Mueller Report Exonerates Trump

Yeah, well, who cares?

Your populist base never cared. It was nothing but a giant distraction which ran out the clock on your presidency. No one cares but it poisoned our foreign policy.

No one cares.

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  1. Coulter told Trump Sessions was right to recuse himself. She said the phony investigation will be to Trump’s advantage in the long run. So Trump ignored Coulter and smeared and fired Sessions, and was demanding the investigation be shut down. Coulter proved right again. Trump proved a worthless moron yet again.

    • Even if Ann Coulter’s right. Trumpo will win in 2020 by a landslide—you heard it here first!

      • Oh, definitely. He’s going to get in because he’s perfect for (((their))) purposes. Keeps the White people in a state of expectation that they’re going to be rescued, while the flood of wogs into the country grows and grows.

      • Demographics are millions worse than 2016. There aren’t enough white Boomers and Boomers can’t meme. The Dems would have to pick a candidate that truly repulses the public, and get the lowest turn out in history. Even then, I’m not feeling any excitement for Trump, like there was in 2016. He’s a run of the mill cuckservative/neocon. Meh.

      • Only if the jews manipulate the ballots in that way. After all, the manipulate them every four years for the candidate of their choice.

      • The tell tale sign will be if they now want a jew as POTUS to “fix” what the “whiteman”, Trump, did.

        If the damage is not complete enough for the jewish fixer, then Trump gets another term.

        It all depends on when they want the first jewish POTUS as Savior of America from evil whitey (Drumpf does his jew bag man job perfectly)

  2. Makes no difference. Leftists still hate him, and populists won’t crawl back to him. The only thing this provides is a week’s worth of wank-fodder for Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine. I hope the Fox pundits enjoy their moment of bliss.

  3. It was a massive success from the vantage point of the foreign policy establishment. Trump 2016 went from claiming that we need to reconcile with Russia and focus on the problems we are facing in the 21st century and turned that messaging into another new cold war that seems to only benefit Israel.

    • In hindsight, I’m sure Trump would’ve gone hostile on Russia anyway even without the Mueller case threatening him. What the swamp wanted, the swamp got, with very little arm-twisting.

  4. 3 years of attacks, destructiveness, coercion of the narrative, and lies.

    The fact that they were wrong is entirely irrelevant.

    The smear campaign was a complete success.!!!

  5. Nothing is over… There will be endless house supena’s. Crewing up time. The threat of impeachment, even though they don’t have enough time for that before the next election. They will keep on keeping on. This is why the republicans gave up their house majority without a fight. Obstruction is how they continue to talk a good game and get nothing accomplished. The game is rigged. You can’t vote your way out of this mess that is merika. The March to globalism continues.

  6. Remember, THIS is what exonerates him. Not the sanctions he passed against Russia, the weapons he sold to Russia’s enemies, the Russian citizens arrested by the justice department or the Russian citizens killed by the US Air Force. Nope, Mueller is what it takes to convince the Left that Trump was doing with Russia what Bush did with Saudi Arabia, what Clinton did with China and what everyone does with Israel. Except… it won’t.

    Just watch. The Democratic debates are still going to be an argument over who wants to shoot Trump for treason and nuke Moscow for hacking our elections the hardest.

  7. Three signs to watch out for which would mark “the end is nigh” for America:

    1) The first shanty towns appear (probably in California)
    2) China overtakes US as world’s No. 1 economy (probably shortly after Trump leaves office)
    3) Military bloody nose in Ukraine, Iran, Africa, Venezuela…

  8. The back-story of the non-impeachment of Donald Trump, may be in the file which the the US Department of Justice Inspector General acknowledged receiving the other month, a file detailing alleged major criminal acts of Robert Mueller himself.

    File talks about Mueller indulging big crimes as FBI director, helping Mueller’s own eventual law firm to defraud millions out of a Hillary donor, with bribery of two USA federal judges, & threats to kill an ex-DOJ employee, with Mueller getting a big payday after he indulged it all as FBI chief, Mueller getting funds channelled from a criminal outfit based in the UK.

    The file was referenced in President Trump’s tweets, a photo meme of Mueller in jail, and the President saying, “Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller”

    This file, in the hands of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees as well as Trump’s lawyers, may have helped seal a ‘deal’ in which Trump is left untouched, whilst Mueller too (and Hillary etc as well?) get a pass on crimes that might have put Robert Mueller himself behind bars.

    ‘Report on evidence of felonies violating Civil Rights, and bribery by foreign agents, implicating United States Special Counsel Robert S Mueller III as a criminally-tainted agent of foreign & racketeering interests’

  9. Trumps main base now was w. bush’s main base back in 2003; Pro-israel, pro-corporation, pro-war, pro race-mixing tools. That’s all they are. And trump is giving his voters the crumbs of a cake. The whole current mainstream conservative scheme is about promoting americanism (mass consumerism, obedience to the military-industrial complex, flag waving, etc.) while making the average lemming forget or not care about their race/identity. Under trump, the goal is to just make america a bigger multiracial, consumerist, police state on steroids with unregulated capitalism while his jewish friends flood the country with “legal” immigrants from africa and the third world.

    • The difference is that in 2003, you had far fewer immigrants, the Boomers were still middle-aged and fully in control of most of the country, and society was far less degenerate than today.

      Put it this way – in 2003, you had to work relatively hard to find free streaming porn on the internet. Now, if you want “interracial tranny snuff porn orgy,” you’re probably just a click or two away from a whole feast of videos.

      • And who historically were/are the main producers and distributors of the most degenerate, bisexual pornography out there? 90 percent of the time it’s been the Jews behind such a thing. Jews have played the biggest role in making the jewsa a degenerate pornography kingdom, with some swarthy, questionable looking italians in the mix and a few darkies here and there to help them out. It’s mainly Jews who find pleasure in producing that bisexual, queer garbage you just described.

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