Don’t do really stupid, counterproductive violence.

Breaking the Zio TV Addiction

I think I speak for most, really all of OD readers when I say we completely repudiate the cowardly, stupid counter productive terrorist slaughter done in Christ Church NZ.

What a terrible cowardly thing to do!

This guy’s manifesto is mostly sensible, practical – lists the terrible things happening to our people, our culture and our nations. He writes honorable things about respecting Islamic people in existing Islamic countries – he doesn’t name the “J” but hey, I guess he had some real aspirations of working a real job.

So what does he do….

Acting like he’s reading from the worst anti White, Hollywood Harvey Weinstein Quentin Tarantino script of evil hateful, RACIST NAZIS slaughtering….

Take your pick

Innocent Muslims just trying to work hard and put food on the table for the families.
Little children
3rd world people of color just trying to escape Climate Change thanks to selfish gas guzzling Conservatives, Boer Farmers stealing land from indigenous African peoples.

I’m surprised this guy didn’t also shoot up an animal shelter to slaughter cute little puppies!

Anyway, we’re all about to get harassed, deplatformed, have our 4th Amendment rights violated by ZOG, Cuckservatives hoping to find incriminating HATE books like

Jean Respail’s “Camp of the Saints”.
Mark Twain’s Huck Finn (used the N word)
Charles Dickens Oliver Twist (negative J character Fagan)
William Shakespeare – pretty much everything, discriminates against LGBT, Venice money lenders
All Catholicism before 1965
The Andy Griffith Show (google Tim Wise)

But seriously. Don’t stockpile guns you’ll never use.

Don’t live your daily life like you are reading from a bad anti White Hollywood script.

C’mon folks – just look at our kinsmen in Central and Eastern Europe. Nobody is doing this stupid Sh***


  1. “Innocent Muslims just trying to work hard and put food on the table for the families.”

    I think nearly 80% are on government assistance in western countries as a general number but yeah. Also, how many Muslim civilians has the US and Israel killed in the last 25 years? 5 million? But again yeah. Elizabeth Warren threatening to put whites in prison for opposing our displacement was illuminating though. At least we can confirm now that’s what the plan is.

  2. But seriously. Don’t stockpile guns you’ll never use.

    But seriously, what’s your experience with firearms? What is considered stockpiling or, as Hunter likes to say, hoarding?

    • I’ve only got a revolver and a shotgun. Neither will jam (well, maybe the pump shotgun will after a few hundred rounds), and I’ve got ammo and cleaning supplies. For most purposes, that’s all I need.

      • That sounds very practical. Maybe add a 22 plinker for target practice and cleaning out some vermin. I wish so much we had practical people like you.

      • Revolver, shotgun, hunting rifle and 10/22 rifle here. And a non-functioning Remington Rolling Block in my dad’s gunsafe, which I still wish to Hell I’d taken with me to Newnan when all the Natsocs were marching around with their Evil Black Rifles.

        Sometimes I’m tempted to scrimp up funds for an EBR of my own, then I realize that if I ever come up with an extra grand that I’d be better off sending it to people who really need it, like the Suidlanders.

        • I’m not sure if that’s the most “practical” solution. If you have $1,000 to send off, you could wisely and practically invest that $1,000 in our more stable economy and grow it to at least twice that. That’s money to send them and more money for you to re-invest to keep a steady stream of support flowing to them. That’s provided you’re smart enough to understand the practical nature of capital, investing, and return on investment.

          Yes, I’m being facetious. But I do wonder what exactly the Suidlanders use that money for. More on topic, I wonder what their position is on “stockpiling” things like guns, ammo, food, and other supplies. Any idea?

          Luckily for them should I ever be in their position, they won’t need to send me much. I’m sure “Jaye’s” ballroom dancing vouchers will even come in handy as barter in a failing nation.

      • 3 degrees south of where I stockpile my assault metaphors and fully automatic alliterations.

    • It’s pretty sad that Occidental Dissent seems to have become anti-gun.


        • I agree. I have no plans to use my own firearms in an illegal manner either.

          But you have come out in support of a clown who think that gun manufacturers should be fined $1,000,000 for each person killed by their product as well as listing a good number of draconian regulations on his platform statement. If you support that, then you are not pro-gun. Self-defense is a human right.

          $1000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver.

          • I think he has some good ideas.

            You are singlemindedly focused on guns. I don’t care nearly as much about the issue which is why I am a swing voter. I’m content with the guns which I already own.

        • Plenty of guns differentiates for the sake of differentiating, and it’s nothing more than a subjective denunciation of people who just so happen to have more guns than you do. There’s nothing factual or even rational with that kind of thinking. Your average Southern city where guns are plentiful should be a warzone filled with death and destruction when compared to the average Leftist city where guns are highly restricted. But that’s not how it works, now is it, Hunter?

          We’re all guilty of all the things we’ve never done in a subjective universe. It does sound like a nice place to visit though—kind of like how you visit a zoo to look at all the wild animals. But I’d never want to live there.

  3. 3 levels of pro-active:

    3) shitskin invasives: Tarrant
    2) (((owned))) White political class that took down borders: Breivik
    1) (((owners))): Bowers

    such tragedy. And I fear, as the (((owners))) accelerate ongoing White genocide, there will be more such.

    tsk tsk

  4. Little pay back? That’s what Osama said too. You are the other side of the same coin. The reality is it was the US that meddled in their homeland ;military bases,[for cold war purposes ] propping up tyrannical regimes[ for below market oil and cold war purposes] , supporting western Zionist colonizers and their atrocious policies and illegal land grabs. Oh and “Muslim” and “White” are not mutually exclusive. So your racialized narrative is inaccurate. You don’t know what you believe or what you want.

    Human beings have always migrated ; before there were nation states and once again migration is occurring globally. All nations are comprised of different tribes or ethnics if you go back far enough. You are stuck in a very unnatural a-historic nostalgia for what is not the norm of human history; this nation state.; this ethno nationalism, or white nationalism. Migration is what humans do and the creation of nations states will not impede this .Nation states are the construct, the artifice ,the problem, not migration!

    • Many invasions have occurred throughout history but inviting and/or allowing invasions is unusual in history. Countries and kingdoms have always protected their territory from invasion. They did not allow their land to be invaded. The strong protected what is theirs. The weak do the best they can. The different tribes/ethnic groups of certain countries is generally of the same race historically speaking. Of course there are exceptions.

      Either way no one has a right to what is not theirs. It is called theft. It is common in history individually and collectively but still wrong. If states, whether nation states or not do not own their own land then neither do individuals. That would make the whole world one big commune, which is laughable.

      It is immoral to steal or desire what belongs to others. Because it has been done a lot in history by every religion,nation,tribe, and race that was strong does not make it right. Moslems have also invaded others historically. How do you think they went from Saudi Arabia to Spain and India? They conquered lands that had been christian for centuries.

      Your best statement was that moslem and white are not exclusive. Until relatively recently Arabs were considered white for instance. The white race was never just based in Europe but also in western Asia, Middle East etc. Assad of Syria for instance is obvious white as are some Indians.

      Traditionally, countries/empires/states have defended with lethal force against invaders. I cannot think of examples until recent modern history that voluntarily allowed massive people of another race or religion to invade their country. Whether it was a nation state or not.

  5. “I’m ok with the guns I already own”…
    What about the ones your grandson WON’T be able to purchase and own? Or are you thinking about him at all?
    This sort of “Boomer” thinking is how we got into this mess.

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