FTN on Kushner, Inc.

Fash The Nation is a lot better lately since McFeels has come to terms with Blompf. It took long enough, but whatever. The important thing is what are we going to do now.

Kevin Williamson writes:

“That is one of the reasons why critics such as Tucker Carlson (also a hit at the NRI event—you should have been there!) have so much trouble describing in meaningful terms what it is they want.”




Dude, I don’t know … maybe a physical concrete border wall to stop illegal immigration from Central America? Immigration enforcement? Not sure how it could get more “meaningful.”

I will post some more thoughts after listening to this later in the evening. BTW, there are now something like 20,000 illegal aliens headed here in a caravan. Why the hell are people so mad about us musing about Yang who is polling at 1 percent in the Democratic primary?

It’s because of these people and their failures that we have spent the whole month musing about how we are going to spend our $1,000 a month and live like the Jetsons under Yang.

Note: If you think about it, the Jetsons were a kind of White ethnostate in space in the 21st century. This is the future that was stolen from us by the GOP!

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  1. Bravo

    What the word “meaningful” actually means ? And who decides ? Who decodes what is Democracy, Christianity, Humanity ?

    The right answer is that Jews and everybody else know how to put genetic white mad person to scream something.

    Rat trap works with the very same method. Just put the food in and …:D

    Genetic mad white people are the very root cause of every problem in the white race and everybody else just know and abuse this.

    I worked with liberals for a long time. Say whatever word you want and I will turn it to the absurd within millisecond.

    Forget all words and turn your attention to genetic white madness. No white genetic madness, no problem.

  2. Lol. Nationalists all have concrete policy demands. Conservativism, on the other hand, just has cliches and slogans about “freedom,” “judeo-christian values,” and “Reagan.”

  3. the “caravans” are a red herring:

    3,000 individual illegals are now walking across the Trump-vaporized border w Mexico

    each and every day. And 6,000 “legal” shitskins pour in

    each and every day. I’m sure, if elected, Chmn. Yang will get right on this.


    HW, meanwhile, continues to fantasize about his mythical 1,000 Jewbucks.

      • True enough. You don’t have to convince me on this point (I argued for Obama over Romney here and elsewhere in 2012). But it’s in the past.

        The issue before us now is who will be better on the flood between the GOP and the Democratic Party nominee in 2020. It isn’t clear yet that Trump while terrible on the invasion will be worse than the Democrat’s 2020 alternative. This isn’t 2008/2012.

    • The million shekel question is are these new immigrants getting gold plated refugee status like Ethernopians or are they just being released?

    • I’m sorry. Zero credibility.

      I personally want to see someone that got it right. Unfortunately, it won’t be found here or especially at FTN.

      Too many people need a savior given them from the jew.

  4. If I remember correctly there weren’t any niggers, spics, dot-heads, mussulmen or chinamen on the Jetsons, just futuristic 1960s White people. In other words it was the perfect society.

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