Donald Trump: The Media Are The Enemy Of The People

Does anyone remember when we liked Blompf’s Twitter feed and it rocketed him to the Republican nomination and ultimately to the White House?

Now, Blompf is perceived as just a fat, whining 72-year-old failed president who is singlemindedly focused on the MIGA agenda and catering to Christian Zionists and FOX News Boomers.

Seems like a distant memory.

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  1. I think Yang has about a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. More ominous is rumors that Biden will run and pick Stacy Abrams as a running mate. Regardless the U.S. is terminal and will not live to see its tricentennial. No nation can sustain this level of debt and diversity especially when it exports industry and imports labor and insists on open borders and demonization of its founding ethnic stock. Not to mention dark money that flows over state borders and corrupts local and state elections thus negating any power the white middle and working class have. The Alt Right may have screamed “You will not replace us” at Charlottesville but as Michelle Goldberg states in the New York Times “WE ALREADY HAVE!”

  2. But why are the media the enemy, Donald? Who owns and controls most of it, and why would they be so hostile to European people and society? I want answers!

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