Buttplugers Can’t Flip Trump Voters

These people have no idea how to appeal to the center of the electorate:

“Another broad misconception shared by those in Merrill’s camp is that economic populists from the left who support Buttigieg’s messaging believe that all Trump voters can potentially be swayed by it. It’s common among these types to point to some act of horrific racism or sexism at a Trump rally and smirk about “economic anxiety.” But, of course, no one really believes that all Trump voters are persuadable in this way. Remember that Hillary Clinton herself placed Trump supporters into two baskets, one of them deplorable and one of them not. What shocked most liberals was just how big the basket of deplorables was. But it’s naive at best and disingenuous at worst to postulate that there is literally no one in the second basket: people who may not have not liked Trump much, but voted for him out of general frustration or a belief that he might do something to shake things up. Elections in America are extremely close. Even if only 5% of Trump voters are in a persuadable non-deplorable basket, that’s the difference in many districts and states between a loss and a landslide victory.

The Roman orator Quintilian once wrote that no one is so evil that they would wish to appear so. While Quintilian never got the chance to meet the alt-right, his maxim still likely stands for some Trump voters. Many do not think of themselves as racist and seek to vote based on that intention. But they are probably looking for something or someone to blame for the decline in their circumstances and the health of their communities.

Democratic messaging should play to that idea. There is no good reason to want to believe that a significant portion of white working class voters are unreachable except through racist appeals, especially when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. …”

Some free advice. Take it for what it is worth.

Democratic messaging sounds a lot like nails scratching on a chalkboard to populist voters. Hillary and Elizabeth Warren are the ultimate example of this. Creepy Joe and Buttplug also fall into this category because they pander to progressives in political correctness.

More than anything else, it is political correctness that alienates populist and nationalist voters. It was the secret to Blompf’s success in 2016. He won these people over by shaking things up and breaking those hated norms and promising to build the wall. No one wants to be scolded by a self righteous school marm like Hillary. Trump was funny and relatable by comparison.

Do you see what we are doing here? We’re laughing and having a good time and mocking all these other losers running for the Democratic nomination. Lighten up.

Note: The Democratic establishment and the mainstream media was stupid enough to believe that a Russian conspiracy is why Hillary lost the 2016 election. LOL.

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  1. Buttplug’s website has no positions listed. None. He’s coasting on identity politics appeal right now, just from the phag side. His “populism” is codeword messaging without any substance.

  2. this has always been my thing. I have never hated the Democrats because of their economics. I have my disagreements with both sides on several things. I have just come to loath the Lefts degeneracy and political correct tyranny. I want to practice my faith without worrying whether the Left will let me. The Neocon Right will let me practice my religion, provided I remember I am a economic unit whose job is to consume things, and fight in whatever stupid war they get us into.
    the great Agrarian Wendell Berry once noted that the future fight will between the local and global. Yang, at least in some ways, realizes there is a “local” between the coasts. And that is the beginning of wisdom. If all he does is get some discussion going nationally about all this, it ll be worth it. I’m not sure he can win, but a discussion about this stuff in a sane way,{Trump talked about some of this stuff, but it always seems like P.T Barnum doing the sales…} would be fascinating to behold after the last to years of both sides acting like frontier fighters scalping any thing that moves….anyway I can hope…

  3. I like the graphics for Yang’s campaign. The magenta hues, the hazy sun….it’s reminiscent of the 1970s, like an album by Pablo Cruise or an ad campaign for some defunct airline that flew DC 10s and 727s.

  4. The Yang meme is retarded and is a result of the same failed thinking behind mindless Trump worship.

    The alt-right in America is stuck on irony politics. We are not players. We are clowns.

    We become players by having our own party and contesting elections under our own banner.

    Stop trying to piggyback on people who are not part of our movement. Ron Paul, Trump and now Yang. All the same thing.

    Stop the irony approach. Completely. Imitate European nationalists.

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