The Great Plantation: Detoxifying NEETs

Thank you, Charlie Kirk.

I finally grasp the stupidity of identity politics.

I sometimes wish Andrew Anglin would find a gf and be allowed to settle down in Ohio.

I agree with his social critique of the collapse of marriage, the family and Christianity under late liberal capitalist democracy which has given us feminism and MGTOW mass shooters both of which are social plagues that ought to be eradicated. It’s too bad we don’t have a common Christian culture anymore.

Note: We have political correctness and identity politics which is such a better operating system for Western civilization. Try not to laugh.

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  1. I think Charlie needs to sort out his confusion between Iran and Saudi Arabia. I agree about the UN, though.

  2. Ditto on wishing Anglin a happy life with a good woman. Probably has to go Asian white women are too ruined. Europe is even worse I think but good women do exist. About as rare as a black engineer but they do exist.

  3. Another non-sensical post. What does yang have to do with kirk and anglin? What point are you making here?

  4. Hunter, I say this in a spirit of love and as an LCMS member who’s heading out the door to a Church history study before service, but the Luther thing is getting a little weird

    • I’m sure it seems that way.

      I want you to think about Luther’s accomplishment, tactics and the HISTORY of the Reformation. This is what I have done. It has occurred to me that memes, talking points, the internet, social media networks and so forth are not unlike Luther’s message of reform which was spread through pamphlets and cartoons on woodcuts by Lucas Cranach and Albrecht Durer.

      Luther was a reformer who was made famous by the printing press. Now, if you wanted to, say, reform our society in the 21st century wouldn’t you use similar online tools?

      Read and think about it

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