buffalo migrating between jobs. According to her. we were Always just moving around,and have no history of staying put.They just cant learn. Dont get attached anywhere. ATBOTL is right, just neocon bunk

  2. There is no way to govern so diverse a population, with so varied a set of geographic, cultural and ethnic interests.

    The founding of the U.S. never envisaged such a concept, but was instead organized overwhelmingly at the State level. Even today the state level governance is far more reponsive to the respective electorate of those states.

    Those who are prognosticating the imminent collapse of the social order would do well to remember this. In the event of federal dysfunction, more influence shifts to the states by default.

    There won’t be a break down outside the coasts except where a large city houses an enormous number of people who are dependent on the system outside of their control (Im thinking cities in the top 10 population, most of which are in NY, Cali. and Texas, but also Chicago)

    With a .22, a good knife, and a solid camp axe I could live off of the 15,000 acres of woods behind my house for months if I needed to. Long enough to grow food veggies, poultry/rabbits and fodder for long term. Its very doable with basic know how.

    Water is easy to collect. Bleach is all it takes to clean it for drinking (bleach is cheap too), coffee filter.

    My point is, POCs will burn their cities to the ground before they ever make it a few miles outside the city, and all it takes to keep them there are strategically placed barricades.

    Collapse of the federal government is something we want. Collapse of the state governments aren’t.

    Therefore our political positions should be accelerationist at the national level (whatever causes the most chaos). But at the State level, where conservatism actually has some relevance, our positions should be more libertarian/conservative.

    This bridges the seemingly irreconcilable divide between the Yang Gang Accelerationists, and the Libertarian/Conservative leaning types that aren’t willing to accept gun confiscation and social credit/ the end of free speech as national policies.

    The difference isn’t irreconcilable at all, just a difference of purview. Our division of labor should reflect this.

    Federalism is still a thing. The states can be saved. The United States cannot.

  3. If politicians and pundits are BEGGING for “unity” – it’s OVER. We know this. Race is REAL. racial differences are profound. The JewSA is already gone. The foundation is crushed and destroyed. The “:House” hasn’t fallen down yet – but was are beginning to see the cracks appear in the walls. NOTHING will patch this place up again. The JEWSA IS DONE. We must live through the collapse.

    We must learn from our mistakes, and BUILD BETTER in the future.

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