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  1. This Israel worship by Trump, a very weak man, was always expected by the jews, and that’s why they manipulated the votes to put their man, Trump, in the WH.

    • Me too. I used to get shit for it 15 years ago and I even questioned myself sometime if I might be insane but not only was I correct it was way worse than I even imagined. We are at the tail end of 150 year genocide plan.

    • It was only as recent as 2016 for me as well on the JQ (JP, that is)…It sounded so paranoid to me, so forced. I resisted HARD. Gradually, it all fell into place and everything became clear. It’s the JQ everywhere — all the .

      I want to see Orange Man go DOWN.

  2. Every single time I read the news and it reads like a Tel Aviv phone book EVERY SINGLE TIME, it makes me realize that my disgust and hatred for them truly knows no depth. I have been wise to the JQ for a couple of decades at least. We are truly witnessing the end of Western Civilization. Nathaniel Rothschild said it best: “I care not what puppet is placed upon the British throne to rule the empire upon which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British empire, and I control the British money supply. ” Nothing has changed….it is only exponentially worse now.

  3. The funny thing is that ~75-80% of the demons will vote against Trump next year, despite devoting his presidency to them.

  4. When I go to Breitbart and scroll down through all the headlines it always seems to me that the names I see suggest that this country must be majority jew.

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