NY Times: Andrew Yang’s Internet Fan Club

I see the mainstream media is back in the same denial mode it was in when it declared that Trump was a fringe candidate and that MAGA wasn’t going anywhere:

“If you visit the online betting market PredictIt, you’ll see a long list of 2020 Democratic candidates, ranked in order of their odds of winning the party’s nomination for president, according to the site’s users.

Joe Biden, the former vice president, and Senator Bernie Sanders top the list. Then come other well-known Democrats: Senator Kamala Harris, former Representative Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Yang, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Wait, hang on a minute. Andrew Yang?

This is not an algorithm glitch, it turns out. Mr. Yang, 44, an entrepreneur and a political neophyte running on the idea that the United States should provide a universal basic income, is popping up in unexpected places in the Democratic contest. …”

The red box highlights the exact location of “journalists” and the “mainstream media” in American politics

I have a theory that explains everything.

The same “far right trolls” who supported Trump are really disaffected moderate White ethnocentric populists. They are Sam Francis’s Middle American Radicals. These people are socially conservative, economically populist. They are left-authoritarian voters like me.

The New York Times isn’t in the middle of the American political spectrum. It is way over there in the Far Left with people like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It is no coincidence that Richard Spencer likes Andrew Yang. It is because he is actually closer to Yang’s policy positions on a number of issues. This is why he is swinging from Trump to Yang like everyone else.

But wait … why are all the white supremacists, NEETs, reactionaries, Neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, Alt-Right bigots and racists supporting Andrew Yang? It’s because he is right up their alley. He isn’t another polarizing Boomer moron like Donald Trump or Elizabeth Warren. He is essentially a Silicon Valley reactionary who has thought through the problem of work.

I can already clearly see how Andrew Yang becomes the next president of the United States in a landslide. It will be the easiest thing in the world for him to move to the center. The judo chop that will finish off Blompf will be when Yang says we can build the wall and support a moratorium on immigration after all because we don’t need an endless influx of immigrants or porous borders anyway and by the way I am cool with White people. He will stand on the debate stage next to Blompf who will come across as a blithering idiot running against “socialism” while he says things like “UBI is a 21st century New Deal for Millennials and Zoomers” and “capitalism shouldn’t start at zero.”

Democrats aren’t as passionately committed to standing like Custer on the border wall and perpetual immigration as some might think. When they figure out how to strike the fatal blow to Conservatism, Inc. once and for all by calming down all these White people and compromise to get student loan forgiveness, UBI, legal weed, Medicare for All and all kinds of other things that True Conservatism opposes, but which sensible people support, they won’t have any issue with it.

It is a significant bellwether that “Neo-Nazi white supremacists” are so strongly Yang Gang as of March 2019. Presumbaly, the rest of the electorate is significantly less “racist” and “bigoted” and committed to “white supremacy” than we are. We’re not “racists” and “bigots” who passionately hate Yang because he is Asian. We’re just highly educated people who keep up with genetics and know better than to believe all the antiquated 20th century myths about how “whiteness is a social construct” and “race is a social construct.” Dumb people believe in literal human equality. Everyone with any intelligence and education whatsoever can see that Yang is vastly superior to Blompf in that respect. Finally, a president who isn’t an idiot or SJW is an exciting prospect to race realists and center Left policy wonks.

Who will still be mad when Yang is president? Highly ideological Boomers who have argued about “socialism” vs. “capitalism” for a generation but will be the first to take the $1,000 a month and retire. White Nationalists will be mad about Yang being Asian but otherwise nothing much else will really change. SJWs will be mad at being marginalized but legalized weed, affordable health care and $1,000 a month will cause them to relax. Libertarians can support UBI because even Milton Friedman was on board with it. Conservatives can support it because more women will be able to be stay at home moms. “Neo-Nazi white supremacists” can support it to rebuild their finances and help ease their transition into the ethnostate. Progressives can support it because humane capitalism is actually progress.

Who is the alternative to Yang? What is their vision? Elizabeth Warren? Beta O’Dork? Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? Donald Trump? I don’t like their chances.

Note: Baked Alaska has decided to take the $1,000 a month and replatforming. This is a significantly wiser choice than the one he made on backing Blompf in 2016.

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  1. hey it seems you’re losing some readers because of the funny Chinese guy, one of them is the demented mexican nordic supremacist Chechar!!

    • I don’t understand why anyone would believe that voting for the GOP on the basis of identity politics makes sense. I mean … have they learned anything from being condemned three times by Congress since 2017? The last 50 years of history?

      • The ONLY one I would VOTE for is Steve King! And, get a bonus because he’s a genuinely handsome man unlike Early Coppertone Man.

      • I’m not that smart and I know little about the US but it seems it is finished in the current format. What will happen nobody knows.
        The impression I have is, once the democrats regain control of the Presidency and Congress they will want revenge, they are thirsty for blood, they see Trump and his supporters as demonic amoral nazis. White nationalists will be crushed.
        Wealthy powerful well connected Jewish organizations like SPLC can trace the IP of everyone.
        I think that American white nationalists should seriously make preparations for what’s coming. Seek real life connections for common defense for instance
        But it’s not all lost, far from it, there are many good people around. Like in Christchurch. Europa Rises!

        Either the Right or the Left will be annihilated, you can’t argue with the insane.
        So in whom you will vote is irrelevant at this point. The radicalization of the Right and even more so of the Left is inevitable.
        But the Us was really a unique country history.

  2. I think Brad has Yellow Fever. He’s presently in the hallucination phase but will eventually recover and I’ll still be a fan. Let’s not forget, we all stumble at least once.

    While bedridden he should read “The Yellow Peril” by Revilo Oliver.

    I shall leave him with a little teaser:

    “In the early days of the Ch’ing (Manchu) Dynasty, which ruled China from 1644 to 1912, the more prominent Jews scuttled bo Shanghai and Hong Kong, where they were protected by the simple-minded British and speedily acquired a virtual monopoly of the trade in cotton and opium. Since the Manchus seem to have felt no veneration for the international race, it is a fair inference that the Jews who had been established in China long enough to acquire Mongolian features and Chinese names found it profitable to masquerade as Chinese and make a secret of their tribal organization. Many of the Manchu Emperors tried to check the corruption of the nation they ruled, and everyone knows that Great Britain declared war on China in 1839 to compel the Emperor to permit the importation and sale of opium for the profit of Jews who had embedded their mandibles in Britain and India, including the famous and wealthy family of the Sassoons. Their seemingly Mongolian kinsmen in China doubtless shared in the loot.”

    • That’s not it.

      You’re forgetting that not every axis of politics is a racial one. There is also the dumb/smart axis. Yang is intelligent and has thoughtful ideas. Trump is just a bloviating moron. In any case, the GOP has made it clear it doesn’t give a shit about White people and are only capitalizing on resentment, so I don’t identify with them on that basis.

      • “You’re forgetting that not every axis of politics is a racial one.” As you know, race has never been at the forefront for most whites. They care more about the rotting corpse of the United States.

        Brad, I know you don’t have Yellow Fever. You give us fodder and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately at your expense. My apologies for all past and future infractions.

          • Don’t sell yourself short. Sometimes is a marker of mediocrity. You’ve been wrong about a lot of things and a lot of people. Stick out your peacock chest and bask in the warm glow of another round of humiliation.

  3. I wouldn’t call most of these people far left on economics (if we assume that left and right are meaningful labels at all). A lot of people in the “dissident right” have more left wing economic views that SJWs or AOC have. For example, the “green new deal” is standard UN/davos circle jerk stuff that doesn’t really have anything to do with “left” economics. If you look at some random Marxist party from the 1920s, they would probably be closer to our views than to those of most twitter socialists, DSA morons, or chapo trap house listeners.

  4. “The judo chop that will finish off Blompf will be when Yang says we can build the wall and support a moratorium on immigration after all because we don’t need an endless influx of immigrants or porous borders anyway and by the way I am cool with White people.”

    That is a nice thought, but I won’t bet on it actually happening.

    I’m committed to voting for Yang in the Primaries, if only just to see what will happen. Still a fairly significant chance I end up sitting out the General if the winds ain’t blowing the right way.

  5. In other news, Yang has stated that he opposes male genital mutilation, aka, circumcision, or as cucks like to describe it “the Lord’s holy ordinated biblical sign of the covenant, the mark of the Lord’s chosen, praise Jesus”.

    On the one hand, the soy boysen are snickering like they’re supposed to …

    On the other, our (((betters))) are not pleased …

  6. Ah so! Andlew Yang, VELY based and led-pirred. He have pran, lound-eye. He no rike Brackie, he no rike spic. You see!

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